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Lanier, Don

A member of The Rhythm Orchids, band for Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen.

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
(Bb est.)
Roulette (N.Y.) R-4021  No rating Label shot Private Property — Don Lanier 12240  
    No rating Label shot Pony Tail Girl — Don Lanier 12239 Bullet Pan American CD 56029 (#3)
1958/Apr. 28
Bb pop rev.
Dot (Calif.) 45-15755  Pertinent Label shot Song sample Since You Went Away To School — Don And His Roses MW-10826 Bullet Cham LP 80505 (#4)
Bullet Charly LP 30236 (#17)
Bullet Mine LP 2001 (#17)
    Borderline Label shot Song sample Right Now! – (instr.) — Don And His Roses MW-10825 Bullet Charly LP 30236 (#14)
(Bb est.)
Dot (Calif.) 45-15874  No rating Label shot Song sample Leave Those Cats Alone! — Don And The Roses MW-11662 Bullet Big Tone CD 5707 (#25)
Bullet Charly LP 30236 (#4)
    No rating Label shot Don't Try To Change Me — Don And The Roses MW-11661  
1960/Apr. 11
Bb pop rev.
Gee (N.Y.) G-1060  Pertinent Label shot Song sample Sweetness — Don Lanier G-9039 Bullet Sequel CD 754 (#9)
    Borderline Label shot Song sample Need Your Loving — Don Lanier G-9040 Bullet Dig CD 9620 (#18)
Bullet Sequel CD 754 (#10)
1962/Oct. 27
Bb pop rev.
Apt (N.Y.)  25073  No rating Label shot Gangster Of Love — Donnie La Near 45-15139  
    No rating Label shot I Don't Think You Love Me Anymore — Donnie La Near 45-15140 Bullet Yeaah! CD 56 (#30)
Unissued Tracks
[unissued]  uniss.  Pertinent Song sample Ponitail Girl [alt. vers.] — Don Lanier   Bullet Sequel CD 619 (#27)
    Pertinent Song sample Private Property [alt. vers.] — Don Lanier   Bullet Sequel CD 619 (#22)
    Pertinent Song sample Tease — Don Lanier   Bullet Ace CD 699 (#5)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1976Mine (Germany) 2001LPTeenage Beat
1984Charly (England) CR 30236LPThe Clovis Sessions
1993Big Tone (England) BT 5707CDMCA Rockabillies, Vol. 3
1994Sequel (England) 619CDRoulette Rock And Roll Collection
1995Sequel (England) NEM 754CDRoulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 3
1999Ace (England) CDCHD 699CDWest Texas Bop
2002Yeaah! (England) 56CDTeen Town USA, Vol. 4
2008Pan American (Switzerland) 56029CDPony Tail Girl
year?Cham 80505LPRockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups, Vol. 4
Dig DIG 9620CDThe Big Beat, Vol. 4

Acknowledgments:  Scott Cheesebrew, Udo Frank, Adam Komorowski, Michel Proost, Tom Reed, Ake Roos, Jos Wouters

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