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Tops L-1510 (LP) (1979)

High School Rock 'N' Roll

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Facenda, Tommy No rating High School USA Not listed in RCS
2. Martin, Rickey No rating High School Confidential Not listed in RCS
3. Gowans, Sammy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Kissin' At The Drive-In United Artists (N.Y.) UA114X
(pressed by RCA)
1958/May 5
Bb pop rev.
4. Foster, Jamie Pertinent Label shot Song sample Yea, Pretty Baby Wuff (Tenn.) R-1201  1958/Aug.
BMI clear.
5. Alan, Denni Pertinent Label shot Turn A-Bout Date Academy (Ill.) ARCX-434  1959/Feb.
6. Cochran, Eddie No rating Song sample Sweet Little Sixteen [live vers. 1] [live recording]      
7. Jay, Johnny Borderline Label shot Song sample Tears (Keep On Falling) Mercury (Ill.)  71232X45 1957/Nov. 18
Bb pop rev.
8. Burnette, Johnny Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample You're Sixteen Liberty (Calif.) F55285  Cover shot 1960/Oct. 17
Bb pop rev.
9. Todd, Nick No rating Label shot At The Hop Dot (Calif.) 45-15675  1957/Dec.
(Bb est.)
10. Fisher, Chip Non-pertinent Label shot Sugar Bowl Rock RCA Victor (N.J.) LPM1797  Cover shot
Chipper At The Sugar Bowl [mono]
RCA mx code
11. Bond, Bobby Borderline Label shot Song sample Sweet Love Danceland (Mich.)  1000  1961/Mar.
(comp. files)
12. Granahan, Gerry Non-pertinent No Chemise, Please Not listed in RCS
13. Alaimo, Steve No rating Home By Eleven Not listed in RCS
14. Lory, Dick Borderline Label shot Song sample Ball Room Baby Dot (Calif.) 45-15496  1956/Oct. 27
Bb pop rev.
15. Sands, Tommy No rating Label shot Soda-Pop Pop Capitol (Calif.)  2-929  Cover shot
Sing Boy Sing [mono]
16. Lowe, Buddy No rating Umm Kiss Me Goodnight Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Peter Staehli

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