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Spin-It 703 (CD)

Bip Bop Bip, Vol. 2: Hoppin' In Hollywood

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Lucas, Al No rating Sweet Tooth For My Baby Ruth Not listed in RCS
2. Goode, Ronnie No rating Crazy Bait
Label shot
Demon (Calif.) FF-1510 
(pressed by Monarch)
1958/Oct. 6
Bb pop rev.
3. Jones, Spike No rating Monster Movie Ball Not listed in RCS
4. Vogues No rating Which Witch Doctor Not listed in RCS
5. Nash, Gene No rating I'm An Eskimo Too
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.) F4215  1959/June 8
Bb pop rev.
6. Johnson, Jimmy [3] Non-pertinent Lone Ranger Gonna Git Married Not listed in RCS
7. Moreland, Prentice No rating Limbo Party Not listed in RCS
8. Acre, Seph No rating Rock & Roll Cha Cha Not listed in RCS
9. Contenders No rating Tequila Song Not listed in RCS
10. Wilson, Bob No rating Imogene
Label shot
Era (Calif.)  3013  1960/Feb. 15
Bb pop rev.
11. Candy & The Sugar Tones No rating I-Ay-Ov-Lay-Oo-Yay Not listed in RCS
12. Dolton, Billy Borderline Girls
Label shot
Kaybo (Calif.) K-617  1961
(Bb est.)
13. Magnificent Montague No rating The Breather Not listed in RCS
14. Beavers No rating Sack Dress Not listed in RCS
15. Lowe, Buddy No rating Sherry Lee
Label shot
Ensign (Calif.) 1-4037  1959/July 6
Bb pop rev.
16. Sanders, Bobby No rating I'm On My Way Not listed in RCS
17. Sardo, Johnny No rating Late, Late To School Not listed in RCS
18. Gail & Sandra No rating I Mean, You Know Not listed in RCS
19. Gail & Sandra No rating Bill Not listed in RCS
20. Jones, Spike No rating ( I Was A) Teenage Brain Surgeon Not listed in RCS
21. Hedley & Lee No rating Little Miss Treater
Label shot
Challenge (Calif.)  59218  1963/Nov. 16
Bb pop rev.
22. Stereos No rating Sole Mio Rock Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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