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Comps Artist Index for C

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Cagle, AubreySolid Gold SGR- 102CDUnited States2000Real Cool / Aubrey Cagle
Campbell, Jo-AnnJan/Star Club 33- 8018LPSweden1982The Blonde Bombshell / Jo Ann Campbell
Campbell, Jo-AnnWestside WESM 508CDEngland1997That Real "Gone" Gal / Jo Ann Campbell
Campi, RayDionysus/Bacchus Archives BA 0012CD 1996Perpetual Stomp 1951-1996 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayDomino 1001LPUnited States?1987Give That Love To Ray Campi / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEagle 90121CDGermany19961954-1968 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEagle 90122CDGermany19961954-1968, Vol. 2 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEnviken CD 118CDSweden2003The Road To Rockabilly, 1951-1958 / Ray Campi And The Snappers
Campi, RayMagnum Force 063CDEngland1990The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Campi, RayMagnum Force 063LPEngland1989The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Campi, RayRollin' Rock LP 001LPUnited States Rockabilly / Ray Campi
Carlisle, BillBear Family BCD 15980CDGermany2005Busy Body Boogie / Jumpin' Bill Carlisle
Carlisle, BillCollector CLCD 2865CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Carlisle Featuring Cliff Carlisle
Carman, Jenks TexCCL 1118LPGermany The Dixie Cowboy
Carroll, JohnnyBear Family BCD 15928CDGermany1996Rock Baby Rock It, 1955-60 / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyBig Tone BT 5718CDEngland1993Story Of Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyCharly CR 30241LPEngland1985Crazy Hot Rock / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyGo-Cat-Go 25648CDJapan1994Rock 'N' Roll Rarities: 40th Anniversary / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnySkyline 1515LPSweden?1984Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnySunjay SJLP 581LPSweden1988Rockin' Roll Rarities / Johnny Carroll
Casey, AlAce CHCHD 612CDEngland1995Jivin' Around
Casey, AlBear Family BCD 16579CDGermany2001A Man For All Sessions / Al Casey
Casey, AlStacy 100LP 1976Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Casey, AlSundazed LP 5026LPUnited States Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Castle, JoeyBear Family BCD 15560CDGermany1991Rock And Roll Daddy-O / Joey Castle
Channel, BruceCollectables 5623CDUnited States1995Hey Baby / Bruce Channel
Channel, BruceTeenager 601LP 1990Hey Baby! / Bruce Channel
Chaplain, PaulWhite Label WLP 8915LPNetherlands1987Mr. Nicotine / Paul Chaplain
Chavis BrothersEagle EA-R 90117CDGermany1994Old Time Rock 'N' Roll / Chavis Brothers
Chevalier, JayHydra BCK 27123CDGermany2004Rocking Country Sides / Jay Chevalier
Clark, SanfordAce 83LPEngland1983Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordBear Family BFX 15198/99LPGermany1986Rockin' Rollin' Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordBear Family BCD 15549CDGermany1992The Fool / Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordDo-Ja 18 11 43LPUnited States?1976Modern Romance / Sanford Clark Featuring Al Casey, Guitar
Clay, JoeBear Family BFX 15224LPGermany1986Ducktail / Joe Clay
Clay, JoeBear Family BCD 15516CDGermany1990Ducktail / Joe Clay
Clay, JoeBear Family BAF 18002LPGermany2003Ducktail / Joe Clay
Cline, PatsyBear Family BCD 16781CDGermany Stop, Look, And Listen: Gonna Shake This Shack / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyCountry Stars CTS 55451CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 1 / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyCountry Stars CTS 55452CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 2 / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyDemand DMSLP 2045LP  Gotta Lot Of Rhythm: The Early Country Rockers / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyMCA 1440CD 1986Stop Look And Listen / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyMSIF 2129CDJapan1994The Rockin' Side / Patsy Cline
Cline, Patsy[label?] 662070CD 1993Rock Originals / Patsy Cline
Cochran Bros.Rockstar RSR-LP 1022LPEngland1991Eddie & Hank, The Cochran Brothers
Cochran, EddieCastle Music CMXBX 1452CDEngland2007Eddie Cochran - Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings, 1954-1960
Cochran, Jackie LeeHydra BLK 7701LPGermany1985Jack The Cat / Jackie Lee Cochran
Cochran, Jackie LeeHydra BCK 27102CDGermany1993Jack The Cat Story: The 50's Recordings CD / Jackie Lee Cochran
Coe, JamieLegends Of Music [no #]CDUnited States A Long Time Ago / Jamie Coe
Collins KidsBear Family BFX 15074LPGermany1982Rockin' Rollin' Collins Kids
Collins KidsBear Family BFX 15108LPGermany1983The Collins Kids, Vol. 2
Collins KidsBear Family BCD 15537CDGermany1992Hop, Skip And Jump / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsBear Family BCD 16250CDGermany1998The Rockin'est / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsCCL 1141LPGermany1977Town Hall Party / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsCountry Routes 9002LP 1998The Collins Kids At Town Hall Party 1959-1960
Collins KidsEpic PE 38457LPUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Collins KidsKrazy Kat KKCD 14CDEngland1993Rockin' On T.V. / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsSony Music Spec. Prod. WK 75068CDUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Collins KidsTV 5758LP 1989Television Party / The Collins Kids
Collins, TommyCCL 1117LPGermany Tommy Collins
Collins, TommyCCL 1125LPGermany Tommy Collins
Comstock, BobbyMohawk MR 124LP 1981Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Comstock, BobbyPumpkin 501CD 2003The Best Of Bobby Comstock, Vol. 1
Comstock, BobbySouth Bay 5392CD 1995Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Copas, LloydCCL 1145LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Copas / Cowboy Copas
Cox, BillCollector CLCD 2866CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Cox Featuring Cliff Hobbs
Coyne, RickyEagle 309252LPGermany1992Every Then ... And Now / Ricky Coyne
Craddock, BillBear Family BCD 15610CDGermany1992Boom Boom Baby / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillCharly 721LPEngland1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillColonial CR. 711LP 1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillColumbia (Australia) KLLS 1666LPAustralia1974Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillEmusic/Rockabilly 12691501MPUnited States2011Rock N' Roll Classics / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillPower Pak PO 281LP 1975I'm Tore Up / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, Billy "Crash"Harmony KH 32186LPUnited States1973Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, Billy "Crash"Seledt COR 1707LP 1989Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, CrashKing 912LPUnited States I'm Tore Up / Crash Craddock
Crain, JimmyCollector CLCD 4478CDNetherlands2003Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
Crain, JimmyWhite Label WLP 8809LPNetherlands1979Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
Crain, JimmyWhite Label 8845LPNetherlands1982Jimmy Crain Rocks On
CricketsBear Family BCD 15599CDGermany1992Still In Style / The Crickets
CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 242CDEngland1994Something Old, Something New / The Crickets
CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 251CDEngland1999California Sun / The Crickets
CricketsCharly CR 30226LPEngland1984Complete Crickets
CricketsDisky TO 86252CDNetherlands1996The Original Crickets
CricketsEMI 1318LP 1989Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The Crickets
CricketsEMI CDP-7- 95845-2CD 1991The Liberty Years: EMI Legends Of Rock And Roll / The Crickets
CricketsEMI (France) 91757CDFrance1989Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The Crickets
CricketsEMI Gold 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
CricketsMCA 30581CD 1993In Style With The Crickets
CricketsMCA (England) MCFM 2710LPEngland Back In Style / The Crickets
CricketsPickwick PWKS 4205CD 1995Singles Collection 1957-61 / The Crickets
CricketsSee For Miles 79CD 1999The Crickets File, 1961-1965
CricketsSee For Miles 79LP 1987The Crickets File, 1961-1965
CricketsSunset SLS 50207LPEngland1971Rock Reflections / The Crickets
Crickets[label?] 112 098CD 2000In Style With The Crickets ... Plus
Crickets[label?] 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
Crockett, HowardBest BRCD 001CD 1995My Lil's Run Off / Howard Crockett
Crockett, HowardCCL 1143LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Crockett / Howard Crockett
Crockett, Howard[NF?] NF 9002CD 1993Mr. Honky Tonk Man / Howard Crockett
Crown, BobbyCollector CLCD 4482CDNetherlands2003Bobby Crown And The Kapers
Cupp, PatEl Toro ETCD 1019CDSpain2008Long Gone Daddy / Pat Cupp & The Flying Saucers
Cupp, PatEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 11835908MPUnited States2010Rockabilly Greats / Pat Cupp
Cupp, PatKC Byrd KCB 1EPNetherlands1995The '56 Demo Versions / Pat Cupp & His Flying Saucers
Curtis, MacCharly CD 264CDEngland1991Blue Jean Heart / Mac Curtis
Curtis, MacKay 5046LP 1987Grandaddy's Rockin' / Mac Curtis

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