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Classics CD734 (CD) (Sweden, 2011)

Cruisin' Country, Vol. 2

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Hawkins, Ronnie No rating Label shot Song sample Nobody's Lonesome For Me — Ronnie Hawkins Roulette (N.Y.) R-4311  1960/Dec. 26
Bb pop rev.
2. Noack, Eddie No rating Song sample Firewater Luke Not listed in RCS
3. Skinner, Jimmie No rating Song sample Careless Love Not listed in RCS
4. Taylor, Carmol No rating Song sample Tell Me What To Do Not listed in RCS
5. Carter, Bill No rating Label shot Song sample Pony Express — Bill Carter Showboat (Tenn.)  1504  1960/June
(Bb est.)
6. Deaux, Jon No rating Song sample Tupelo County Jail Not listed in RCS
7. Williams, Lawton No rating Label shot Song sample Mama Doll — Lawton Williams Le Bill (Texas)  304  1960/July 4
Bb c&w rev.
8. Doll, Andy No rating Label shot Song sample Wild Desire — Andy Doll / 7 Men & 17 Instruments Ad (Iowa) LO7W-4784 
(pressed by RCA)
9. Helms, Bobby Pertinent Song sample A Hundred Hearts — Bobby Helms Decca (N.Y.) 9-30749  1958/Oct. 13
Bb pop rev.
10. Smith, Warren No rating Song sample Cave In Not listed in RCS
11. Poe, Archie No rating Song sample Give Me A Chance Not listed in RCS
12. Clement, Jack No rating Song sample Whole Lotta Lookin' Not listed in RCS
13. Grimsley, Ken No rating Song sample Why Don't You Love Me Not listed in RCS
14. Barnes, Benny No rating Song sample Poor Man's Riches Not listed in RCS
15. Mack, Bill Non-pertinent Song sample Long, Long Train Not listed in RCS
16. Bacon, Shorty No rating Song sample Speakin' Of Angels Not listed in RCS
17. Moneymaker, Paul No rating Song sample I'm Tired Not listed in RCS
18. Owens, Buck Pertinent Label shot Song sample Come Back — Buck Owens Capitol (Calif.) F3824  1958/Jan. 13
Bb c&w rev.
19. Miller, Dick No rating Song sample Make Room For The Blues Not listed in RCS
20. Wilson, Smiley Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Running Bear — Smiley Wilson Freedom (Calif.) F-44025  1959/Dec. 14
Bb pop rev.
21. Winters, Don Pertinent Label shot Song sample That's All I Need — Don Winters Decca (N.Y.) 9-31067  1960/Mar. 7
Bb pop rev.
22. Johnnie & Jack No rating Song sample Leave Our Moon Alone Not listed in RCS
23. Dycus, Gavin No rating Song sample Frisco's Tommy Tucker Not listed in RCS
24. Finney, Gene No rating Song sample Love Of A Lifetime Not listed in RCS
25. Jones, George Non-pertinent Song sample Candy Hearts Not listed in RCS
26. Barlow, Jack Pertinent Label shot Song sample Walk With Me Baby — Jack Barlow Dollie (Tenn.) DR-3371 
(pressed by RCA)
1960/Dec. 19
Bb c&w rev.
27. Skinner, Jimmie No rating Song sample Reasons To Live Not listed in RCS
28. Beavers, Clyde No rating Song sample My Love Is Real Not listed in RCS
29. Good, Larry No rating Song sample Our Hearts Are Out Of Tune Not listed in RCS
30. Jackson, Stonewall No rating Song sample Sixteen Fathoms Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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