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Comps Artist Index for R

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Rader, DonGee Dee Music 270115-2CDGermany1995Detroit Rockabilly Man / Don Rader
Rainwater, MarvinBear Family BFX 15079LPGermany1982Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater / Marvin Rainwater
Rainwater, MarvinBear Family BFX 15132LPGermany1984Marvin Rainwater Sings With A Heart, With A Beat
Rainwater, MarvinBear Family BCD 15812CDGermany1994Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater / Marvin Rainwater
Rainwater, MarvinCCL 1113LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 1 / Marvin Rainwater
Rainwater, MarvinCCL 1114LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 2 / Marvin Rainwater
Rainwater, MarvinCCL 1115LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 3 / Marvin Rainwater
Rainwater, MarvinCCL 1116LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 4 / Marvin Rainwater
Ramistella, JohnnyRiveraire RIV 1001CD 1993Rockin' Rivers / Johhny Rivers
Ramistella, JohnnySuede 5787LP 1987Rock And Roll Years / Johnny Rivers
Reardon, EddieBig Beat (France) BBR 00039CDFrance1996Cool It Baby / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieBig Beat (France) 7931732CDFrance1989Cool It, Baby / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieCharly CR 30266LPEngland1988Rock With Me / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieEMI (France) 93173CDFrance1990Who's Eddie / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieJalo 33102LPGermany1986Nothin' Shakin' / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieMusidisc/DCA 107812CDFrance1991Cool It Baby / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddiePatti 8002LPAustralia Cool It Baby! / Eddie Fontaine
Reardon, EddieTeenager CD 603CDUnited States Nothin' Shakin' / Eddie Fontaine
Rebel RousersWhite Label WLP 8963LPNetherlands1991Missouri Rockers, Vol. 1 / The Rebel Rousers
Redd, JohnnyCollectables COL- 0658CDUnited States1995Drive-In A Gogo!, Vol. 3 / Johnny Red & The Rockin Redlanders
Reed, JerryBear Family BCD 16306CDGermany1999Here I Am / Jerry Reed
Reed, JerryHarmony H 30547LPUnited States1971I'm Movin' On / Jerry Reed
Reed, JerryPickwick JS- 6127LPUnited States1972I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
Reed, JerryRevival 3017LPDenmark1990Rockin' With The Guitar Man / Jerry Reed
Reeves, DelDemand DM LP 2020LP  My Baby Likes To Rock & Roll / Del Reeves
Reeves, GlennEncore 2098CD 1999Rockin' Country Style / Glenn Reeves
Reno, JackEagle 33- 90105LPGermany1991Nine Stitches
Reynolds, JodyBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55160CDGermany2003Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Reynolds, JodyGee Dee Music 270106-2CDGermany1998Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Reynolds, JodyMagnum Force 066LPEngland1988Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Reynolds, JodySunjay SJLP 579LPSweden1988Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Rhodes, SlimGee Dee Music 270132CDGermany1997Gonna Romp And Stomp / Slim Rhodes
Rich, CharlieBear Family BCD 16513CDGermany2009Charlie Rocks / Charlie Rich
Rich, DaveCCL 1108LPGermany Dave Rich
Richardson, JapeContour 6870531LPEngland1971Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapeMercury 832 902LP 1988Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapeMercury MG 20402LP 1982Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapeMercury (Germany) 6463 057LPGermany1980Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapePickwick 3365LP  Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapeRhino R2 70164CDUnited States1989Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959
Richardson, JapeRhino R1 70164LPUnited States1989Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959
Richardson, JapeSpectrum 554 906CD 2000The Best Of The Big Bopper
Richardson, JapeStar 1020LP 1984Oh Baby That's What I Like / The Big Bopper
Riedel, TeddyCollector CL 1011LPNetherlands1972The Jerry Lee Lewis Sound By Teddy Redell
Riedel, TeddyCollector CLCD 4406CDNetherlands1992Rockin' Teddy Redell
Riedel, TeddyCollector CLCD 4470CDNetherlands2002Young And Still Young / Teddy Redell
Riedel, TeddyRaney [no #]CD 2005The Vaden Years / Teddy Redell
Riedel, TeddyWhite Label WLP 8813LPNetherlands1979Teddy Redell Sound
Riedel, TeddyWhite Label CLP 897710Netherlands2002The Original Early Teddy Redell
Riley, BillyAVI 5007CDUnited States1995Red Hot: The Best Of Billy Lee Riley
Riley, BillyBear Family BFX 15272LPGermany1988Billy Riley And The Little Green Men
Riley, BillyBear Family BCD 15444CDGermany1990Classic Recordings, 1956-1960 / Billy Riley
Riley, BillyCharly CDX 9LPEngland1985Red Hot Riley / Billy Riley
Riley, BillyCharly 53CDEngland1988Rock With Me Baby / Billy Riley
Riley, BillyCharly CR 30131LPEngland1977The Legendary Sun Performers: Billy Lee Riley
Riley, BillyCharly CR 30151LPEngland1979Sun Sound Special / Billy Riley
Riley, BillySun (England) CRS 1049LPEngland1989Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men
Riley, Billy[SERD?] SERD 624LP 1995Red Hot Riley / Billy Riley
Robbins, MartyBear Family BFX 15045LPGermany1982Marty Robbins Sings
Robbins, MartyBear Family BFX 15105LPGermany1983The Ray Conniff Recordings / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyBear Family CBSLSP 15184LPGermany1985Rockin' Ruby Ann / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyBear Family BCD 15566CDGermany1991Marty Robbins Sings: Rockin' Rollin' Robbins, Vol. 1
Robbins, MartyBear Family BCD 15567CDGermany1991The Story Of My Life: Rockin' Rollin' Robbins, Vol. 2 / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyBear Family BCD 15569CDGermany1991Ruby Ann: Rockin' Rollin' Robbins, Vol. 3 / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyBella 1002LPGermany Rock And Roll And Robbins / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyCCL 1129LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Robbins / Marty Robbins
Robbins, MartyRev-Ola Bandstand 12 CCDEngland2007Rockin' Robbins / Marty Robbins
Rock-A-TeensBig Tone BT 5701CDEngland1993Woo-Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rock-A-TeensLady Luck 7087CD 2001Woo-Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rock-A-TeensRoulette (Netherlands) SR 25109LPNetherlands1978Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rock-A-TeensRoulette (Sweden) SR 25109LPSweden1977Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rock-A-Teens[X?] X 29571LP 1987Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rock-A-TunesRock-A-Tune BPR 1060CDCanada1998Hank Smith Presents The Original Rock-A-Tunes
Rockin' R'sNorton ED 205LPUnited States1988Crazy Baby / The Rockin' R's
Roe, TommyJudd 75 100LP 1989Hits And Rarities / Tommy Roe
Romero, ChanDel-Fi DFCD 71251-2CDUnited States1995Hippy Hippy Shake / Chan Romero
Romero, ChanRockhouse 9501CDNetherlands199650's Flash Back / Chan Romero
Romero, ChanWarrior Tunes WHT 13498LPUnited States1993Rockin' From The 50s Through The 90s / Chan Romero
Ruff, RayHydra BCK 27116CDGermany2002I Took A Liking To You: The Buddy Holly Sound Of Ray Ruff
Rusty & DougDJM DJB 26080LPEngland1974Louisiana Man / Rusty & Doug Kershaw
Rusty & DougFlyright FLY 35CDEngland The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions / Rusty & Doug With Wiley Barkdull
Rusty & DougFlyright FLY 571LPEngland1981The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions, Vol. 22 / Rusty & Doug Kershaw
Rusty & DougFlyright FLY 619LPEngland Rusty And Doug And Wiley And Friends
Rusty & DougKangaroo 001CDAustralia2002Rusty & Doug Kershaw With Wiley Barkdull
Ryan, CharlieKing 751LPUnited States1977Hot Rod / Charlie Ryan
Ryan, CharlieLincoln LR CD 001CDUnited States2001Hot Rod Lincoln / Charlie Ryan

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