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B-Sharp 666-11 (LP) (England, 2006)

Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 8

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Johnson, F.D. Pertinent Be My Baby
Label shot
Jan (Mo.) JP6-58 1958
rel. no. code
2. Davis, Al Pertinent Go Baby Go
Label shot
Manco (Texas) ML1067  1964 or later
(BMI est.)
3. Moreland, Tommy No rating Bang, Bang
Label shot
Skoop (Tenn.)  1054  1962/May 12
Bb pop rev.
4. Ralph Pertinent I've Got It
Label shot
Candix (Calif.)  321  1961/July
5. Davis, Hank Pertinent Women Train
Label shot
Dauphin (N.Y.) AR-105/6 1959/Sept. 21
Bb pop rev.
6. Wilder, Farris Pertinent It's All Your Fault
Label shot
Hi-Q (Mich.)  11  1957/Dec.
BMI clear.
7. Eager, Clay Pertinent Helen Jo
Karl (Ohio) EP CE-22 
(pressed by King)
8. La Pointe, Perry Pertinent B.O. Rock
Label shot
Crazy Cajun (Texas)  501  1960/Aug.
(comp. files)
9. Keller, Jimmy Pertinent Brush Pile Burn
Label shot
Trail (Calif.) JV17777JS 1964/Apr.
BMI clear.
10. White, Harold No rating You`re Not Mine Not listed in RCS
11. Rel-Yea's Pertinent Country Boy
Label shot
Wildcat (Texas) W0056  1960/Nov.
(Bb est.)
12. Kingbeats Pertinent I've Been A Bad Bad Boy
Label shot
Flash (Miss.)  1553  1964/Sept.
mx date code
13. Smith, Betty Pertinent Yeah, Baby
Label shot
Echo (Texas) C&W-584-56  
14. Bounty, Rick Pertinent It Will Be Me
Label shot
Bow (N.H.) #6144/5  

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Timo Runne

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