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Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 3

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Couty, Nat Pertinent Woodpecker Rock
Label shot
Fox (Ill.)  101  1958/Feb.
BMI clear.
2. Skipper, Macy (Skip) Pertinent Bop Pills
Sun (Tenn.)     1956
3. Blues Rockers No rating Calling All Cows Not listed in RCS
4. Rebennack, Mac No rating Storm Warning Not listed in RCS
5. Phillipson, Larry Pertinent Bitter Feelings
Label shot
Cuca (Wisc.) J-6541  1965/Apr.
rel. no. code
6. Dunavan, Terry Pertinent Earthquake Boogie – (instr.)
Label shot
Fanfare (Calif.) 45-727  1958/Oct. or later
(Bb est.)
7. Sonics [x] No rating He's Waiting Not listed in RCS
8. Fanatics No rating I Will Not Be Lonely Not listed in RCS
9. Instrumentals No rating Chop Suey Rock Not listed in RCS
10. Raney, Dell No rating Can Your Hossie Do The Dog
Label shot
Hollywood (Tenn.)  1105  1964-65
(mx est.)
11. Shades [x] No rating Strollin' After Dark Not listed in RCS
12. Cochran, Jackie Lee Pertinent Georgia Lee Brown
Label shot
Jaguar (N.Y.)  3031  1959/Aug.
mx series
13. Allen, Lonnie Pertinent You'll Never Change Me
Label shot
Val-Hill (Ga.)  1005-45 1961-62
(Bb est.)
14. Warren, Jerry No rating Rompin' Not listed in RCS
15. Kai-Ray Non-pertinent I Want Some Of That
Label shot
Brite Star (Ohio) KB-2267   
16. Thompson, Junior Pertinent How Come You Do Me?
Label shot
Tune (Ala.) 45-SO-174/5
(pressed by Southern)
BMI clear.
17. Rhythm Rockers [9] No rating Madness – (instr.)
Label shot
Square (Mass.)  505  1960/May 9
Bb pop rev.
18. Smith, Warren Pertinent Uranium Rock [vers. 1]
Sun (Tenn.)     1958
(Sun Rec.)
19. Kit & The Outlaws No rating Don't Tread On Me Not listed in RCS
20. Flower Children No rating Miniskirt Blues Not listed in RCS
21. Standells No rating Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White Not listed in RCS
22. Day, Dave Pertinent Blue Moon Baby
Label shot
Fee Bee (Pa.) FB-212  1957/Apr.
BMI clear.
23. Long, Shorty [x] No rating Devil With The Blue Dress On Not listed in RCS
24. Dawson, Ronnie Pertinent Rockin' Bones
Label shot
Rockin' (Texas) #1  1959/Sept. 7
Bb pop rev.
25. Robbins, Mel Pertinent Save It
Label shot
Argo (Ill.)  5340  1959/July 20
Bb pop rev.
26. Lloyd, Jimmy Pertinent I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
Label shot
Roulette (N.Y.) R-4062  1958/Apr. 7
Bb pop rev.
27. Feathers, Charlie Pertinent One Hand Loose
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-4997  1956/Dec. 22
Bb c&w rev.
28. Fendermen Pertinent Mule Skinner Blues
Label shot
Soma (Minn.)  1137 
(pressed by Kay Bank)
1960/May 2
Bb pop rev.
29. Revere, Paul No rating Hungry Not listed in RCS
30. Embers No rating I Walked All Night Not listed in RCS
31. Bostweeds No rating Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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