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Comps Artist Index for S

Artist Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Sahm, DougCharly CR 30188LPEngland1981His First Recordings / Doug Sahm
Sahm, DougCollectables COL- 5559CDUnited States1995His Early Years / Doug Sahm
Sahm, DougHarlem 1005LPUnited States1979Sir Doug / Doug Sahm
Sahm, DougNorton CED 274CDUnited States2000San Antonio Rock: The Harlem Recordings, 1957-61 / Doug Sahm
Sahm, DougNorton ED 274LPUnited States2000San Antonio Rock: The Harlem Recordings, 1957-61 / Doug Sahm
Salvo, SammyEagle 90126CDGermany1999The Sammy Salvo Story
Salvo, SammyEagle 309010LPGermany1996Here I Go Again / Sammy Salvo
Sands, TommyBear Family BCD 15643CDGermany1992The Worryin' Kind / Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyCapitol AUSLP 1021LPAustralia1995The Golden Hits of Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyCapitol (Germany) 038 EMD 85 096LPGermany1978Rock 'N' Roll History, Vol. 3 / Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyCollectables 5869CDUnited States1998Steady Date With Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyHydra BCK 27132CDGermany Early Rockabilly & Hillbilly Days / Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyJasmine JASM 302LPEngland1988Sands Storm! / Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyRaven RVD- 193CDAustralia2004The Sands Collection 1957-63 / Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyRevival 3001LPDenmark1987Tommy Sands
Sands, TommyRock Dreams BG 2039CD 1995Teenage Crush / Tommy Sands
Scott, JackAttic LAT 1148LPCanada1983The Original Recordings ('58-'59) / Jack Scott
Scott, JackBear Family BFX 15005LPGermany1980Scott On Groove / Jack Scott
Scott, JackBear Family BCD 15445CDGermany1989Scott On Groove / Jack Scott
Scott, JackBear Family BCD 16847CDGermany2007The Ballads Of Jack Scott
Scott, JackBig Beat (France) 002410France1982The Legendary Jack Scott
Scott, JackBig Beat (France) 1003LPFrance1982The Legendary Jack Scott
Scott, JackBison Bop Bb-LP 2022LPGermany1982Jack Scott
Scott, JackBison Bop Bb-LP 2035LPGermany1983Picture Disc / Jack Scott
Scott, JackBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2022LPGermany1985Jack Scott
Scott, JackBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2035LPGermany1985Picture Disc / Jack Scott
Scott, JackBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2050LPGermany1985Greaseball / Jack Scott
Scott, JackCapitol (U.S.) CDP 7 93192CDUnited States1990Capitol Collectors Series / Jack Scott
Scott, JackCarlton CD 108CD  Jack Scott: 34 Of His Biggest Hits On One CD
Scott, JackCastle Music CMEDD 669CDEngland2003Baby She's Gone / Jack Scott
Scott, JackCharly CDX 12LPEngland1986Grizzily Bear / Jack Scott
Scott, JackCollectables 2783CDUnited States2000The Very Best Of Jack Scott
Scott, JackCurb D2- 77255CDUnited States1995Jack Scott's Greatest Hits
Scott, JackFlash 52LP  Rare Items / Jack Scott
Scott, JackHallmark 300312CD 1995My True Love / Jack Scott
Scott, JackJade J 33 114LPCanada1980The Way I Rock / Jack Scott
Scott, JackJade J 33 202LPCanada1980Great Scott / Jack Scott
Scott, JackJasmine 305LP 1988Burning Bridges / Jack Scott
Scott, JackKrazy Kat KK 794LPEngland1985Jack Scott
Scott, JackLeroy 475LP  Rocks On / Jack Scott
Scott, JackLost Gold LG 20002CDUnited States1992Live 1961 / Jack Scott
Scott, JackMusidisc/DCA 107292CDFrance The Legendary Jack Scott
Scott, JackPonie 563N1LP 1974Jack Scott
Scott, JackPony 77255CD 1990Greatest Hits / Jack Scott
Scott, JackRedita [2nd series] RLP 142LPNetherlands Stick Around Baby / Jack Scott
Scott, JackRock 'N' Roll 75- 001LPUnited States Jack Scott Rocks
Scott, JackRollercoaster RCCD 3002CDEngland1990The Way I Walk / Jack Scott
Scott, JackStar-Club 506001CDSweden1997Great Scott, 1957-1977 / Jack Scott
Scott, JackStardust 1019CDCanada1995The Best Of Jack Scott, 1957-1960
Scott, Jack[RM?] RM 326LP 1996What In The World's Come Over You / Jack Scott
Scott, Jack[RM?] RM 348LP 1986The Spirit Moves Me / Jack Scott
Scott, RayCollector CLCD 4412CDNetherlands1993You Drive Me Crazy / Ray Scott
Scott, RayWhite Label WLP 8913LPNetherlands1986Mr. You Drive Me Crazy / Ray Scott
Scott, TommyCattle LP 126LPGermany1993Hillbilly & Rockabilly Rarities / Ramblin' Tommy Scott
Scott, TommyCollector CLCD 2854CDNetherlands1997Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Tommy Scott
Self, MackBear Family BCD 16519CDGermany2007Easy To Love: The Sun Years Plus / Mack Self
Self, MackGee Dee Music 270130CDGermany1997Vibrate / Mack Self
Self, RonnieBear Family BCD 15436CDGermany1990Bop-A-Lena / Ronnie Self
Self, RonnieColde LE2014LP 1977Ronnie Self ["Limited edition coloured vinyl"]
Self, RonnieColde 2014LP 1977Ronnie Self
Self, RonnieHydra BCK 27113CDGermany2001Mr. Frantic Is Boppin' The Blues / Ronnie Self
Self, RonnieRedita [2nd series] 139LPNetherlands1999Rockin' Ronnie Self
Shelton, GaryBear Family BCD 16270CDGermany1999Kissin' At The Drive-In / Gary Shelton aka Troy Shondell
Sherrell, BillDomino 1010LPUnited States?1992Rock On Baby / Bill Sherrell
Shibley, ArkieCollector CLCD 2856CDNetherlands1998Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Arkie Shibley
Simmons, GeneBear Family BCD 16758CDGermany2006Drinkin' Wine: The Sun Years, Plus / Gene Simmons
Simmons, GeneHi HEXD 53CD  Haunted House: The Complete Gene Simmons On Hi Records
Simmons, GeneHi DHI UK LP 416LP 1988Goin' Back To Memphis / Gene Simmons
Simmons, GeneMid Century Music # 6003CD  706 Union Ave. And Beyond / Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Simmons, GeneSun 1008LP 1988I Done Told You / Gene Simmons
Skiles, JohnnyWhite Label WLP 8967LPNetherlands1991The Original Johnny Skiles
Skip & FlipCollectables COL-CD- 5919CDUnited States1998It Was I: The Very Best Of Skip & Flip
SladesBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55002CDGermany1993The Slades
SladesDee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55002CDGermany The Slades
Smith, Mack AllenBig Legal Mess BLM 0210CD  Mack Allen Smith, The Early Years, 1962-1967
Smith, Mack AllenCharly CR 30201LPEngland1982The Sound Of Mack Allen Smith
Smith, Mack AllenCheckmate CMLF 1032LPEngland1978Delta Country / Mack Allen Smith
Smith, Mack AllenRedita [2nd series] 105LPNetherlands1979The Sound Of Mack Allen Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Bear Family BCD 16936CDGermany2009Rockin' Little Angel: The Sun Years / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Charly CD 8117CDEngland1996Shake Around / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Collectables COL 5770CDUnited States1997Jitterbuggin' Baby / David Ray
Smith, Ray [2]Dunhill DH 701CDCanada1993Travelin' With Ray / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Revival REVIVAL 3004LPDenmark1987Rare Items / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Rock 'N' Roll 75- 002LP 1976It's Great, It's Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Rundell 2CDGermany1999Ray Smith Sings And Rocks / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Rundell 013LPGermany1999Sings And Rocks / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Sun 1009LP 1988I'm Right Behind You Baby / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Sun (England) 32CDEngland1991Rockin' With Ray / Ray Smith
Smith, Ray [2]Wix 1002LPUnited States1982Live In '62 / Ray Smith
Smith, WarrenAVI CDLM 5005CDUnited States1995Uranium Rock / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenBear Family BCD 15514CDGermany1992Classic Recordings, 1956-1959 / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenCharly 23LPEngland1988Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenCharly 94CDEngland1987So Long, I'm Gone / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenCharly 2001CDEngland Warren Smith At Sun Records: Rockabilly Legend
Smith, WarrenCharly CPCD 8119CDEngland1996Rockabilly Legend / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenCharly CR 30132LPEngland1978The Legendary Sun Performers: Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenCollectables COL 6014CDUnited States1999Ubangi Stomp: The Very Best Of Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenComplete Rock 'N' Roll SROLLCD 810CD  Warren Smith, Rockabilly Legend
Smith, WarrenSpotlight SPO- 132CDSweden? The Sun Story, Vol. 7 / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenSpotlight SPO 132LPSweden1977The Sun Story, Vol. 7 / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenSun (England) CDX 23LPEngland1988Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren Smith
Smith, WarrenSun (England) 1048LPEngland1989Warren Smith
Smith, Warren[SERD?] SERD 571LP 1995Real Memphis Rock & Roll / Warren Smith
Stacy, ClydeBear Family BCD- 17152CDGermany2011Hoy Hoy / Clyde Stacy
Stacy, ClydeEagle 90112CDGermany1993Pleasant Jamboree - "There's Good Rockin' Tonight" / Clyde Stacy
Stacy, ClydeHydra BLK 7707LPGermany1988Rockin' Around / Clyde Stacy
Starr, AndyBear Family BCD 15845CDGermany1995Dig Them Squeaky Shoes / Andy Starr
Starr, AndyRevival 3012LPDenmark1989Rockin' Rollin' Stone / Andy Starr
Summers, GeneCollector CLCD 4420CDNetherlands1994School Of Rock And Roll / Gene Summers
Summers, GeneCrystal Clear Sound 9723CDUnited States1997The Ultimate School Of Rock & Roll / Gene Summers
Summers, GeneJan/Star Club 33- 8011LPSweden1981The Texan Rebel / Gene Summers
Summers, GeneRollercoaster 3035CDEngland1999Rockaboogie Shake / Gene Summers
Summers, GeneWhite Label WLP 8826LPNetherlands1981Rockin' With Gene Summers
Swan, JimmyBear Family BCD 15758CDGermany1993Honky Tonkin' In Mississippi / Jimmy Swan

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