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Collector CLCD4475 (CD) (Netherlands, 2002)

Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 7

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Source: T. Gordon

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. August, June Borderline Label shot Song sample What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall??? [!!] Groovie (N.Y.)  6901   
2. Brown, Floyd Non-pertinent Song sample Thunderbird Beach Not listed in RCS
3. Frankie & Johnny Non-pertinent Song sample Picadilly Rose Not listed in RCS
4. Kirk, Paul Non-pertinent Song sample Ready Little Steady Not listed in RCS
5. Adventurers Non-pertinent Song sample 2 O'Clock Express – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
6. Stanley, Barry Pertinent Label shot Song sample It Don't Pay Dominion (Va.)  1020 
(pressed by Southern)
mx series
7. King, Randy Pertinent Song sample Jelly Bean [unissued]  uniss.   
8. Panics Non-pertinent Song sample Maypo – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
9. Jones, Earl Pertinent Song sample Let's Rock And Roll Again Not listed in RCS
10. Howell, Leigh Pertinent Song sample I Saw You Standing Mel-O-Tone (Texas)  1000   
11. Nelis, Jimmy Non-pertinent Song sample Rockin' Rocket Not listed in RCS
12. Baker, Sam Non-pertinent Song sample Island Of Regret Not listed in RCS
13. Patterson, Ted Pertinent Song sample I Love My Baby Klub (S.C.) CR-3112 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
14. Balcon, Jim Non-pertinent Song sample Tribal Dance – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
15. Barbee, Jimmy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Cause I Love You Hunt (Miss.)  1005   
16. Brooks, Johnny Non-pertinent Song sample Pig Latin Not listed in RCS
17. Carroll, Evans Pertinent Label shot Song sample Come Back Baby Bangar (Minn.) BA00615 
(pressed by Kay Bank)
BMI clear.
18. Haggard, Jay Pertinent Label shot Song sample I Want You Now, Honey Doll Daja (Calif.)  502  1958/July 14
Bb pop rev.
19. Gorden, Dwight (Look) Non-pertinent Song sample 50-50 Not listed in RCS
20. Malibu-Bu's Non-pertinent Song sample Pigtails – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
21. Mattingly, Jesse Non-pertinent Song sample Till My Money Runs Out Not listed in RCS
22. Murray, Jim Borderline Label shot Song sample Carolyn Wham! (Ark.) WRS1958  Cover shot  
23. Matys Brothers Non-pertinent Song sample Rock Me Daddy Not listed in RCS
24. Young, Paul Pertinent Label shot Song sample Make Room For Tomorrow Beck (W.Va.) 45-111  1963/May 4
Bb c&w rev.
25. Kemp, Larry Non-pertinent Song sample Hop Scotch Not listed in RCS
26. Creekmore, Ted Non-pertinent Song sample I Just Got Love Bug Bit Not listed in RCS
27. Smith, Jerry [x] Non-pertinent Song sample Truck Stop – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
28. Patterson, Ted Non-pertinent Song sample Ex Lover Klub (S.C.) CR-3112 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
29. Wyatt, Paul Pertinent Song sample Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On Country And Western (N.J.) CW-4-X45  
30. Frelly, Conrad Pertinent Song sample Great Balls Of Fire [unknown]      
31. Baker, Bob Pertinent Song sample Sazurak – (instr.) Sully (Okla.)  916  1966
(Bb est.)
32. Griffith, Joe Pertinent Label shot Song sample Crazy Sack Reelfoot (Tenn.) J7OW-1249/50 Cover shot
(pressed by RCA)
1958/May 26
Bb pop rev.

Acknowledgments:  Malcolm Chapman, Shane Hughes

Compilation & presentation © 2011, Terry E. Gordon This page generated on 02/20/2017

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