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Canadian CAN-2303 (CD) (Canada, 2005)

Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 3

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Neanderthals No rating 2000 Lb. Werewolf – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
2. Arondies No rating 69 – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
3. Box, David No rating Apache (Not) – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
4. Christian, Bobby No rating Caravan – (instr.)
Label shot
Stepheny (Ill.)  1833  1958/Dec.
(Bb est.)
5. Cochran, Eddie No rating Chicken Shot Blues – (instr.) [need info]      
6. Arondies No rating El Rondia – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
7. Carnations [x] No rating Funny Time – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
8. Clark, Doug No rating Go Doug Go – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
9. Cochran, Eddie No rating Guybo – (instr.)
[unissued]     1959
10. Cochran, Eddie No rating Hammy Blues – (instr.) [need info]      
11. Tempos [x] No rating Heartbeat – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
12. Cochran, Eddie No rating Jam Sandwich – (instr.) [need info]      
13. Clark, Roy No rating Malaguena – (instr.)
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.)  5565  1966/Jan. 15
Bb pop rev.
14. Crawford Brothers No rating Midnight Moover Groover – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
15. Clark, Roy No rating Overdue Blues – (instr.)
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.)  5565  1966/Jan. 15
Bb pop rev.
16. Weekenders No rating Rampage – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
17. Arondies No rating Shades – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
18. Cochran, Eddie No rating Strollin' Guitar – (instr.) [need info]      
19. Rodney & The Blazers Non-pertinent Summertime Rock – (instr.)
Label shot
Kampus (Kansas)  100 
(pressed by Capitol)
1960/Aug. 1
Bb pop rev.
20. Honorables No rating Sunday Stroll – (instr.)
Label shot
Honor (N.Y.) H.S.-102  1961 or later
(mx est.)
21. Curios Borderline Chicken Back, Part I – (instr.)
Label shot
Curio (N.Y.) Q102/3 1963/Aug. 17
Bb pop rev.
22. Dakotas No rating The Cruel Surf – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
23. Dakotas No rating The Millionaire – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
24. Head, Roy No rating Tush Hog – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
25. Smith, Al No rating Wabash Blues – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
26. Rodney & The Blazers No rating Warpaint – (instr.)
Label shot
Kampus (Kansas) 45-150704 
(pressed by King)
27. Tempos [x] No rating Wipeout – (instr.) Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Tom Draudt, Udo Frank

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