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Rockafeller US7007 (LP) (1996)

Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 7: Hillbilly Roundup

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Hogsed, Roy No rating Free Samples Not listed in RCS
2. Bonds, Lee No rating Label shot From All Angles Capitol (Calif.) F2692  1954/Jan.
(Bb est.)
3. Lee, Jimmy No rating Label shot Song sample I'm Diggin' A Hole To Bury My Heart Capitol (Calif.) F2153  1952/Aug. 9
Bb c&w rev.
4. Big Jeff No rating Label shot Song sample Step It Up And Go Dot (Calif.)  1058  1951/May 26
Bb c&w rev.
5. Wilson, Eddie No rating Lifetime Guarantee Not listed in RCS
6. Rasmussen, Ole No rating Something From Heaven Not listed in RCS
7. Tunesmiths No rating Label shot Song sample Baby I'm Ready Columbia (N.Y.) 4-21411  1955/July
(Bb est.)
8. Terry, Gordon Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Hook, Line And Sinker Columbia (N.Y.) 4-21484  1956/Jan. 28
Bb c&w rev.
9. Casey, Al Pertinent Label shot Song sample How About Me?-Pretty Baby [!!] Viv (Ariz.) 45-3000/1 1956/July 7
Bb c&w rev.
10. Jackson, Shot No rating I Need You Like A Hole In My Head Not listed in RCS
11. Jacoby Brothers No rating Food Plan Boogie Not listed in RCS
12. Roberts, Marty No rating Label shot Brand New Love Affair Coral (N.Y.) 9-64179  1954/Aug. 14
Bb c&w rev.
13. Rasmussen, Ole No rating In The Mood Not listed in RCS
14. Wills, Bob No rating Label shot Anything MGM (N.Y.) K10898  1951/Feb. 3
Bb c&w rev.
15. Moody, Clyde No rating The Blues Came Pouring Down Not listed in RCS
16. Kirk, Red No rating Cold Steel Blues Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Udo Frank, Derek Hamilton

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