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Sun (England) SUN1010 [1st] (LP) (England, 1978)

Sun Rockabillies; Vol. 1

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Thompson, Junior Pertinent Song sample How Come You Do Me [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1956
(Sun Rec.)
2. Gunter, Hardrock Pertinent Label shot Song sample Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby Sun (Tenn.)  248  1956/Sept. 15
Bb c&w rev.
3. Burgess, Sonny Pertinent Song sample Truckin' Down The Avenue Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1956
(Sun Rec.)
4. Burgess, Sonny Borderline Song sample Daddy Blues [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1957
(Sun Rec.)
5. Smokey Joe Pertinent Label shot Song sample Listen To Me Baby Sun (Tenn.)  228  1955/Dec.
(Bb est.)
6. Taylor, Vernon Pertinent Song sample Your Lovin' Man [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
(Sun Rec.)
7. Thompson, Hayden No rating Blues, Blues, Blues [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1957
(Sun Rec.)
8. Thompson, Hayden Pertinent Song sample Fairlane Rock Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1957
(Sun Rec.)
9. Smith, Ray [2] No rating Song sample Willing And Ready [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
10. Smith, Ray [2] Pertinent Song sample Shake Around [vers. 1] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
11. Bruce, Edwin Pertinent Baby That's Good Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
(Sun Rec.)
12. Wages, Jimmy Pertinent Song sample Miss Pearl Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.   
13. Penner, Dick Pertinent Fine Little Baby Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1957
(Sun Rec.)
14. Stewart, Danny Pertinent Label shot Song sample I'll Change My Ways Phillips Int. (Tenn.)  3561  1960/Oct. 3
Bb pop rev.
15. Hosea, Don No rating Never Did I Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
(Sun Rec.)
16. Hosea, Don No rating John Henry [alt. vers.] Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1958
(Sun Rec.)

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, OCLC, Peter Staehli

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