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Buffalo Bop Bb-CD55084 (CD) (Germany, 1999)

Rockabilly Acetates

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Source: Amazon.com

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Moonlighters Pertinent Guitar Rock — Moonlighters [unissued]  uniss.   
2. Moonlighters No rating Never, Never, Never [alt. vers.] — Moonlighters [unissued]  uniss.   
3. Detonators No rating Honey Hush Not listed in RCS
4. Detonators No rating Slow Down Not listed in RCS
5. Dell, Danny No rating Pogo Walk — Danny Dell [unissued]  uniss.   
6. Aguirre, Jim No rating Wild Cat Daddy Not listed in RCS
7. Brees, Bud No rating The Big Hit Not listed in RCS
8. Unknown artist No rating Let's Hit The Road Not listed in RCS
9. Zeppa, Benn Joe Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Hippity Hop — Ben Joe Zeppa Fan Club (loc?) FL103   
10. Gents No rating Rock & Roll Improvisation Not listed in RCS
11. Gents No rating Rock & Roll Improvisation – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
12. McKay, Scotty No rating Cry Me A River [alt. vers.] — Scotty McKay [unissued]  uniss.   
13. Lipscomb, Max No rating Don't Wait (Key F) — Max Lipscomb [unissued]  uniss.   
14. Lipscomb, Max No rating Don't Wait (Key C) — Max Lipscomb [unissued]  uniss.   
15. Murphy, Vince No rating Evil Eye — Vince Murphy [acetate]      
16. Johnson, Joe D. No rating Apple Core Not listed in RCS
17. Jimmy & Vince No rating Don't Leave Not listed in RCS
18. Jimmy [x] No rating Love Pat Not listed in RCS
19. Murphy, Vince No rating Love Pat — Vince Murphy [unissued]  uniss.   
20. Unknown artist No rating Go To School Not listed in RCS
21. Rhythm Tones [x] No rating Wobble Wickie Not listed in RCS
22. Ashton, Ronnie Non-pertinent Holdin' Back Not listed in RCS
23. Unknown artist No rating Tonight We're Gonna Rock Not listed in RCS
24. Looper, Charles Pertinent She's My Baby Now Not listed in RCS
25. Grubbs, Jimmy Pertinent Song sample I Got A Rocket — Jimmy Grubbs [unissued]  uniss.   
26. Frankie & Margie Pertinent Song sample Crazy Legs — Frankie & Margie [acetate]      
27. Nevil, Arlin [!] No rating Song sample Rockin' Star — Arlie Neaville [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
28. Brand, Chester Pertinent Honey Bee Not listed in RCS
29. Pate, Ray Pertinent I've Got That Feeling — The Rhythm Rockets [unissued]  uniss.   
30. Adams, Art Pertinent Song sample Dancing Doll [alt. vers.] — Art Adams [unissued]  uniss.   
31. Adams, Art Pertinent Song sample Rock Crazy Baby [alt. vers.] — Art Adams [unissued]  uniss.   

Acknowledgments:  Amazon.com, Kurt Krauter, Joe Wajgel

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