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Big H 79102 (LP) (1979)

Vintage Rock 'N' Roll Collector's Items, Vol. 2

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Source: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Skidmore, Bill, III Non-pertinent Date Bait
Label shot
Crest (Calif.) 45-1040  1958/Apr. 21
Bb pop rev.
2. Jones, Sweetie Pertinent Baby Please Don't Leave
Label shot
Scottie (Ga.)  1312 
(pressed by Rite)
(Bb est.)
3. DeSanto, Duane No rating Real Cool Not listed in RCS
4. Baker, Bob Pertinent Turned On The Ice
Label shot
Veeda (Texas) 45-4006 
(pressed by RCA)
(Bb est.)
5. Jiv-A-Tones Pertinent Fire Engine Baby
Label shot
Felsted (N.Y.) 45-8506  1958/Jan. 18
CB pop rev.
6. Jones, Jim No rating Kiwi Boogie Not listed in RCS
7. Jones, Jim No rating She's A Doll Not listed in RCS
8. Burrage, Harold Non-pertinent Betty Jean Not listed in RCS
9. Simpson, Carl Non-pertinent Baby Blues Rock
Not listed in RCS
10. Gordon & The Starliners Borderline Ding Bat – (instr.)
Label shot
Star (Ky.) 45-STAR200  1964/Feb.
BMI clear.
11. Boyd, Donnie Borderline Li'l Girl Li'l Girl
Label shot
Dart (N.J.)  1012  1959/June or later
(Bb est.)
12. Bonner, Misty Pertinent I Can't Sit Still
Label shot
Atlanta (Ark.)  1500  1962/Oct. or earlier
(Bb est.)
13. Tomerlin, Kenny Pertinent Crazy Little Teen
Label shot
Teen Ager (Texas) TA1001  1959/May 11
Bb pop rev.
14. Fanning, Jay Pertinent It's Love
Label shot
Acme (Ky.)  2032  Cover shot 1961/Mar. 20
Bb pop rev.
15. Baron, Bobby No rating Silly Milly Not listed in RCS
16. Monroe, Smiley Pertinent Teen Age Doll
Label shot
Vita (Calif.) 45-V-163  1957/Sept. 16
Bb pop rev.

Acknowledgments:  CMF Library, Peter Staehli, Uncle Gil

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