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Comps Label Index for A

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
ABC (England) 5247LPEngland1978Cotton Pickin' Rock
ABC (Germany) 25 552 ETLPGermany1977Country Meets Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2
ABC (Germany) 28 082 ETLPGermany1976Country Meets Rock 'N' Roll
ABC-Paramount ABCS 394LP  Cozy Inn / Leon McAuliff
AEI # 3002CD 1999Axes, Saxes, Skins, Ivories, Vol. 1
AEI # 3003CD 2003Axes, Saxes, Skins, Ivories, Vol. 2
AFS 1001LPUnited States1979Miami Rockabilly
AFS 1002LPUnited States1980Miami Rockabilly, Vol. Two
AFS 1003LPUnited States1981Miami Rockabilly, Vol. Three
ARV Int. ARVLP- 1034LPUnited States1976Recordando Los '50 / Freddy Fender
AVI CD 5003CDUnited States1995Let's Bop: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 1
AVI CD 5004CDUnited States1995Rock Baby Rock It: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2
AVI CDLM 5005CDUnited States1995Uranium Rock / Warren Smith
AVI 5006CDUnited States1995Hittin' That Jug / Sonny Burgess
AVI 5007CDUnited States1995Red Hot: The Best Of Billy Lee Riley
AVI CD 5019CDUnited States1996Rock Boppin' Baby: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 3
Ace CDCHM 1CDEngland1990Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CH 1LPEngland Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CH 11LPEngland1979The Ace Story, Vol. 1
Ace CH 12LPEngland1979The Ace Story, Vol. 2
Ace CH 1310England1979White Lightnin' / George Jones
Ace CH 1410England1979Texas Rockabilly / Sonny Fisher
Ace CH 1610England1979Sleepy La Beef And Friends
Ace CH 1710England1979Rockabilly Party
Ace CH 1810England1980Kings Of Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Ace CH 1910England1980Kings Of Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Ace CH 2010England1980The Sound Of The Gulf Coast
Ace CH 3210England1981Modern Rockabilly
Ace CDCH 36CDEngland Texas Rockabilly
Ace CH 44LPEngland1982Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie
Ace 45LPEngland1982The Best Of Ace Rockabilly
Ace CH 48LPEngland1983Just Rollin' With Johnny Olenn
Ace 57LPEngland1982The Glen Glenn Story
Ace CH 63LPEngland1983Those Oldies But Goodies From Del-Fi
Ace 83LPEngland1983Sanford Clark
Ace CH 98LPEngland1984Ace Story, Vol. 4
Ace 117LPEngland1984White Lightning / George Jones
Ace CH 167LPEngland1985Memphis Rockabilly
Ace CH 168LPEngland1986Honky Tonk: Memphis Hillbilly
Ace CH 185LPEngland1986Modern Rock 'N' Roll And Rockabilly
Ace CDCH 191CDEngland Rockabilly Shakeout
Ace CH 191LPEngland1986Rockabilly Shakeout
Ace CHAD 197LPEngland1986The Memphis Label Story
Ace CDCH 218CDEngland1987The Fifties: Rockabilly Fever
Ace CHA 218LPEngland1987The Fifties: Rockabilly Fever
Ace CH 221LPEngland1987Rock 'N' Roll Party
Ace CDCH 237CDEngland Eddie Cochran: The Early Years
Ace CHA 237LPEngland1988Eddie Cochran: The Early Years
Ace CHD 264LPEngland1989Dance Baby Dance: Glo-Lite Rockabilly From Memphis
Ace CDCHD 311CDEngland1991Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie ; The Best Of Ace Rockabilly
Ace CDCHD 314CDEngland1991Live At PJ's Plus! / Bobby Fuller
Ace CDCHD 316CDEngland1992All American Rock 'N' Roll From Fraternity Records
Ace CDHM 387CDEngland Best of Ritchie Valens
Ace 388CDEngland1992The Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four
Ace CDCHD 402CDEngland1992She's Neat: The Fraternity Sides / Dale Wright
Ace 403CDEngland1992The Glen Glenn Story/Everybody's Movin' Again
Ace 424CDEngland1998Eddie's House Of Hits: Story Of Goldband Records
Ace CDCHD 442CDEngland1993Boppin' Tonight: The Best Of Goldband Rockabilly
Ace CDCHD 444CDEngland1993Fabulous Flips
Ace CDCHD 458CDEngland1993Moonshine Jamboree / Moon Mullican
Ace CDCHD 473CDEngland1993El Primitivo: American Rock 'N' Roll & Rockabilly
Ace CDCHM 484CDEngland1993Meteor Rockabillies
Ace CHD 491CDEngland1994Louisiana Rockers (Goldband)
Ace CHD 493CDEngland1996Across The Tracks: Nashville R & B And Rock N' Roll
Ace CDCHD 494CDEngland1994More Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CDCHD 495CDEngland1994Shreveport Stomp
Ace CDCH 496CDEngland1996Rockin' From Coast To Coast
Ace CHDCHD 499CDEngland1993The Ritchie Valens Story
Ace CDCHD 506CDEngland1997The Domino Records Story
Ace CDCHD 524CDEngland1997The Ebb Story
Ace CDCHD 560CD 1997Fabulous Flips, Vol. 2
Ace CDCHD 572CDEngland1995Lonesome Bluebird / Margaret Lewis
Ace CHD 574CDEngland1996Rock & Roll Fever
Ace CDCH 592CDEngland1996Dot Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CDCH 595CDEngland1996Gulf Coast Grease: The Sandy Story, Vol. 1
Ace CHCHD 612CDEngland1995Jivin' Around
Ace CDCHD 639CDEngland1998Miami Rockabilly
Ace CDCHD 641CDEngland1997Hey Baby!--The Rockin' South
Ace CDCHD 645CDEngland1995Fabulous Flips, Vol. 3
Ace CHD 647CDEngland1997Oh Julie!--Featuring The Crescendos
Ace CDCHD 672CDEngland1997Across The Tracks, Vol 2: More Nashville R & B And Doo Wop
Ace 693CDEngland1998Rock & Roll Tornado / Dale Hawkins
Ace CDCHD 695CDEngland1998The Tex-Mex Fireball - George Tomsco
Ace CDCHD 699CDEngland1999West Texas Bop
Ace 703CDEngland1998Crash The Rockabilly Party / Benny Joy
Ace CDCHD 704CDEngland1999Starday-Dixie Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Ace CDCHD 708CDEngland2000Starday-Dixie Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Ace 714CDEngland1999Southern Roots / Jimmy Murphy
Ace CDCHD 715CDEngland2000Rockin' From Coast To Coast, Vol. 2
Ace CDCHD 734CDEngland2000Bay Area Rockers
Ace CDCHD 744CDEngland2000Bayou Rockabilly Cats (Goldband Records)
Ace CDHCD 756CDEngland2000Get Nervous! / Bailey's Nervous Kats
Ace CDCHD 758CDEngland2000Rockin' On Broadway: The Time/Brent/Shad Story
Ace CDCHD 763CDEngland2000Rock All Night
Ace CDCHD 768CDEngland2000Long Gone Daddies
Ace CDCHD 776CDEngland2001Queen Of Rockabilly / Wanda Jackson
Ace CDCHD 777CDEngland2001King Rockabilly
Ace CDCHD 785CDEngland2001Columbia Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Ace CDCHD 786CDEngland2001Columbia Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Ace CDCHD 811CDEngland2001White Bucks To Stetson Hats
Ace CDCHD 815CDEngland2001Them Rockabilly Cats
Ace CDCHD 818CDEngland2001Shreveport High Steppers
Ace CDCHD 822CDEngland2001All American Rock 'N' Roll: The Fraternity Story, Vol. 2
Ace CDCHD 850CDEngland2002The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 10
Ace CDCHD 853CDEndland2002More Rockin' On Broadway
Ace CDCHD 854CDEngland2002King Hillbilly Bop 'N' Boogie
Ace CDCHD 878CDEnglad2003The Early Jin Singles: Southland Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CDCH2 885CDEngland2003Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly
Ace 956CDEngland1990The Bobby Fuller Four
Ace CDCHD 975CDEngland2003King Rock 'N' Roll
Ace CDCHD 997CDEngland2003Seven Nights To Rock: More King Classics, 1950-1956 / Moon Mullican
Ace CDCHD 1016CDEngland2004Good Girls Gone Bad (Wild, Weird, And Wanted)
Ace CHCHD 1018CDEngland2004Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs: Primitive Texas Rockabilly & Honky Tonk
Ace CH LP 1036LPEngland1981The Sarg Records Story
Ace CHCHD 1039CDEngland2005Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
Ace CDCHD 1044CDEngland The Cuca Records Story, Vol. 1: Elemental Instrumentals
Ace CDCHD 1050CDEngland2006Golden Age Of American Rock And Roll, Special Bubbling Under Edition
Ace CDCHD 1053CDEngland2005Rockabilly Kings / Charlie Feathers & Mac Curtis
Ace CDCHD 1136CDEngland2006Rockin' In Wisconsin: The Cuca Records Story, Vol. 3
Ace CDCHD 1153CDEngland2007The Rockin' South
Ace CDCHD 1207CDEngland2008The Big Top Records Story
Ace CHCHD 1222CDEngland2009Queen Of Rock 'N' Roll / Brenda Lee
Ace CDCHD 1243CDEngland2009You Won't Forget Me: The Complete Liberty Singles, Vol. 1 / Jackie De Shannon
Ace CDCHD 1268CDEngland2010A Rocket In My Pocket
Ace CDTOP2 1324CDEngland2011In the Key Of Heartbreak: The Complete Teardrop Singles And More / Jimmy Donley
Ace CDCHD 1345CDEngland2012Boppin' By The Bayou
Ace CHCHD 1355CDEngland2013Bobbin' By The Bayou Again
Ace (U.S.) 2026CDUnited States1990The Greatest Rockabillies
Ace (U.S.) 2026LPUnited States1996The Greatest Rockabillies
Ace Of Hearts AH 120LPEngland Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Johnny Burnette
Aladdin F.PM 231CD 2003Aladdin: 33 Magic Lamps
Alley CDBK45- 7395CDUnited States1998The Best Of Alley Records, Vol. 1: Sounds Of The Sixties
Alley Music AMCD- 002CD  Swing, Jive, & Stroll
America # 5001CD  The Baker Knight Story (Singer/Songwriter)
American Country Music ACM CD 1001CD 2004Rock & Roll Country Style
American Country Music ACM CD 1002CD 2004Rock & Roll Country Style, Vol. 2
Amor A- 156LP 1983Rock 'N Roll / Eddie Con Los Shades
Andromeda XZ 01010LP 1978Speed 45 Rock 'N Roll
Arcade CD-AR- 1003-1CD  Rockabilly Hop
Argo LP 1450LPGermany1986My Babe / Dale Hawkins
Arhoolie CD 366CDUnited States1993Canciones De Mi Barrio / Freddie Fender
Arhoolie CD 9038CDUnited States2003Rock 'N Roll / Freddy Fender As Eddie Con Los Shades
Arhoolie CD 9039CDUnited States2003Freddy Fender Interpreta El Rock
Astro 101LP 1995Lonely Wine / Mickey Gilley
Atlanta LPM 1503LP 1978Arkansas Twist / Bobby Lee Trammell
Atomic Passion 1957LP 1996Teenage Riot
Atomic Passion AP 1959LP 2005Rampage: 17 Full-Throttled Rockers
Attic LAT 1148LPCanada1983The Original Recordings ('58-'59) / Jack Scott
Audium Entertainment 8124CD 2001Young Buck: The Complete Pre-Capitol Recordings of Buck Owens

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