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Comps Artist Index for C

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Cagle, AubreySolid Gold SGR- 102CDUnited States2000Real Cool / Aubrey Cagle
Campbell, Jo-AnnJan/Star Club 33- 8018LPSweden1982The Blonde Bombshell / Jo Ann Campbell
Campbell, Jo-AnnWestside WESM 508CDEngland1997That Real "Gone" Gal / Jo Ann Campbell
Campi, RayDionysus/Bacchus Archives BA 0012CD 1996Perpetual Stomp 1951-1996 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayDomino 1001LPUnited States?1987Give That Love To Ray Campi / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEagle 90121CDGermany19961954-1968 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEagle 90122CDGermany19961954-1968, Vol. 2 / Ray Campi
Campi, RayEnviken CD 118CDSweden2003The Road To Rockabilly, 1951-1958 / Ray Campi And The Snappers
Campi, RayMagnum Force 063CDEngland1990The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Campi, RayMagnum Force 063LPEngland1989The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Campi, RayRollin' Rock LP 001LPUnited States Rockabilly / Ray Campi
Carlisle, BillBear Family BCD 15980CDGermany2005Busy Body Boogie / Jumpin' Bill Carlisle
Carlisle, BillCollector CLCD 2865CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Carlisle Featuring Cliff Carlisle
Carman, Jenks TexCCL 1118LPGermany The Dixie Cowboy
Carroll, JohnnyBear Family BCD 15928CDGermany1996Rock Baby Rock It, 1955-60 / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyBig Tone BT 5718CDEngland1993Story Of Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyCharly CR 30241LPEngland1985Crazy Hot Rock / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnyGo-Cat-Go 25648CDJapan1994Rock 'N' Roll Rarities: 40th Anniversary / Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnySkyline 1515LPSweden?1984Johnny Carroll
Carroll, JohnnySunjay SJLP 581LPSweden1988Rockin' Roll Rarities / Johnny Carroll
Casey, AlAce CHCHD 612CDEngland1995Jivin' Around
Casey, AlBear Family BCD 16579CDGermany2001A Man For All Sessions / Al Casey
Casey, AlStacy 100LP 1976Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Casey, AlSundazed LP 5026LPUnited States Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Castle, JoeyBear Family BCD 15560CDGermany1991Rock And Roll Daddy-O / Joey Castle
Channel, BruceCollectables 5623CDUnited States1995Hey Baby / Bruce Channel
Channel, BruceTeenager 601LP 1990Hey Baby! / Bruce Channel
Chaplain, PaulWhite Label WLP 8915LPNetherlands1987Mr. Nicotine / Paul Chaplain
Chavis BrothersEagle EA-R 90117CDGermany1994Old Time Rock 'N' Roll / Chavis Brothers
Chevalier, JayHydra BCK 27123CDGermany2004Rocking Country Sides / Jay Chevalier
Clark, SanfordAce 83LPEngland1983Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordBear Family BFX 15198/99LPGermany1986Rockin' Rollin' Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordBear Family BCD 15549CDGermany1992The Fool / Sanford Clark
Clark, SanfordDo-Ja 18 11 43LPUnited States?1976Modern Romance / Sanford Clark Featuring Al Casey, Guitar
Clay, JoeBear Family BFX 15224LPGermany1986Ducktail / Joe Clay
Clay, JoeBear Family BCD 15516CDGermany1990Ducktail / Joe Clay
Clay, JoeBear Family BAF 18002LPGermany2003Ducktail / Joe Clay
Cline, PatsyBear Family BCD 16781CDGermany Stop, Look, And Listen: Gonna Shake This Shack / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyCountry Stars CTS 55451CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 1 / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyCountry Stars CTS 55452CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 2 / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyDemand DMSLP 2045LP  Gotta Lot Of Rhythm: The Early Country Rockers / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyMCA 1440CD 1986Stop Look And Listen / Patsy Cline
Cline, PatsyMSIF 2129CDJapan1994The Rockin' Side / Patsy Cline
Cline, Patsy[label?] 662070CD 1993Rock Originals / Patsy Cline
Cochran Bros.Rockstar RSR-LP 1022LPEngland1991Eddie & Hank, The Cochran Brothers
Cochran, EddieCastle Music CMXBX 1452CDEngland2007Eddie Cochran - Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings, 1954-1960
Cochran, Jackie LeeHydra BLK 7701LPGermany1985Jack The Cat / Jackie Lee Cochran
Cochran, Jackie LeeHydra BCK 27102CDGermany1993Jack The Cat Story: The 50's Recordings CD / Jackie Lee Cochran
Coe, JamieLegends Of Music [no #]CDUnited States A Long Time Ago / Jamie Coe
Collins KidsBear Family BFX 15074LPGermany1982Rockin' Rollin' Collins Kids
Collins KidsBear Family BFX 15108LPGermany1983The Collins Kids, Vol. 2
Collins KidsBear Family BCD 15537CDGermany1992Hop, Skip And Jump / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsBear Family BCD 16250CDGermany1998The Rockin'est / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsCCL 1141LPGermany1977Town Hall Party / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsCountry Routes RFD 9002LPFrance1990The Collins Kids At Town Hall Party 1959-1960
Collins KidsEpic PE 38457LPUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Collins KidsKrazy Kat KKCD 14CDEngland1993Rockin' On T.V. / The Collins Kids
Collins KidsSony Music Spec. Prod. WK 75068CDUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Collins KidsTV 5758LP 1989Television Party / The Collins Kids
Collins, TommyCCL 1117LPGermany Tommy Collins
Collins, TommyCCL 1125LPGermany Tommy Collins
Comstock, BobbyMohawk MR 124LP 1981Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Comstock, BobbyPumpkin 501CD 2003The Best Of Bobby Comstock, Vol. 1
Comstock, BobbySouth Bay 5392CDJapan1994Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Copas, LloydCCL 1145LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Copas / Cowboy Copas
Cox, BillCollector CLCD 2866CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Cox Featuring Cliff Hobbs
Coyne, RickyEagle 309252LPGermany1992Every Then ... And Now / Ricky Coyne
Craddock, BillBear Family BCD 15610CDGermany1992Boom Boom Baby / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillCharly 721LPEngland1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillColonial CR. 711LP 1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillColumbia (Australia) KLLS 1666LPAustralia1974Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, BillPower Pak PO 281LP 1975I'm Tore Up / Crash Craddock
Craddock, Billy "Crash"Harmony KH 32186LPUnited States1973Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, Billy "Crash"Select COR 1707LP 1989Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Craddock, CrashKing 912LPUnited States I'm Tore Up / Crash Craddock
Crain, JimmyCollector CLCD 4478CDNetherlands2003Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
Crain, JimmyWhite Label WLP 8809LPNetherlands1979Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
Crain, JimmyWhite Label WLP 8845LPNetherlands1982Jimmy Crain Rocks On
CricketsBear Family BCD 15599CDGermany1992Still In Style / The Crickets
CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 242CDEngland1994Something Old, Something New / The Crickets
CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 251CDEngland1999California Sun / The Crickets
CricketsCharly CR 30226LPEngland1984Complete Crickets
CricketsDisky TO 86252CDNetherlands1996The Original Crickets
CricketsEMI 1318LP 1989Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The Crickets
CricketsEMI CDP-7- 95845-2CD 1991The Liberty Years: EMI Legends Of Rock And Roll / The Crickets
CricketsEMI (England) CDP 7 91757CDEngland1989The Best Of The Crickets
CricketsEMI Gold 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
CricketsMCA 30591CD 1993In Style With The Crickets
CricketsMCA (England) MCFM 2710LPEngland Back In Style / The Crickets
CricketsPickwick PWKS 4205CD 1995Singles Collection 1957-61 / The Crickets
CricketsSee For Miles 79CD 1999The Crickets File, 1961-1965
CricketsSee For Miles 79LP 1987The Crickets File, 1961-1965
CricketsSunset SLS 50207LPEngland1971Rock Reflections / The Crickets
Crickets[label?] 112 098CD 2000In Style With The Crickets ... Plus
Crickets[label?] 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
Crockett, HowardBest BRCD 001CD 1995My Lil's Run Off / Howard Crockett
Crockett, HowardCCL 1143LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Crockett / Howard Crockett
Crockett, HowardNeon Fire NF 9002CD 1993Mr. Honky Tonk Man / Howard Crockett
Crown, BobbyCollector CLCD 4482CDNetherlands2003Bobby Crown And The Kapers
Cupp, PatEl Toro ETCD 1019CDSpain2008Long Gone Daddy / Pat Cupp & The Flying Saucers
Cupp, PatKC Byrd KCB 1EPNetherlands1995The '56 Demo Versions / Pat Cupp & His Flying Saucers
Curtis, MacCharly CD 264CDEngland1991Blue Jean Heart / Mac Curtis
Curtis, MacKay 5046LP 1987Grandaddy's Rockin' / Mac Curtis

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