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Gibson, Joe D.

Real name Joseph Paul Katzberg. Born in 1929. Chief Air Traffic Controller at Suffolk County Air Force Base, N.Y., at the time of these recordings. Died in 2005.

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1957/Apr. 6
Bb pop rev.
Tetra (N.Y.)  4450  Borderline Label shot Song sample Good Morning Captain (Muleskinner Blues) — Joe D. Gibson 383A Bullet Pan American CD 56031 (#4)
Bullet Pan American CD 56041 (#5)
Bullet Rose Island CD [no #] (#1)
    Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample 21 Years (It Takes A Worried Man) — Joe D. Gibson 383B Bullet Rose Island CD [no #] (#20)
Unissued Tracks
[unissued]  uniss.  No rating Evil Eve — Joe D. Gibson   Bullet Club PR LP 005 (#15)
Bullet Esoldun LP 2012 (#12)
Bullet Esoldun CD 2222 (#19)
Bullet Midnite LP 1001 (#7)
Bullet Norton LP 312 (#10)
Bullet Norton CD 312 (#10)
Bullet Rarin' LP 666A (#8)
Bullet Rarin' LP 666 (#8)
    Non-pertinent Song sample San Antonio Rose — Joe D. Gibson   Bullet Rose Island CD [no #] (#7)
    Non-pertinent Song sample That's All — Joe D. Gibson   Bullet Rose Island CD [no #] (#12)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1978Rarin' (United States) 666ALPRarin' Rockabillies
Rarin' (United States) 666LPRarin' Rockabillies
1981Midnite Spell 1001LPRockin' At Midnite
1987Esoldun (France) RR 2012LPTexas Rock-A-Billy, Vol. 2
1995Club PR (Spain) PRLP- 005LPPure Rockabilly, Vol. 5
1996Esoldun (France) RRD 2222CDTexas Rockabilly And Hillbilly Boogie Vol. 2
2005Norton (United States) ED 312LPKicksville!, Vol. 3: Raw Rockabilly Acetates
2008Pan American (Switzerland) 56031CDHigh Heels
2009Pan American (Switzerland) 56041CDChicken House
year?Rose Island (United States) [no #]CDSpanning The Decades / Jody Gibson

Acknowledgments:  Jody Gibs, Peter Grendysa

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