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Wade & Dick

Wade Moore and Dick Penner.


Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1957/May 27
Bb c&w rev.
Sun (Tenn.)  269  Pertinent Label shot Song sample Bop Bop Baby — Wade And Dick, The College Kids U-250 Bullet AVI CD 5003 (#23)
Bullet CRH LP 6 (#4)
Bullet Charly CD 8274 (#17)
Bullet Charly CD 8317 (#21)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 173 (#13)
Bullet Lotus CD 41006 (#7)
Bullet One Day Music CD 141 (#3)
Bullet Proper CD 143 (#96)
Bullet Select CD 586 (#22)
Bullet Sun 10 804 (#1)
Bullet Sun (England) CD 9 (#3)
Bullet Sun (England) 10 513 (#5)
Bullet Vampirella CD 1020012-2 (#14)
Bullet Vampirella Music 10 20012 (#1)
    Pertinent Label shot Song sample Don't Need Your Lovin Baby — Wade And Dick, The College Kids U-251 Bullet AVI CD 5003 (#24)
Bullet Sun (England) CD 9 (#4)
Unissued Tracks
(Sun Rec.)
Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  Pertinent Bop Bop Baby [alt. vers.] — Wade & Dick   Bullet Bopcat LP 200 (#7)
Bullet Sun (England) LP 1024 (#2)
    No rating Wild Woman — Wade & Dick   Bullet Charly CD 8353 (#16)
Bullet Sun (England) LP 1023 (#1)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1974Bopcat (Netherlands) B.L.P. 200LPWe Wanna Boogie
1982Sun (England) (England) CFM 51310Teenage Bop
1985Sun (England) (England) SUN 1023LPRock And Roll Pills
Sun (England) (England) SUN 1024LPHot Southern Boppers
1991Sun (England) (England) 9CDRock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 3
1995AVI (United States) CD 5003CDLet's Bop: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 1
1997Charly (England) CPCD 8274CDThe Very Best Of Sun Rockabilly
Vampirella Music (Germany) MCG 2001210Rare White Boppin'
1998Charly (England) CPCD 8317CDEssential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 5
1999Charly (England) CPCD 8353CDSun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3
2000Lotus (Italy) 41006CDThe Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Vampirella (Germany) MCG 1020012-2CDRare White Boppin' [And] Rare Black Rockin': Original Sun Material
2001Select CD 586CDRed Hot: The Best Of Sun Rockabilly
2008Proper PROPERBOX 143CDRockin' Memphis
2011One Day Music (England) DAY2CD 141CDEssential Rockabilly: The Sun Story
2013Fantastic Voyage (England) FVTD 173CDRockin' Bones
year?CRH R- 6LPRockabilly Duos
Sun LP- 80410Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 4

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