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Flame 102CD (CD) (England)

Desperate Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Johnny & The Thunderbirds No rating The Fugitive
Label shot
RIC (Tenn.) S-160  1965
2. Prince Arky & The Westerners Non-pertinent Ten Horned Devel [!!]
Label shot
Nu-Star (Texas)  1012-45  
3. Nix, Donnie Pertinent Ain't About To Go Home
Label shot
Wilrod (Tenn.)  1001  1964/Sept.
BMI clear.
4. Jackson, Bobby [x] No rating Cha Cha Cha Not listed in RCS
5. Canales, Johnny Non-pertinent Johnny B. Good
Label shot
Penco (Texas) JC-116-3  
6. Col Lee Jets No rating Jam & Jelly Not listed in RCS
7. Terry, Gene Pertinent Tip Tap And Tell Me
Label shot
Rock-It (Texas) 45-598 
(Starday PD series)
BMI clear.
8. Knackin, Tommy Pertinent Worry, Worry, Worry
Label shot
Cascade (Calif.) CA-5912  1959/Sept. 7
Bb pop rev.
9. Dudley, Bo No rating Shotgun Rider Not listed in RCS
10. Tedesco, Johnny No rating Rock Del Tom Tom Not listed in RCS
11. Jaye, Ron & Ellie Pertinent Road Runner
Label shot
Table Rock (Ark.) TRS101  1969/Sept.
BMI clear.
12. Watson, Johnny [2] Pertinent Come To The Party
Label shot
Allstar (Texas) AS-7167  1958/Aug. 4
Bb pop rev.
13. Wylie, Richard No rating Money (That's What I Want) Not listed in RCS
14. Richards, Fred No rating Barricade Not listed in RCS
15. Hanyel, Arbis Pertinent Roadhouse Rock
Label shot
Count (Wisc.)  103  1958/Sept.
mx series
16. Channel, Bruce No rating Come On Baby Not listed in RCS
17. Gillette, Gin No rating Train To Satanville Not listed in RCS
18. Millionaires Pertinent Arkansas Jane
Label shot
Cadillac (N.Y.)  162  1962/Aug.
mx series
19. Cosmo No rating I'm A Little Mixed Up Not listed in RCS
20. Dreamers [x] No rating Shot-Gun Not listed in RCS
21. Barrett, Vance No rating Phoney Baby Not listed in RCS
22. Bedford, Chuck No rating You're Going To Miss Me Not listed in RCS
23. Buddy & The Fads Pertinent Won't You Love Me
Label shot
Morocco (Calif.) M-1001 
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
24. Evans, Sherman No rating Yo Yo Twist Not listed in RCS
25. Casper, Bobby No rating Bongo Joe Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Mike Perkins

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