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Fortune 3001 (LP) (United States, 1986)

The Original Tattooed Lady

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. McDonald, Skeets No rating   Not listed in RCS
2. McDonald, Skeets No rating Label shot Song sample Birthday Cake Boogie Fortune (Mich.)  165  1952/Feb.
(Bb est.)
3. Hall, Roy Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Dirty Boogie Fortune (Mich.)  126  1951/Apr. 14
Bb c&w rev.
4. Hall, Roy Borderline Label shot Song sample She Sure Can Rock Me Strate-8 (Mich.)  1508  1970/Mar.
BMI clear.
5. Shoffner, Rufus No rating The Burlesque Show Fortune (Mich.)  lp cut   
6. York Brothers Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Hamtramck Mama Bullet (Tenn.)  618  1947/Jan. 18
Bb c&w rev.
7. York Brothers Non-pertinent Highland Park Girl Fortune (Mich.)  120  1949/Oct.
(Bb est.)
8. Buckett, Johnny Pertinent Label shot Song sample Let Me Play With Your Poodle Fortune (Mich.) EP1330   
9. Buckett, Johnny Non-pertinent Song sample Griddle Greasin' Daddy Fortune (Mich.) EP1330   
10. Odim, Tommy No rating She Won't Turn Over For Me Not listed in RCS
11. Gilbert, Boots No rating He's A Mighty Good Man [need info]      

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Derek Hamilton

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