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South, Joe

Real name Joseph Alfred Souter. Born 1940 in Atlanta, Ga.


Original Releases

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Discography is intended to be complete through 1964

Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1958/Mar. 24
Bb pop rev.
NRC (Ga.)  002 
(pressed by RCA)
Pertinent Label shot Song sample I'm Snowed — Joe South J8OW-1136 Bullet Ace CD 496 (#4)
Bullet Ace CD 1153 (#25)
Bullet Bop CD 002 (#17)
Bullet Greasy LP 002 (#2)
Bullet Norton LP 322 (#2)
Bullet Pan American CD 56022 (#23)
Bullet Redwood LP 1003 (#6)
Bullet Rock & Country LP 1006 (#6)
Bullet Speed CD [no #] (#10)
    Pertinent Label shot It's Only You — Joe South J8OW-1135 Bullet Lesley CD 001 (#2)
1958/June 30
Bb pop rev.
NRC (Ga.)  5000 
(pressed by RCA)
Pertinent Label shot Song sample The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor — Joe South J8OW-4538 Bullet Ace CD 1153 (#7)
    Borderline Label shot My Fondest Memories — Joe South J8OW-4539 Bullet Lesley CD 001 (#27)
1958/Aug. 18
Bb pop rev.
NRC (Ga.)  5001 
(pressed by RCA)
Pertinent Label shot Song sample Texas Ain't The Biggest Anymore — Joe South J8OW-7279  
    Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample One Fool To Another — Joe South J8OW-7280  
(Bb est.)
NRC (Ga.) NRC-022 
(pressed by RCA)
No rating Label shot Song sample Chills — Joe South K8OW-0529 Bullet Ace CD 1153 (#12)
Bullet Norton LP 322 (#17)
    No rating Label shot What A Night — Joe South K8OW-0528  
1960/Feb. 8
Bb pop rev.
NRC (Ga.) NRC-041 
(pressed by Rite)
No rating Label shot Play It Cool — Joe South CP-2350 Bullet Chief CD 05 (#22)
    No rating Label shot Little Bluebird — Joe South CP-2351  
(Bb est.)
NRC (Ga.)  053  No rating Label shot Tell The Truth — Joe South S-695  
    No rating If You Knew Her — Joe South    
1961/Jan. or later
(Bb est.)
NRC (Ga.) NRC-065  No rating Label shot Let's Talk It Over — Joe South S-1123  
    No rating Label shot Formality — Joe South S-1124  
1961/July 17
Bb pop rev.
Fairlane (Ga.) 45-21006  Borderline Label shot Song sample Juke Box — Joe South 861-F623 Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55094 (#28)
Bullet Jan/Star Club LP 8047 (#4)
    No rating Label shot You're The Reason — Joe South 861-F622  
1962/Feb. 17
Bb pop rev.
Fairlane (Ga.) 45-21015  No rating Label shot Slippin' Around — Joe South 861-F-643  
    No rating Label shot Just To Be With You Again — Joe South 861-F-642 Bullet Centhy CD 2009 (#9)
Unissued Tracks
[unissued]  uniss.  No rating Baby That's All Right – (instr.) — Joe South   Bullet Norton LP 322 (#9)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1979Redwood (Canada) RR 1003LPRockabilly Country, Vol. 1
1980Rock & Country (Sweden) 1006LPRock & Country Rockabilly, Vol. 1
1993Jan/Star Club (Sweden) 33- 8047LPJuke-Box Favorites
1995Greasy (England) GR 002LPGreasy Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2
1996Ace (England) CDCH 496CDRockin' From Coast To Coast
2000Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55094CDJukebox Rock
2007Ace (England) CDCHD 1153CDThe Rockin' South
Norton (United States) ED 322LPRock-A-Round
2008Pan American (Switzerland) 56022CDShe Got Eyes
year?Bop BOP- 002CDSaturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 2
Centhy (Sweden) 2009CDTip Top Teeny, Vol. 7
Chief (Netherlands) CCD-URTR 05CDUltra Rare Teen Rockers, Vol. 5
Lesley LESCD 001CDThe Great Lost Story Of The Rock A Ballad
Speed [no #]CDSpeed Crazy

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