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Fallin, John

Born 1939 in Columbia, S.C.

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Source: Don Vinson

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1959/June 8
Bb pop rev.
Capitol (Calif.) F4216  [45] Pertinent Party Kiss
John Fallin
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 15624)
45-30953 Bullet Bear Family CD 15624 (#11)
Bullet Beat Goes On CD 468 (#26)
Bullet Capitol (England) LP 1009 (#10)
Bullet Disky CD 885702 (#20)
Bullet Luxel CD 7109 (#30)
Bullet One Day Music CD 142 (#33)
    Non-pertinent The Creation Of Love
John Fallin
Label shot
1959/Sept. 28
Bb pop rev.
Capitol (Calif.)  4283  [45] No rating Wild Streak
Johnny Fallin
Label shot
(from 45)
45-30966 Bullet Dry Country CD 101 (#17)
Bullet Flame LP 017 (#3)
Bullet Luxel CD 7106 (#7)
Bullet Pan American CD 56041 (#24)
Bullet Vee-Tone CD 2018 (#10)
    No rating If I Could Write A Love Song
Johnny Fallin
Label shot
45-30950 Bullet Bear Family CD 16608 (#20)
Bullet Dry Country CD 101 (#18)
Capitol (Calif.)     [unissued] Borderline Left Out - Left Out
John Fallin
  Bullet Bear Family CD 16678 (#24)
    Pertinent Party Line
John Fallin
(from Bear Family CD 15624)
30968 Bullet Bear Family CD 15624 (#25)
Bullet Disky CD 885712 (#20)
Bullet Dry Country CD 101 (#15)
Bullet Luxel CD 7101 (#3)
[unissued]     [unissued] Pertinent Cradle Rock
John Fallin
(from Ace CD 1018)
  Bullet Ace CD 1018 (#22)
Bullet Norton LP 313 (#17)
    Pertinent Long Haired Johnny
John Fallin
(from Ace CD 1018)
  Bullet Ace CD 1018 (#26)
Bullet Norton LP 313 (#19)
Bullet Rockin' Rarities LP 2005-3 (#11)
    Pertinent Party Kiss [alt. vers.]
John Fallin
(from Ace CD 1018)
  Bullet Ace CD 1018 (#21)
Bullet Norton LP 313 (#16)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1977Capitol (England) (England) CAPS 1009LPCapitol Rockabilly Originals
1993Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15624CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 3
1995Flame (England) 017LPDesperate Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 17
1999Disky (Netherlands) DC- 885702CDA Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 1
Disky (Netherlands) DC- 885712CDA Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 2
2000Beat Goes On (England) BGOCD 468CDImperial Rockabillies [And] Capitol Rockabilly Originals
2003Bear Family (Germany) BCD 16608CDThe Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 3
Bear Family (Germany) BCD 16678CDThe Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 4
2004Ace (England) CHCHD 1018CDGene Vincent Cut Our Songs: Primitive Texas Rockabilly & Honky Tonk
2005Norton (United States) ED 313LPShake It Up And Move: Primitive Texas Rockabilly, 1956-1957
Rockin' Rarities (France) R.R- 2005-3LPAction Packed!, Vol. 3: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
2009Pan American (Switzerland) 56041CDChicken House
2011One Day Music (England) DAY2CD 142CDEssential Rockabilly: The Capitol Story
year?Dry Country DC CD 101CDTexas Rockabilly
Luxel MAS 7101CDRockabilly Hoodlums, v. 1
Luxel MAS 7106CDRockabilly Hoodlums, v. 6
Luxel CD 7109CDRockabilly Hoodlums, v. 9
Vee-Tone VTRCD 2018CDWild Streak, Vol. 1: 50 Frenzied Rock 'N' Roll Delinquents

Acknowledgments:  Scott Cheesebrew, Udo Frank, Mike Smyth, Peter van Wilsem

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