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Kennedy, Jerry

Born in Shreveport, La. Husband of Linda Brannon.



Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1958/Mar. 10
Bb pop rev.
Decca (N.Y.) 9-30577  [45] Pertinent Teenage Love Is Misery
Jerry Kennedy With The Anita Kerr Singers
Label shot
(from 45)
45-103958 Bullet Bear Family CD 15623 (#27)
Bullet Big Tone CD 5706 (#18)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 105 (#23)
Bullet Luxel CD 7106 (#14)
Bullet MCA LP 1757 (#8)
Bullet MCA (England) LP 2833 (#8)
Bullet One Day Music CD 134 (#49)
    Pertinent Oo-Wee Baby
Jerry Kennedy With The Anita Kerr Singers
Label shot
(from 45)
1960/Mar. 28
Bb pop rev.
Checker (Ill.)  949  [45] No rating Just Take Me Like I Am
Jerry Glenn
Label shot
    No rating Holy One
Jerry Glenn
Label shot
1960/Dec. 19
Bb pop rev.
Mercury (Ill.)  71707  [45] No rating Honky Tonk Man
Jerry Glenn
Label shot
    No rating Just Because
Jerry Glenn
Label shot
YW20223 Bullet Classics CD 736 (#2)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1978MCA (England) (England) MCFM 2833LPRare Rockabilly, Vol. 3
1986MCA 1757LPRare Rockabilly, Vol. 3
1992Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15623CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 2
1993Big Tone (England) BT 5706CDMCA Rockabillies, Vol. 2
2011One Day Music (England) DAY2CD 134CDEssential Rockabilly: The Decca Story
2012Classics (Sweden) 736CDTeen Rockin' Party, Vol. 6
Fantastic Voyage (England) FVDD 105CDLater Alligator: Louisiana Rock 'N' Roll
year?Luxel MAS 7106CDRockabilly Hoodlums, v. 6

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