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Comps Artist Index for G

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Gates, DavidBread # 1001CD 2007Open Up The Gates: The David Gates Story, The Early Years
Gibson, DonBear Family BFX 15089LPGermany1982Rockin' Rollin' Don Gibson
Gibson, DonBear Family BFX 15097LPGermany1982Rockin' Rollin' Don Gibson
Gibson, DonBear Family BCD 16991CDGermany2008Don Rocks / Don Gibson
Gibson, DonBuddha LC 00316CD  RCA Country Legends / Don Gibson
Gibson, DonCCL 1107LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Gibson / Don Gibson
Gibson, Joe D.Rose Island [no #]CDUnited States Spanning The Decades / Jody Gibson
Gilley, MickeyAstro 101LP 1995Lonely Wine / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyCharly CR 30192LPEngland1981Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyCollector CL 1013LPNetherlands1972The Mickey Gilley Story, Part 1
Gilley, MickeyCollector CL 1014LPNetherlands1972The Mickey Gilley Story, Part 2
Gilley, MickeyCountry 10 CFX 204LP 1982Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyCrazy Cajun 1006LPUnited States1976Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyEdsel EDCD 583CDUnited States1999The Crazy Cajun Recordings / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyMinor 1006LP 1987Rockin' Rollin' Piano / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyPEG 73200 LLPFrance Mickey Gilley And His Rockin' Piano
Gilley, MickeyPaula LP 2195LPUnited States1967Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyPicadilly 3557LPUnited States1982The Wild Side Of Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyPickwick JS- 6180LPUnited States1975Wild Side Of Life / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeyPolydor 2460 171LPEngland1973Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Gilley, MickeySparkletone SP-CD 99006CDDenmark1995Mickey Gilley's Rockin' Rollin' Piano
Glasser, DickCollectors Gold 100211CD 1996Catty Town / Dick Lory
Glasser, DickRebel 1002LP 1983Handsome Hits & Rockin' Bits / Dick Lory
Glasser, DickRevival 3013LPDenmark1989Cool It Baby / Dick Lory
Glasser, Dick[no label name] [dg&dl]CD  Dick Glasser And Dick Lory: The Earliest & Rarest
Glenn, GlenAce 57LPEngland1982The Glen Glenn Story
Glenn, GlenAce 403CDEngland1992The Glen Glenn Story/Everybody's Movin' Again
Glenn, GlenBear Family BCD 16671CDGermany2004Glen Rocks / Glen Glenn
Glenn, GlenGo-Cat-Go 25752CDJapan1994Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965: 40th Anniversary / Glen Glenn
Glenn, GlenStomper Time STCD 4CDEngland1993Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965 / Glen Glenn
Glenn, GlenStomper Time STEN 510England1999Living Mono / Glen Glenn
Glenn, GlenSunjay SJLP 572LPSweden1987Rockabilly Legend / Glen Glenn
Gordon, CurtisBear Family BFX 15181LPGermany1985Rock, Roll, Jump, And Jive / Curtis Gordon
Gordon, CurtisBear Family BCD 16253CDGermany1998Play The Music Louder / Curtis Gordon
Gracie, CharlieCotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 2CDGermany1995It's Fabulous, It's Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieLondon HAU 8513LP 1979The Cameo-Parkway Sessions / Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharliePark # 561CD  Charlie Gracie ... Fabulous
Gracie, CharlieRevival PC 0001LPUnited States1976Charlie Gracie's Early Recordings
Gracie, CharlieRevival 3005CDDenmark1993The Very Best of Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieRevival 3005LPDenmark1989The Very Best of Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieRevival 3016CDDenmark1990Very Best of Charlie Gracie, Vol. 2
Gracie, CharlieRevival 3016LPDenmark1990Boogie Boogie Blues And Other Rarities / Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieRollercoaster SKR 1547CDEngland2009Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieRollercoaster 2005LPEngland1983Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Gracie, CharlieSchoolkids 1547CD 1996Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Gracie, Charlie[PARK?] PARK 561CD 1998Fabulous Charlie Gracie
Graves, SkipBinge LP 1006LPGermany Love Country
Grayzell, RudyStarday 1321LP 1988Let's Get Wild / Rudy Grayzell
Grayzell, RudyStomper Time STEP 2EPEngland Rudy Grayzell Sings 'Duck Tail' And Other Hits
Grayzell, RudyTRG 505 106CDNetherlands1996Ducktail / Rudy Grayzell
Griffin, BuckBear Family BCD 15811CDGermany1995Let's Elope Baby / Buck Griffin
Griffin, BuckDomino 1007LPUnited States?1990The Party / Buck Griffin
Grubbs, JimmyDee Jay Jamboree 45- 122EPGermany Jimmy Grubbs & His Musik Makers
Gunter, HardrockCharly CR 30228LPEngland1984Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night / Hardrock Gunter
Gunter, HardrockCow Girl Boy LP 5119LP  Bloodshot Eyes / Hardrock Gunter
Gunter, HardrockHydra BCK 27108CDGermany1999I'll Give 'Em Rhythm / Hardrock Gunter
Gunter, HardrockRollercoaster RCCD 3013CDEngland1995Gonna Rock & Roll, Gonna Dance All Night / Hardrock Gunter

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