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Collector CLCD4529 (CD) (Netherlands)

Rockin' Hoodlums, Vol. 7: Hicks And Stuff

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Sloan, Lucky No rating Wanda Lou Not listed in RCS
2. Clay, Homer No rating All Night Through Not listed in RCS
3. McRae, Arvis No rating Me And My Love Not listed in RCS
4. Sharkey, Norm Borderline Label shot Song sample Big Cadillac Big Four (loc?)  002   
5. Hudson, Frank No rating Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel Not listed in RCS
6. Jordan, Ron No rating Label shot Song sample Chimay (Sho-May) – (instr.) Fredlo (Iowa)  6009  1960
rel. no. code
7. Poe, Archie No rating You're Not Fooling Anymore Not listed in RCS
8. Jones & Stephens No rating Tag Along Not listed in RCS
9. Patrick, Rex No rating Don't Hang In That Woman's Not listed in RCS
10. Clay, Randy No rating I'm So Happy Not listed in RCS
11. Furys No rating Furyous Not listed in RCS
12. Sessions, Don Borderline Label shot Song sample Watchin' T.V. Vertigo (Ill.) 1-1001  1959/Feb.
13. Laundy, Bill No rating Bright Lights And Go Go Girls Not listed in RCS
14. Jay & The Rebels Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Guitar Woman SR (Nebr.) SR-7660/1 1966
rel. no. code
15. Bobby Mc & The Country Playboys No rating Lonely World Of Hurt Not listed in RCS
16. Richie & The Rebels No rating Rebel Rock Not listed in RCS
17. McNeely, Edd No rating Little Girl Not listed in RCS
18. Michel, Don No rating Hey Little Crayfish Not listed in RCS
19. Day, Sonny No rating Song sample Creature From Outer Space Star (Pa.) 45-226   
20. Jay & The Rebels Borderline Label shot Song sample 16 Wheels SR (Nebr.) SR-7660/1 1966
rel. no. code
21. Stratocasters No rating Three Guitar Theme Not listed in RCS
22. Flint, Jim No rating If You Don't Love Me Not listed in RCS
23. Hughes, Barney No rating I Don't Want The Blues Not listed in RCS
24. Townsley, Grant No rating 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds Not listed in RCS
25. Ryal, Ricky Pertinent Label shot Song sample Sycamore Lane Sound Labs (Fla.) M-259-60  
26. Taylor, Joe Pertinent Label shot Song sample The Big Bad Wolf Marble (Tenn.) 45-101  1966/Aug.
BMI clear.
27. Bumble Bees No rating Echo Boogie Not listed in RCS
28. Mister Mack No rating Ice Cold Water Not listed in RCS
29. Hewitt, Aldon No rating Bill Paying Blues Not listed in RCS
30. Unknown artist No rating Betty Dear Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Rockabilly Ranch

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