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Comps Artist Index for L

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
LaBeef, SleepyBaron 102LPUnited States1979Early, Rare, & Rockin' Sides / Sleepy LaBeef
LaBeef, SleepyCharly CR 30181LPEngland Early, Rare, And Rockin' Sides / Sleepy LaBeef
LaBeef, SleepyEagle 90115CDGermany1994Let's Turn Back The Years / Sleepy LaBeef
LaBeff, TommyBear Family BCD 15981CDGermany Sleepy Rocks / Sleepy LaBeef
LaRue, RogerRoc 2003-01CDUnited States2003One More Time / Roc LaRue
Lay, RodneyGear Fab CDUnited States2000The Complete Recordings / Rodney & The Blazers
Lee, BrendaAce CHCHD 1222CDEngland2009Queen Of Rock 'N' Roll / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaBear Family BCD 16686CDGermany Brenda Lee Rocks
Lee, BrendaBrenda 1LP 1993Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaCharly CDX 6LPEngland1985The Golden Decade / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaCombo (Italy) BC 93500LPItaly Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaMCA (England) MCF 2729LPEngland1976Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaMCA (France) 414 030LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 13 / Brenda Lee "Miss Dynamite"
Lee, BrendaMCA (Sweden) 10384CD  Anthology 1956-1980 / Brenda Lee
Lee, BrendaPickwick PWKS 4232CDEngland1995Rockin' Around / Brenda Lee
Lee, Brenda[BIT?] BIT 61015CD 1994Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
Lee, CurtisDunes DU 2000LP 1986Pretty Little Angel Eyes / Curtis Lee
Lee, CurtisHot 1556LP 1986Pretty Little Angel Eyes / Curtis Lee
Lee, MyronCollector CLCD 4439CDNetherlands1997Rockin' And Rollin' Out Of The Midwest / Myron Lee
Lee, MyronUnlimited Prod. UPLP 1004LPUnited States1986Rock And Roll Midwest Style! / Myron Lee & The Caddies
LegendsCombo E- 101CDItaly1997We Were Rockin', 1961-63 / The Legends
Lenny & The ThundertonesEagle EA-R 90119CDGermany1995Lenny & The Thundertones
Lewis, MargaretAce CDCHD 572CDEngland1995Lonesome Bluebird / Margaret Lewis
Lipscomb, MaxEagle 30912LPGermany1992Rollin' Dynamite / Tommy & The Tom Tom's
Lipscomb, MaxEagle 309011LPGermany1995From Dallas, TX / Scotty McKay
Lipscomb, MaxEagle EZ.33. 901007LPGermany1990Scotty McKay
Lloyd, JimmyBear Family BCD 15650CDGermany1993I Got A Rocket In My Pocket / Jimmie Logsdon
Lonesome DrifterCollector CL 1022LPNetherlands1974The Lonesome Drifter
Lonesome DrifterNorton ED 327LPUnited States2010Eager Boy / The Lonesome Drifter
Lopez, TriniVolk 1101LP 1995Rock On / Trini Lopez
Lord, BobbyBear Family BCD 16524CDGermany2011Everybody's Rockin' But Me / Bobby Lord
Lord, BobbyDemand DMS LPS- 095LP 1996Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Lord, BobbyPegasus CD 2005Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Lord, BobbyRevival 3006LPDenmark1989Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Lou, BonnieGVC 1004CD 2009Friction Heat, 1953-58 / Bonnie Lou
Lou, BonnieWestside 102CDEngland2000Classic King Sides / Bonnie Lou
Loudermilk, John D.CCL 1111LPGermany The Early Rockin' Styles of John D. (Johnny Dee) Loudermilk
Loudermilk, John D.CCL 1112LPGermany Rocking Styles, Vol. 2 / John D. Loudermilk
Loudermilk, John D.Demand DMSLP- 215LP  That's All I've Got / John D. Loudermilk
Lowe, JimDomino 1002LPUnited States?1987Rock-A-Chicka / Jim Lowe
Lucas, MattBluejam BJ CD 7797CDUnited States Matt Lucas' Original Hits
Lucas, MattCharly CR 30222LPEngland1983Ride That Train Tonight / Matt Lucas
Lucas, MattRedita [2nd series] RR 146CDNetherlands2002I'm Moving On And Other Timeless Rockers With The Legendary Matt Lucas
Luke, RobinBear Family BFX 15022LPGermany1979Susie Darlin' / Robin Luke
Luke, RobinBear Family BCD 15547CDGermany1991Susie Darlin' / Robin Luke
Luke, RobinBear Family/ABC BCD 37044LPGermany1978Susie Darlin' / Robin Luke
Luke, RobinStarfire SLP- 1002LPUnited States1981Boppin' With Robin / Robin Luke
Luke, RobinStarfire 1002 (pic)LPUnited States1981Boppin' With Robin [picture disc] / Robin Luke
Luman, BobBear Family BFX 15037LPGermany1980The Rocker / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BFX 15039LPGermany1980More Of That Rocker / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BFX 15140LPGermany1984Still Rockin' / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BFX 15268LPGermany1988Wild Eyed Woman / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BFX 15345LPGermany1988Carnival Rock / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BCD 16259CDGermany2006Let's Think About Living / Bob Luman
Luman, BobBear Family BCD 16985CDGermany Bob Rocks / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCCL 1109LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCCL 1110LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 2 / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCCL 1126LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 3 / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCCL 1127LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 4 / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCanetoad Int. CD1- 001CDAustralia The Great Snowman, 1959-1963 / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCastle Comm. CLC 5094CDEngland1992Livin' Lovin' Sounds / Bob Luman
Luman, BobCastle Comm. CLC 7048CDEngland1992Let's Think About Living / Bob Luman
Luman, BobDJM 22057LPEngland1977Bob Luman Rocks
Luman, BobEl Toro ETCDVD 10011CDSpain2008Red Hot, 1956-57 / Bob Luman
Luman, BobRockstar 1015LPEngland1988Try Me / Bob Luman
Luman, BobSeeburg 3301LPUnited States Bob Luman Is Red Hot
Luman, BobSparkletone SP-CD 99010CDDenmark1995Bob Luman Rocks: His '50s Recordings
Luman, BobStar-Club 506000CDSweden1995Red Hot / Bob Luman
Luman, BobSundown SDLP- 1013LPEngland1984Let's Think About Living / Bob Luman

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