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Mr. DJ 101 (CD) (1998)

Cruisin' Classics, Vol. 1

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Rogers, Buck Non-pertinent Rose Marie Not listed in RCS
2. Zella, Danny Borderline Label shot Song sample Sapphire Dial (Mich.) D-100 
(pressed by Columbia)
1959/Apr. 20
Bb pop rev.
3. Satans No rating Sugar Coated Love Not listed in RCS
4. Highlights No rating Label shot Song sample Studio Blues – (instr.) Play (Minn.) PL1004x45 1958/Dec. 27
CB pop rev.
5. Downing, Big Al Borderline Label shot Song sample Miss Lucy Carlton (N.Y.)  489 
(pressed by Monarch)
1958/Nov. 3
Bb pop rev.
6. Lowery, Frankie Non-pertinent Label shot Kansas City Train Khoury's (La.)  716   
7. LaBeef, Sleepy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Tore Up Wayside (Texas)  1653/4 1962-63
mx series
8. Robinson, Claude Non-pertinent Song sample Cotton Pickin' Mama Not listed in RCS
9. Chavis Brothers Pertinent Label shot Song sample Old Time Rock And Roll Coral (N.Y.)  62270  1961/June 12
Bb pop rev.
10. Berry, Chuck No rating Oh Maria Not listed in RCS
11. Dakil, Floyd No rating Dance Franny Dance Not listed in RCS
12. Little Bill No rating Bye Bye Baby Not listed in RCS
13. Peek, Paul Borderline Label shot Song sample Sweet Skinny Jenny NRC (Ga.)  001 
(pressed by RCA)
1958/Mar. 10
Bb pop rev.
14. Stacy, Clyde No rating Tranquilizer Cins – (instr.) [unissued]  uniss.   
15. Carter, James No rating Hey Baby Hey Not listed in RCS
16. Blonde Bomber No rating You Can Run But Can't Hide Not listed in RCS
17. Holler, Dick No rating Label shot Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) Comet (N.Y.) C-2152  1963/May 25
Bb pop rev.
18. T.V. Slim No rating Flat Foot Sam Meets Jim Dandy Not listed in RCS
19. Bernard, Rod Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample These Were Our Songs Scepter (N.Y.) SCE-12195  1966 or later
(Bb est.)
20. Terry, Gene Non-pertinent Label shot Cinderella Cinderella Goldband (La.) G-1088  1959/June 1
Bb pop rev.
21. Diamond, Lee No rating Mama Loochie Not listed in RCS
22. Mitchell, Marlon Madman Pertinent Label shot Song sample Ice Cold Baby Vena (Ala.) HC-100 
(pressed by Rite)
1957/Sept. 2
Bb c&w rev.
23. Thomas, Kid Non-pertinent Rockin' This Joint Tonight Not listed in RCS
24. Clement, Terry No rating Label shot French Blues – (instr.) Zynn (La.)  1007   
25. Cyclones Pertinent Label shot Song sample Bullwhip Rock – (instr.) Trophy (Texas) T-500 
(pressed by Monarch)
1958/Sept. 15
Bb pop rev.
26. Haig, Ronnie Pertinent Label shot Song sample Rocking With The Rhythm And Blues Note (Ind.)  10014 
(pressed by RCA)
BMI clear.
27. Keith, Dusty No rating Label shot Song sample Hold Me Baby Ark (Ohio)  294 
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
28. Price, Big Walter No rating Ain't No Use You Lyin' Not listed in RCS
29. Henry, Stacy No rating Jimmy Plays A Horn Not listed in RCS
30. Clearwater, Eddie No rating Hey Bernadine Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Udo Frank, Derek Hamilton

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