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Collector CLCD4480 (CD) (Netherlands, 2003)

More Girls Real Gone

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Manning, Linda No rating Label shot Gotta Run Doke (Tenn.)  108 
(pressed by Southern)
mx series
2. Jones, Dottie Pertinent Label shot Song sample Honey, Honey TNT (Texas) TNT-139  1956/July
(Bb est.)
3. Wright, Annie No rating Little Boy's Blues Not listed in RCS
4. Gernon, Sheila Pertinent Label shot Song sample Money Honey Cool (N.J.) CJ119  1959-60
(Bb est.)
5. Angle, Lola No rating Dual Personality Baby Not listed in RCS
6. Upton, Peggy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Sweet Sugar Bugger Rose (Okla.) R-113X
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
7. Betty Marie Pertinent Label shot Song sample Blue Smoke Tune (Ala.)  229 
(pressed by Southern)
1961/Aug. 28
Bb pop rev.
8. Jayne, Betty No rating My Billy Boy Not listed in RCS
9. Ward, Shirley No rating Dr. Ben K.C. Not listed in RCS
10. McQuade, Betty No rating Tongue Tied Not listed in RCS
11. Martelle, Louise No rating You're Hers Not Mine Not listed in RCS
12. Angelo, Ginny No rating Jolly Roger Not listed in RCS
13. Shaw, Joy No rating Daddy You Lied To Me Not listed in RCS
14. Rose, Susy Pertinent Welfare Sugar Daddy Sur-Speed (Tenn.) SS-1107   
15. Smith, Lee No rating Tiger Joe Not listed in RCS
16. Gray, Helen Jane No rating Gimme, Gimme Not listed in RCS
17. Kendall Sisters Borderline Label shot Song sample Yea, Yea Argo (Ill.)  5291  1958/Feb. 17
Bb pop rev.
18. Renney, Lue No rating Your Wiggle & Your Giggle Not listed in RCS
19. Lane, Honey No rating Smooch Pooch Not listed in RCS
20. Angelo, Ginny No rating True Blue Love Not listed in RCS
21. Kendall Sisters Pertinent Label shot Song sample Won't You Be My Baby Argo (Ill.)  5291  1958/Feb. 17
Bb pop rev.
22. Vernon, Millie No rating Bloodshot Eyes Not listed in RCS
23. Lee, Norma Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Paper Boy Film (Calif.)  707  1959/Aug. 31
Bb pop rev.
24. Temple, Joan No rating Promise Not listed in RCS
25. Holly [x] No rating Jambalaya Not listed in RCS
26. Lane, Honey No rating We Got A Brand New Record Not listed in RCS
27. Holly [x] No rating I'm Walkin' Not listed in RCS
28. Lyons, Stella No rating Paper Tiger Not listed in RCS
29. Clark, Ann No rating The Damage Has Been Done Not listed in RCS
30. Rose, Susy Pertinent Label shot Let's Have A Party Sur-Speed (Tenn.) SS-1107   

Acknowledgments:  Kurt Krauter, Rockabilly Ranch

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