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Comps Label Index for C

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
CBS 82401LPEngland1977CBS Rockabilly Classics
CBS 82993LPEngland1978CBS Rockabilly Classics, Vol.2
CBS 83911LPEngland1979CBS Rockabilly, Vol. 3
CBS Special Products A 37618CDUnited States1990Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1
CBS Special Products A 37621CDUnited States1992Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 2
CBS Special Products A 37984CDUnited States Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3
CCL 1101LPGermany Johnny & Jack
CCL 1102LPGermany Terry Fell - The Original Truck Driver Man; Big Bill Lister - Ship Of Love
CCL 1103LPGermany I Love You Mama Mia / Skeets McDonald
CCL 1105LPGermany Grandpa Jones
CCL 1106LPGermany1976Rockin' Rollin' Janis / Janis Martin
CCL 1107LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Gibson / Don Gibson
CCL 1108LPGermany Dave Rich
CCL 1109LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman / Bob Luman
CCL 1110LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 2 / Bob Luman
CCL 1111LPGermany The Early Rockin' Styles of John D. (Johnny Dee) Loudermilk
CCL 1112LPGermany Rocking Styles, Vol. 2 / John D. Loudermilk
CCL 1113LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 1 / Marvin Rainwater
CCL 1114LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 2 / Marvin Rainwater
CCL 1115LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 3 / Marvin Rainwater
CCL 1116LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 4 / Marvin Rainwater
CCL 1117LPGermany Tommy Collins
CCL 1118LPGermany The Dixie Cowboy
CCL 1119LPGermany Johnnie & Jack
CCL 1120LPGermany Jimmy Work
CCL 1121LPGermany Early Rock And Country Sides / Johnny Horton
CCL 1122LPGermany The Farmer Boys
CCL 1123LPGermany Leon Payne
CCL 1124LPGermany Hylo Brown
CCL 1125LPGermany Tommy Collins
CCL 1126LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 3 / Bob Luman
CCL 1127LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 4 / Bob Luman
CCL 1128-45LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Janis, Vol. 2 / Janis Martin
CCL 1129LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Robbins / Marty Robbins
CCL 1135LPGermany1977Eddy Arnold's Favorit Songs
CCL 1140LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Horton / Johnny Horton
CCL 1141LPGermany1977Town Hall Party / The Collins Kids
CCL 1142LPGermany1977The Rockin' Honky Tonk Man / Benny Barnes
CCL 1143LPGermany1977Rockin' Rollin' Crockett / Howard Crockett
CCL 1145LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Copas / Cowboy Copas
CCL 1147-45LPGermany Rockin' Rollin' Roger Miller
CFR CD 20- 101CD  It Rocks On 20th Century Fox
CRH R- 6LP  Rockabilly Duos
CRH R- 17CD  Rock From Bakersfield: Country Rock & Roll 1956-1962 From Bakersfield, CA
Cactus Abbott 1CDUnited States Abbott Hillbilly
Cactus CACDX-01CDUnited States Dixie Hit Parade, Vol. 1
Cactus Cash 1CDUnited States The House Of Cashalikes, Vol. 1
Cactus Cash 2CDUnited States The House Of Cashalikes, Vol. 2
Cactus HOGCD-3CDUnited States High On The Hog, Vol. 3: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky Tonk, 1958-1968
Cactus HOGCD-5CDUnited States High On The Hog, Vol. 5: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly Bop
Cactus HOGCD-6CD  High On The Hog, Vol. 6: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly Bop
Cactus HOGCD-7CD  High On The Hog, Vol. 7: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly Bop
Cactus Imp. 1CDUnited States Imperial Hillbilly, Vol. 1
Cactus Merc. 1CDUnited States Mercury Hillbilly
Cactus Spec. 1CDUnited States Specialty Hillbilly
Cactus 4 Star 1CDUnited States 4 Star Hillbilly, Vol. 1
Cactus CD 051CDUnited States Trumpet Hillbilly
Cactus CACCD 052CDUnited States High On The Hog, Vol. 1: Honky-Tonk & Hillbilly Bop
Cactus CACD- 056CDUnited States High On The Hog, Vol. 2: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky Tonk, 1958-1968
Cactus CACD- 057CDUnited States Intro Hillbilly, Vol. 1
Cactus CACCD= 063CDUnited States High On The Hog, Vol. 4: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky Tonk
Cactus CRCD 1002CDUnited States Rock It! / George Jones
Cactus CD 5000CDUnited States Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 1
Cactus CD 5001CDUnited States2003Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 2
Cactus CD 5002CDUnited States2003Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 3
Cactus CD 5003CDUnited States2003Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 4
Cactus CD 5004CDUnited States2004Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 5
Cactus CD 5005CDUnited States2004Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 6
Cactus CD 5006CDUnited States Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 7
Cactus CD 5007CDUnited States Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 8
Cactus CD 5008CDUnited States Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 9
Cactus CD 5009CDUnited States Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 10
Cactus 18000CDUnited States Okeh 18000 Series - Hillbilly
Cadillac 1958LPGermany1981Boppin' Cadillac
Caepe RZ- 1001LPFrance Country Rock / Sonny Burgess & Bobby Crafford
Cambra Sound CR 104LPEngland1983Rockabilly Rebels
Canadian CAN- 2301CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 1
Canadian CAN- 2302CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 2
Canadian CAN- 2303CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 3
Canadian CAN- 2304CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 4
Canadian CAN- 2305CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 5
Canadian CAN- 2306CDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 6
Canadian CAN- 2307bCDCanada2005Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 7
Canadian CAN- 2308CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 8
Canadian CAN- 2309CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 9
Canadian CAN- 2310CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 10
Canadian CAN- 2311CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 11
Canadian CAN- 2312CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 12
Canadian CAN- 4513CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 13
Canadian PlayMe- 4514CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 14
Canadian PA- 4515CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 15
Canadian CD- 4516CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 16
Canadian CD- 4517CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 17
Canadian CM- 4518CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 18
Canadian CM- 4519CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 19
Canadian CM- 4520CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 20
Canadian CM- 4521CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 21
Canadian RI- 4522CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 22
Canadian 4523CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 23
Canadian RI- 4524CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 24
Canadian 4525CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 25
Canadian RI- 4526CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 26
Canadian RI- 4527CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 27
Canadian RI- 4528CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 28
Canadian 4529CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 29
Canadian RI- 4530CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 30
Canadian RI- 4531CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 31
Canadian RI- 4532CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 32
Canadian RI- 4533CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 33
Canadian RI- 4534CD  Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 34
Canadian Collector 7001LP 2008Rock 'N' Roll In My Bed
Candy BAR 001/002LP 1986At The Party
Canetoad Int. CD1- 001CDAustralia The Great Snowman, 1959-1963 / Bob Luman
Canetoad Int. CD 6458CDAustralia Greatest Hits, 1958-1968 / Donnie Brooks
Capitol AUSLP 1021LPAustralia1995The Golden Hits of Tommy Sands
Capitol P 36185CDUnited States Vintage Collections / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 82098LPBelgium1979Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 85111LPBelgium1978Wanda Jackson
Capitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 85314LPBelgium1978Right Or Wrong / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 85315LPBelgium1979There's A Party Goin' On / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (England) CAPS 1007LPEngland1977Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (England) CGB 1008LPEngland1982Let's Have A Party
Capitol (England) CAPS 1009LPEngland1977Capitol Rockabilly Originals
Capitol (France) 2C 062- 81026LPFrance197xLes Pionniers Du Rock, Vol. 2 / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (France) 2S 150- 81970/1LPFrance1975Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower
Capitol (France) 2C 068- 82098LPFrance1981Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (France) 2C 068- 83099LPFrance198110th Anniversary / Johnny Burnette
Capitol (France) 2S 184- 85029/30LPFrance1977Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 2
Capitol (France) 2C 068- 85111LPFrance1981Wanda Jackson
Capitol (France) 2C 068- 85315LPFrance1981There's A Party Goin' On / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (France) 2C 150- 85334/5LPFrance1978Only Rock 'N' Roll / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (France) 2S 150- 85345/6LPFrance1978Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 3
Capitol (France) 2C 068 86307LPFrance1991Goin' Steady With The Blues / Skeets McDonald
Capitol (France) 7 99879 2CDFrance1992Rockabilly: Capitol Country Classics
Capitol (Germany) 038 EMD 85 096LPGermany1978Rock 'N' Roll History, Vol. 3 / Tommy Sands
Capitol (Netherlands) SET 8LPNetherlands1982Their Finest Years, 1958 & 1956
Capitol (Netherlands) SET 9LPNetherlands1982Let's Have A Party
Capitol (Sweden) 80185LPSweden1969The Best Series, Vol. 2 / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (U.S.) T- 1511LPUnited States There's A Party Goin' On / Wanda Jackson
Capitol (U.S.) SQ- 12455LPUnited States1985Let's Have A Party
Capitol (U.S.) CDP 7 93192CDUnited States1990Capitol Collectors Series / Jack Scott
Capitol (U.S.) CDP 7 94074 2CDUnited States1990Capitol Collectors Series / Gene Vincent
Car CD 100CD 1998Rockin' At The Drive-In
Car Club CCR 001LPGermany2009Hot Rod Race: Hopped Up Hillbilly Songs 1946-59
Caravan CAR 200201CDGermany Top Teen Time, Vol. 1
Caravan CAR 200202CDGermany Top Teen Time, Vol. 2
Caravan CAR 200203CD  Top Teen Time, Vol. 3
Caravan CAR 200204CDGermany Top Teen Time, Vol. 4
Carlton CD 108CD  Jack Scott: 34 Of His Biggest Hits On One CD
Cascade DROP 1003LPEngland1983Twenty Great Rockabilly Hits Of The 50's, Vol. 1
Cascade DROP 1009LPEngland1985Twenty Great Rockabilly Hits Of The 50's, Vol. 2
Cash CS 01CDUnited States Cash On The Barrelhead
Castle Comm. CLC 5094CDEngland1992Livin' Lovin' Sounds / Bob Luman
Castle Comm. CLC 7048CDEngland1992Let's Think About Living / Bob Luman
Castle Music CD 043CDEngland2001You Don't Know What You've Got / The Ral Donner Anthology
Castle Music CMRCD 581CDEngland2002Rockin' Thru The Years, 1955-2002 / Billy Adams
Castle Music CMEDD 605CDEngland2002Feel So Fine: The Mercury Recordings, 1959-1962 / Johnny Preston
Castle Music CMEDD 669CDEngland2003Baby She's Gone / Jack Scott
Castle Music CMFCD 1042CDEngland Well, Now Dig This
Castle Music CMXBX 1452CDEngland2007Eddie Cochran - Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings, 1954-1960
Castle Pulse PBXCD 344CDEngland2001The Legendary Sun Records Story, Vol. 2
Castle Pulse PBXCD 355CDEngland Rock Baby Rock It: Record Hop Rock And Roll
Cat 1033CDNetherlands1994Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 1
Cat 1034CDNetherlands1994Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 2
Cat 1035CDNetherlands1994Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 3
Cat 1036CDNetherlands1994Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 4
Cato 001LPEngland Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 1
Cato CD 002CDEngland Songs The Cramps Taught Us
Cato 002LPEngland Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 2
Cato LP 003LPEngland Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 3
Cato LP 004LPEngland2010Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 4
Cato LP 005LPEngland2010Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 5
Cattle LP 126LPGermany1993Hillbilly & Rockabilly Rarities / Ramblin' Tommy Scott
Centhy CD 2000CDSweden Tip Top Teeny
Centhy 2001CDSweden2000Keep On Rockin'
Centhy 2002CDSweden Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 2
Centhy 2003CDSweden Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 3
Centhy 2004CDSweden Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 4
Centhy 2005CDSweden Tip Top Chicks At The Hop
Centhy 2006CDSweden2004Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 5
Centhy 2008CDSweden Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 6
Centhy 2009CDSweden Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 7
Century [1]CDCanada Rockabilly City
Century [2]CDCanada Rockabilly Party
Century [3]CDCanada Rockabilly Baby
Cham 80423LP  Rockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups Again
Cham 80430LP  Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 3
Cham 80505LP  Rockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups, Vol. 4
Cham 80560LP  Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 6
Cham 80635LP  Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 5
Cham 181177LP  Rockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups
Charly CDX 3LPEngland1984The Legendary Johnny Burnette Rock 'N' Roll Trio
Charly CDX 6LPEngland1985The Golden Decade / Brenda Lee
Charly CDX 9LPEngland1985Red Hot Riley / Billy Riley
Charly CRR 010CDEngland2008Rock 'N' Roll Legend / Sonny Burgess
Charly CDX 11LPEngland1986Let's Have A Party / Wanda Jackson
Charly CDX 12LPEngland1986Grizzily Bear / Jack Scott
Charly 16CDEngland1986The Best Of Sun Rockabilly
Charly 23LPEngland1988Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren Smith
Charly 36CDEngland1986The Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Charly 53CDEngland1988Rock With Me Baby / Billy Riley
Charly 92CDEngland1987We Wanna Boogie / Sonny Burgess
Charly 94CDEngland1987So Long, I'm Gone / Warren Smith
Charly Box 100LPEngland1980The Sun Box
Charly CDSAM 103CDEngland1988The Sound Of Sun
Charly SNAPPER CD 230CDEngland2005Gone Gone Gone / Charlie Feathers
Charly CD 264CDEngland1991Blue Jean Heart / Mac Curtis
Charly CD Charly 278CDEngland1991Gone Gone Gone / Charlie Feathers
Charly CD 282CDEngland1991Tennessee Rock 'N Roll / Boyd Bennett
Charly PBX CD 336CDEngland The Legendary Sun Records Story
Charly PBX CD 345CDEngland Rock The Joint
Charly SNAJ 713CDEngland2002The Sun Records Story
Charly 721LPEngland1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Charly 2001CDEngland Warren Smith At Sun Records: Rockabilly Legend
Charly CRM 2006LPEngland1980Like Mann / Carl Mann
Charly CRM 2010LPEngland1980Sun's Gold Hits
Charly CRM 2015LPEngland1981Rebel Rockabilly
Charly MID 8099CDEngland1995Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 1
Charly CPCD 8103CDEngland1996The Arkansas Wild Man / Sonny Burgess
Charly CD 8117CDEngland1996Shake Around / Ray Smith
Charly MID 8118CDEngland1996Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 2
Charly CPCD 8119CDEngland1996Rockabilly Legend / Warren Smith
Charly CPCD 8137CDEngland1998Unissued Sun Masters
Charly CPCD 8161CDEngland1996Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 3
Charly CPCD 8181CDEngland1996Sun Hillbilly
Charly CPCD 8182CDEngland1996Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks-Sun
Charly CPCD 8197CDEngland1996Hey Slim, Let's Bop / Jack Earls
Charly CPCD 8234CDEngland1996Rockin' Man / Carl Mann
Charly CPCD 8236CDEngland1997Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 4
Charly CPCD 8274CDEngland1997The Very Best Of Sun Rockabilly
Charly CPCD 8277CDEngland1997Sun Rock & Roll
Charly CPCD 8302CDEngland1998706 Union Instrumentals
Charly CPCD 8317CDEngland1998Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 5
Charly CPCD 8318CDEngland1998Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2
Charly CPCD 8319CDEngland1997Getting Better All The Time / Barbara Pittman
Charly CPCD 8352CDEngland1999Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 6
Charly CPCD 8353CDEngland1999Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3
Charly LP 10019LPEngland1984The Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol.2
Charly CR 30101LPEngland1976Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 1: Catalyst
Charly CR 30104LPEngland1976Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 4: Cotton City Country
Charly CR 30105LPEngland1976Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 5: Rebel Rockabilly
Charly CR 30115LPEngland1977Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 8: Sun Rocks
Charly CR 30116LPEngland1977Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 9: Rebel Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Charly 30117LPEngland Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 10: Sun Country
Charly CR 30119LPEngland1977Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes
Charly CR 30123LPEngland1977The Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Charly CR 30124LPEngland1977The Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Charly CR 30128LPEngland1977Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 13: Rockabilly Sundown
Charly CR 30130LPEngland1977Legendary Sun Performer / Carl Mann
Charly CR 30131LPEngland1977The Legendary Sun Performers: Billy Lee Riley
Charly CR 30132LPEngland1978The Legendary Sun Performers: Warren Smith
Charly CR 30136LPEngland1977Legendary Sun Performer / Sonny Burgess
Charly CR 30138LPEngland1978Rockabilly Rules OK?
Charly CR 30147LPEngland1978Raunchy Rockabilly
Charly CR 30149LPEngland1978Memphis Beat
Charly CR 30150LPEngland1979Sun Sound Special: Tennessee Country
Charly CR 30151LPEngland1979Sun Sound Special / Billy Riley
Charly CR 30161LPEngland1979Rockabilly's Main Man / Charlie Feathers
Charly CR 30180LPEngland1980R-r-r-racket Time / Ronnie Hawkins
Charly CR 30181LPEngland Early, Rare, And Rockin' Sides / Sleepy LaBeef
Charly CR 30186LPEngland1980Tough Stuff: Sun's Instrumental Gold
Charly CR 30188LPEngland1981His First Recordings / Doug Sahm
Charly CR 30192LPEngland1981Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Charly CR 30201LPEngland1982The Sound Of Mack Allen Smith
Charly CR 30222LPEngland1983Ride That Train Tonight / Matt Lucas
Charly CR 30226LPEngland1984Complete Crickets
Charly CR 30227LPEngland1984Diggin' The Boogie / Roy Hall
Charly CR 30228LPEngland1984Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night / Hardrock Gunter
Charly CR 30230LPEngland1984Tennessee Saturday Night / Red Foley
Charly CR 30231LPEngland1984Sweet Rockin' Music / Moon Mullican
Charly CR 30234LPEngland1984Big Guitar / Owen Bradley
Charly CR 30236LPEngland1984The Clovis Sessions
Charly CR 30241LPEngland1985Crazy Hot Rock / Johnny Carroll
Charly CR 30252LPEngland1986Old Time Rock 'N' Roll
Charly CR 30253LPEngland1986Let's Flat Get It
Charly CR 30254LPEngland1986Boss Twang
Charly CR 30260LPEngland1986Liberty Takes / Buddy Knox
Charly CR 30261LPEngland1986Charly Dance Party
Charly CR 30262LPEngland1986Rockabilly Guy, 1954-1962 / Hayden Thompson
Charly CR 30265LPEngland1986Give Me My Freedom / Jimmy Donley
Charly CR 30266LPEngland1988Rock With Me / Eddie Fontaine
Charly FRE 90001CDEngland1990Slippin' 'N' Slidin'
Charly/Instant INS 5039CDEngland1990The Sun Story, Vol. 1: Sunrise
Charly/Instant CD INS 5040CDEngland1990The Sun Story, Vol. 2: Rockabilly Rhythm
Checker 6467 301LPEngland1973Oh Susie Q: The Best Of Dale Hawkins, Vol. 1
Checkmate CMLF 1032LPEngland1978Delta Country / Mack Allen Smith
Cheesecake CHCD 491CD  Rockin' Boppin' Duo's
Cherokee CRCD 001CD  Rock Me / Little Jimmy Dickens
Chess PLP- 6025/6LP 1985Just Go Wild And Boppin'
Chess CH 9173LP  Chess Rockabillies: Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll
Chess (England) CXMP 2002LPEngland1982Rhythm & Rock
Chess (England) 9124 213LPEngland1978Chess Rockabillies
Chess (U.S.) ACRR 703LPUnited States1976Dale Hawkins
Chess (U.S.) 1429LPUnited States197?Oh! Suzy-Q / Dale Hawkins
Chess (U.S.) CHD- 9356CDUnited States1995Oh! Suzy-Q: The Best Of Dale Hawkins
Chief CCD-URTR 05CDNetherlands Ultra Rare Teen Rockers, Vol. 5
Chief CD- 7700CDNetherlands The Best Of Allstar Records, Houston, TX
Chief CCD 1156501CDNetherlands1992Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 1
Chief CCD 1156502CDNetherlands1992Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 2
Chief CCD 1156503CDNetherlands1991Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 3
Chief CCD 1156504CDNetherlands1992Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 4
Chief CCD 1156505CDNetherlands1992Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 5
Chief CCD 1156506CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 6
Chief CCD 1156507CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 7
Chief CCD 1156508CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 8
Chief CCD 1156509CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 9
Chief CCD 1156510CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 10
Chief CCD 1156511 [1st]CDNetherlands1995Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 11
Chief CCD 1156511 [2nd]CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockin' & Boppin', Vol. 1
Chief CCD 1156512 [1st]CDNetherlands1995Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 12
Chief CCD 1156512 [2nd]CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockin' & Boppin', Vol. 2
Chief CCD 1156513 [1st]CDNetherlands1993Ultra Rare Rockin' & Boppin', Vol. 3
Chief CCD 1156513 [2nd]CDNetherlands1997Ultra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 13
Chief CCD 1156514CDNetherlands1994Ultra Rare Rockin' & Boppin', Vol. 4
Chief CCD 1156520CDNetherlands1997Ultra Rare Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 1
Chief CCD 1156521CDNetherlands1998Ultra Rare Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 2
Chief CCD 1256501CDNetherlands1997Fortune & Hi-Q Ultra Rare Special
Chiswick CH 1LPEngland1977Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll
Chrysalis CMG- 2CDUnited States The Very Very Best Of Dorsey Burnette
Classics 701CDSweden1996Rock-A-Socka Hop!
Classics 703CDSweden1996Cuca Records
Classics 704CDSweden1997Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 2
Classics 705CDSweden1997Yucca Records Rock 'N' Roll Story
Classics 706CDSweden1998Who's Gonna Rock My Baby / Jerry Woodard
Classics 707CDSweden1999Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 3
Classics 708CDSweden1999Teenage Time
Classics 709CDSweden Teenage Time, Vol. 2
Classics 710CDSweden2000Echoes Of Buddy Holly
Classics 711CDSweden2000My Bobby Sox Queen
Classics 712CDSweden Teenage Time, Vol. 3
Classics 713CDSweden2002Teenage Time, Vol. 4
Classics 714CDSweden2002Teenage Time, Vol. 5
Classics CD 716CDSweden2002Teenage Time, Vol. 6
Classics CD 717CDSweden2002Rock Til You Drop!
Classics 718CDSweden Teenage Time, Vol. 7
Classics CD 719CDSweden2005Cuca Records, Vol. 2
Classics 720CDSweden Teenage Time, Vol. 8
Classics 721CDSweden Cuca Rock 'N' Roll Story, Vol. 3
Classics 723CDSweden2009Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 4
Classics 724CDSweden2009Just Around Bakersfield
Classics CD 725CDSweden2010The Holly Sound
Classics CD 726CDSweden2010Rock Til You Drop!, Vol. 2
Classics CD 727CDSweden2010Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 1
Classics CD 728CDSweden2010Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 2
Classics CD 729CD  Cruisin' Country
Classics CD 730CDSweden2010Teenage Time, Vol. 9
Classics CD 731CDSweden Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 3
Classics CD 732CDSweden Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 4
Classics CD 733CDSweden2011The Elvis Sound
Classics CD 734CDSweden2011Cruisin' Country, Vol. 2
Classics 735CDSweden2012Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 5
Classics 736CDSweden2012Teen Rockin' Party, Vol. 6
Classics 738CDSweden2012Cruisin' Country, Vol. 3
Classics 739CDSweden2012Columbia Crossovers: Late Fifties And Early Sixties Teen-Country
Classics 740CDSweden2012Teenage Time, Vol. 10
Classics 741CDSweden2012Cruisin' Country, Vol. 4
Classics CD 747CDSweden The Elvis Sound, Vol. 2
Classics CD 748CDSweden Teenage Time, Vol. 11
Cleopatra 1163CDUnited States2002Rock 'N' Roll & Rock-A-Billy Inferno
Clock/Canadian Can- 2308CDCanada2005Rare Instrumental, Vol. 8
Club 001LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 1
Club 002LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 2
Club 003LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 3
Club 004LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 4
Club 005LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 5
Club 006LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 6
Club 007LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 7
Club 008LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 8
Club 009LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 9
Club 010LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 10
Club 011LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 11
Club 012LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 12
Club 013LPSpain1993Grab This And Dance, Vol. 13
Club 014LPSpain1994Grab This And Dance, Vol. 14
Club 015LPSpain1994Grab This And Dance, Vol. 15
Club 016LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 16
Club 017LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 17
Club 018LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 18
Club 019LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 19
Club 020LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 20
Club 021LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 21
Club 022LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 22
Club 023LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 23
Club 024LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 24
Club 025LPSpain Grab This And Dance, Vol. 25
Club PR PRLP- 001LPSpain1994Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Club PR PRLP- 002LPSpain1994Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Club PR PRLP- 003LPSpain1994Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 3
Club PR PRLP- 004LPSpain1995Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 4
Club PR PRLP- 005LPSpain1995Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 5
Club PR PRLP- 006LPSpain1995Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 6
Club PR PRLP- 007LPSpain1995Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 7
Club PR PRLP- 008LPSpain1995Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 8
Club PR PRLP- 009LPSpain1996Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 9
Club PR PRLP- 010LPSpain1996Pure Rockabilly, Vol. 10
Club SCR SCRLP- 001LPSpain Wild Rock 'N' Roll Howlers
Club WWR WWRLP 001LPSpain1995Wild Wild Rockin', Vol. 1
Club WWR WWRLP 002LPSpain1995Wild Wild Rockin', Vol. 2
Club WWR WWRLP 003LPSpain1996Wild Wild Rockin', Vol. 3
Club WWR WWRLP 004LPSpain1996Wild Wild Rockin', Vol. 4
Coast To Coast CCCD- 001CD  Coast To Coast Rockabilly: 30 Original American Recordings
Coast2Coast CDCC 111CD  Lost Treasures Of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1
Coast2Coast CDCC 118CD  Like Wow!: 20 Rare Rockabillies
Colde LE2014LP 1977Ronnie Self ["Limited edition coloured vinyl"]
Colde 2014LP 1977Ronnie Self
Collectables 0041CDUnited States2000Sun Records: The Definitive Hits
Collectables COL-CD- 0596CDUnited States1995Classic Rock From San Antonio, Texas
Collectables COL- 0658CDUnited States1995Drive-In A Gogo!, Vol. 3 / Johnny Red & The Rockin Redlanders
Collectables 0668CDUnited States1996Don't Be Blue / The Traits
Collectables 2729CDUnited States2000Dreamin': Best 20 / Johnny Burnette
Collectables 2783CDUnited States2000The Very Best Of Jack Scott
Collectables COL 5300CDUnited States1994The Best Of Lin/Kliff Rockabilly
Collectables COL- 5319CDUnited States1995Don Haven And The Hi-Fi's
Collectables COL 5326CDUnited States1996Be Bop Boogie-Gotham Rockabilly
Collectables COL- 5330CDUnited States1996Hi Tone Poppa-Gotham Rockabilly
Collectables COL 5335CDUnited States1996Long Gone Daddy-Gotham Rockabilly
Collectables COL-CD- 5341CDUnited States Guys From Big Mamou-Joey Long & Link Davis
Collectables COL- 5406CDUnited States1992The Best Of Jimmy Bowen
Collectables COL 5535CDUnited States1995Spade Records 1954-57
Collectables COL-CD 5553CDUnited States1995The Best Of Big D Rock: 1950's & 1960's Early Rock Heroes, Vol. 1
Collectables COL-CD 5554CDUnited States The Best Of Big D Rock: 1950's & 1960's Early Rock Heroes, Vol. 2
Collectables COL 5555CDUnited States1996Best Of TNT Records
Collectables COL- 5558CDUnited States Running Bear / Johnny Preston
Collectables COL- 5559CDUnited States1995His Early Years / Doug Sahm
Collectables COL 5563CDUnited States1996Bop City: Red Hot Early Rock
Collectables 5582CDUnited States1995Sandy / Larry Hall
Collectables 5623CDUnited States1995Hey Baby / Bruce Channel
Collectables 5627CDUnited States1995You Don't Know What You Got Until You Lose It / Ral Donner
Collectables COL 5700CDUnited States1996Sounds Like Elvis: Early Elvis Imitators (1956-1977)
Collectables 5729CDUnited States1996Teenage Love / Jerry Fuller
Collectables COL 5770CDUnited States1997Jitterbuggin' Baby / David Ray
Collectables 5869CDUnited States1998Steady Date With Tommy Sands
Collectables COL-CD- 5919CDUnited States1998It Was I: The Very Best Of Skip & Flip
Collectables COL 6014CDUnited States1999Ubangi Stomp: The Very Best Of Warren Smith
Collectables COL 6020CDUnited States1998We Wanna Boogie: The Very Best Of Sonny Burgess
Collectables 6212CDUnited States2000Buddy Knox [And] Buddy & Jimmy
Collectables 6220CDUnited States1998Ronnie Hawkins [And] The Folk Ballads Of Ronnie Hawkins
Collectables 6221CDUnited States1998Mr. Dynamo [And] Songs Of Hank Williams / Ronnie Hawkins
Collectables COL 6479CDUnited States2001The Rockin' Bluebird / Ersel Hickey
Collectables COL 6492CDUnited States2001Sun: The Definitive Hits, Vol. 1
Collectables COL 6493CDUnited States2001Sun: The Definitive Hits, Vol. 2
Collector CL 1005LPNetherlands1970Ten Long Fingers
Collector CL 1007LPNetherlands1971Big Al Downing And His Friends
Collector CL 1008LPNetherlands1971Rock N' Roll, Vol. 1
Collector CL 1009LPNetherlands1971Rock N' Roll, Vol. 2
Collector CL 1010LPNetherlands1972Rock And Roll, Vol. 3
Collector CL 1011LPNetherlands1972The Jerry Lee Lewis Sound By Teddy Redell
Collector CL 1012LPNetherlands1972More Great Rock
Collector CL 1013LPNetherlands1972The Mickey Gilley Story, Part 1
Collector CL 1014LPNetherlands1972The Mickey Gilley Story, Part 2
Collector CL 1015LPNetherlands1973His Very Best Recordings / Bobby Lee Trammell
Collector CL 1016LPNetherlands1973Have Some Real Sound, Have Some Rock And Roll
Collector CL 1017LPNetherlands1973Rock And Roll Again
Collector CL 1018LPNetherlands1973Original Rock
Collector CL 1019LPNetherlands1973Rare Rock-A-Billy
Collector CL 1020LPNetherlands1974Rare Rock-A-Billy, Vol. 2
Collector CL 1021LPNetherlands1974I Love Rock And Roll
Collector CL 1022LPNetherlands1974The Lonesome Drifter
Collector CL 1023LPNetherlands1974Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight
Collector CL 1024LPNetherlands1974Piano Rock And Roll
Collector CLS 2301LPNetherlands1975Super Rock And Roll, Part A
Collector CLS 2302LPNetherlands1975Super Rock And Roll, Part B
Collector CLS 2303LPNetherlands1975Super Rock And Roll, Part C
Collector CLS 2304LPNetherlands1975Super Rock 'a' Billy
Collector CLS 2305LPNetherlands1976Mississippi Rock And Roll
Collector CLS 2306LPNetherlands1976Rock And Roll Forever
Collector CLS 2307LPNetherlands1976Rockin' And Boppin'
Collector CLS 2308LPNetherlands1976Unknown Rock & Roll
Collector CLCD 2851CDNetherlands1993Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Jerry Irby
Collector CLCD 2852CDNetherlands1996Boppin' Tonight, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 2853CDNetherlands1997Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Miller Brothers Band
Collector CLCD 2854CDNetherlands1997Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Tommy Scott
Collector CLCD 2855CDNetherlands1998Boppin' Hillbilly Series / T. Texas Tyler
Collector CLCD 2856CDNetherlands1998Boppin' Hillbilly Series / Arkie Shibley
Collector CLCD 2859CDNetherlands1999Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat
Collector CLCD 2860CDNetherlands1999High Steppin' Daddy With The Shufflin' Shoes
Collector CLCD 2861CDNetherlands Detroit In The 40's And 50's: The York Brothers' Best
Collector CLCD 2862CDNetherlands Detroit In The 50's, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 2863CDNetherlands Detroit In The 50's, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 2864CDNetherlands Detroit In The 50's, Vol. 4
Collector CLCD 2865CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Carlisle Featuring Cliff Carlisle
Collector CLCD 2866CDNetherlands Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Cox Featuring Cliff Hobbs
Collector CLCD 2867CDNetherlands Movin' On
Collector CLCD 2868CDNetherlands Sweet Little Boppin'
Collector CLCD 2869CDNetherlands Boppin' Acetates Coast To Coast
Collector CLCD 2870CDNetherlands Rock And Roll Country Style
Collector CLCD 2871CDNetherlands Steamline Boppin'
Collector CLCD 2872CDNetherlands Foot Loose and Fancy Free
Collector CLCD 2873CDNetherlands2007Rough Stuff Boppin'
Collector CLCD 2874CDNetherlands Slew Foot Boppin' Billies
Collector CLCD 2875CDNetherlands More Boppin' ... More Rockin'
Collector CLCD 2877CDNetherlands Tough Texas Rockin' and Boppin' Billies
Collector CLCD 2878CDNetherlands Mean Mamas and DC-Rightdaddies
Collector CLCD 2879CDNetherlands Boogie Woogie Tennessee
Collector CLCD 2880CDNetherlands Mason Dixie Boogie
Collector CLCD 4401CDNetherlands1992Rockin' & Rollin' With Benny Joy
Collector CLCD 4402CDNetherlands1992Fantastic Rock & Roll
Collector CLCD 4404CDNetherlands1992Original Memphis Rock And Roll & Country
Collector CLCD 4405CDNetherlands1992The Razorback Rock & Roll Tapes
Collector CLCD 4406CDNetherlands1992Rockin' Teddy Redell
Collector CLCD 4407CDNetherlands1992Rockin' The Boogie / Tommie Tolleson
Collector CLCD 4408CDNetherlands1992Rockin' Tooter Boatman
Collector CLCD 4409CDNetherlands1992Great Rockin' Girls
Collector CLCD 4410CDNetherlands1992Dixie Rock And Roll
Collector CLCD 4411CDNetherlands1993Nau Voo Rock And Roll
Collector CLCD 4412CDNetherlands1993You Drive Me Crazy / Ray Scott
Collector CLCD 4413CDNetherlands1993Sarg Rockers, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4414CDNetherlands1993Sarg Rockers, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4415CDNetherlands1993Three Months To Kill / Huelyn Duvall
Collector CLCD 4416CDNetherlands1993More Great Rockin' Girls
Collector CLCD 4417CDNetherlands1993Great Rockers From Cincinnati
Collector CLCD 4418CDNetherlands1993Wild Rock 'N' Roll Instrumentals
Collector CLCD 4419CDNetherlands1994Rockin' & Boppin'
Collector CLCD 4420CDNetherlands1994School Of Rock And Roll / Gene Summers
Collector CLCD 4421CDNetherlands1994Original Tennessee Rockin', Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4422CDNetherlands1994Rockin' Around Nashville
Collector CLCD 4423CDNetherlands1994Wild Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4424CDNetherlands1994Rockabilly And Rockers
Collector CLCD 4425CDNetherlands1995Reallll Rrrrockin'
Collector CLCD 4426CDNetherlands1995Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4427CDNetherlands1995Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4428CDNetherlands1995Minnesota Rockers, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4429CDNetherlands1995That's What I Call A Ball / Larry Donn
Collector CLCD 4430CDNetherlands1995Hot Rockin' Instrumentals
Collector CLCD 4431CDNetherlands1995Obscure And Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4432CDNetherlands1996Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4433CDNetherlands1996Automatic Bop, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4434CDNetherlands1996Early Missouri Rockers From Jan Records
Collector CLCD 4435CDNetherlands1997Early Rock & Roll With Piano
Collector CLCD 4436CDNetherlands1997Hot Rockin' Instrumentals, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4437CDNetherlands1997Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4438CDNetherlands1997Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4439CDNetherlands1997Rockin' And Rollin' Out Of The Midwest / Myron Lee
Collector CLCD 4440CDNetherlands1997The Rockin' "Reed" Recordings
Collector CLCD 4441CDNetherlands1998Automatic Bop, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4442CDNetherlands1998Wild And Excellent Instro's
Collector CLCD 4443CDNetherlands1998Rural Rockin' Hicks
Collector CLCD 4444CDNetherlands1998Compated Cats
Collector CLCD 4445CDNetherlands1998Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4446CDNetherlands1998Rockin' Acetates
Collector CLCD 4447CDNetherlands1998West Tennessee & Arkansas Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4448CDNetherlands1998Frantic Early Rock Instrumentals
Collector CLCD 4449CDNetherlands1998Compated Cats, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4450CDNetherlands1999Savage Rockin' Girls
Collector CLCD 4451CDNetherlands1999Automatic Bop, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4452CDNetherlands1999Slow Boogie Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4453CDNetherlands1999Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4454CDNetherlands1999Solid Original Rock
Collector CLCD 4455CDNetherlands1999Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 4
Collector CLCD 4456CDNetherlands1999Rock Jump Rock
Collector CLCD 4457CDNetherlands1999Let's Go Instro
Collector CLCD 4458CDNetherlands2000Rocky Hoodlums Go Maximum
Collector CLCD 4459CDNetherlands2000Teenage Time With Ted Daigle
Collector CLCD 4460CDNetherlands2000Rockin' & Boppin' Billy In Philly
Collector CLCD 4461CDNetherlands2000More Slow Boogie Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4462CDNetherlands2000Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 5
Collector CLCD 4463CDNetherlands2001Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 5
Collector CLCD 4464CDNetherlands2001Crazy Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4465CDNetherlands2001Second Time Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4466CDNetherlands2001Hokey Pokey Rock
Collector CLCD 4467CD 2001Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 6
Collector CLCD 4468CDNetherlands2002Megaton Rock
Collector CLCD 4469CDNetherlands2002Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 4
Collector CLCD 4470CDNetherlands2002Young And Still Young / Teddy Redell
Collector CLCD 4471CDNetherlands2002We're Gonna Rock
Collector CLCD 4472CDNetherlands2002Misty Rockin Nights
Collector CLCD 4473CDNetherlands2002Real Gone Girls
Collector CLCD 4474CDNetherlands2002Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 8
Collector CLCD 4475CDNetherlands2002Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 7
Collector CLCD 4476CDNetherlands2001Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4477CDNetherlands2003Rock Crazy Baby / Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights
Collector CLCD 4478CDNetherlands2003Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
Collector CLCD 4479CDNetherlands2003Rockin' And Stompin'
Collector CLCD 4480CDNetherlands2003More Girls Real Gone
Collector CLCD 4481CDNetherlands2003When You Rock And Roll / Marvin Jackson
Collector CLCD 4482CDNetherlands2003Bobby Crown And The Kapers
Collector CLCD 4483CDNetherlands2003Rock, Rock, Rockin' Tonight
Collector CLCD 4484CDNetherlands2004Snake Pit Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4485CDNetherlands2004Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 8
Collector CLCD 4486CDNetherlands2005We Two Rock
Collector CLCD 4487CDNetherlands2005Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 4
Collector CLCD 4488CDNetherlands2005I'm Gonna Rock On You
Collector CLCD 4489CDNetherlands2005Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 9
Collector CLCD 4490CDNetherlands2005Rockin' My Way Around / Art Adams
Collector CLCD 4491CDNetherlands2006Girls Girls Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4492CDNetherlands2006Knockout Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4493CDNetherlands2006Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 5
Collector CLCD 4494CDNetherlands2006Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 10
Collector CLCD 4495CDNetherlands2006Hoodlum Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4496CDNetherlands2006Rock 'N' Roll Hepcat
Collector CLCD 4497CDNetherlands2006Rockin' Your Way
Collector CLCD 4498CDNetherlands2006Tommie Tolleson
Collector CLCD 4499CDNetherlands2006Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 6
Collector CLCD 4500CDNetherlands2006Rock Along Time / Bobby Brown & The Curios
Collector CLCD 4501CDNetherlands2006Have A Boogie Christmas Rock & Roll
Collector CLCD 4502CDNetherlands2006Stomp, Shake, And Rock
Collector CLCD 4503CDNetherlands2006Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 11
Collector CLCD 4504CDNetherlands2007Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 1
Collector CLCD 4505CDNetherlands2007Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4506CDNetherlands2007Hot Licks, Rockin' Girls
Collector CLCD 4507CDNetherlands2007Zing Zing Rock & Roll
Collector CLCD 4508CDNetherlands2007Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 12
Collector CLCD 4509CDNetherlands2007Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 6
Collector CLCD 4510CDNetherlands2007Rockin' With Unknown Greats
Collector CLCD 4511CDNetherlands Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4512CDNetherlands Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 4
Collector CLCD 4513CDNetherlands Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 5
Collector CLCD 4514CDNetherlands Wild Guitar Rockers
Collector CLCD 4515CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 13
Collector CLCD 4516CDNetherlands Wild Rockin' With Vocal Backing
Collector CLCD 4517CDNetherlands Rock Boys Rock
Collector CLCD 4518CDNetherlands Rockin' With A Boppin' Feel
Collector CLCD 4519CDNetherlands Move And Rock
Collector CLCD 4520CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 14
Collector CLCD 4521CDNetherlands Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 6
Collector CLCD 4522CDNetherlands Here Comes Rock And Roll
Collector CLCD 4523CDNetherlands Let's Rock Now
Collector CLCD 4524CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 15
Collector CLCD 4525CDNetherlands Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 7
Collector CLCD 4526CDNetherlands Rock Girls Rock
Collector CLCD 4527CDNetherlands Rockin' With A Boppin' Feel, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4528CDNetherlands Wild Rockin' With Vocal Backing, Vol. 2
Collector CLCD 4529CDNetherlands Rockin' Hoodlums, Vol. 7: Hicks And Stuff
Collector CLCD 4530CDNetherlands Rockers And Boppers
Collector CLCD 4531CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 16
Collector CLCD 4532CDNetherlands Rock Hip Rock
Collector CLCD 4533CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 17
Collector CLCD 4535CDNetherlands Primitive Chicks Get There [!!] Slap Bass Kicks
Collector CLCD 4536CDNetherlands Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 8
Collector CLCD 4537CDNetherlands Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 18
Collector CLCD 4538CDNetherlands Killer Hoodlum Rockin', Vol. 8
Collector CLCD 4539CD  Can't Live Without Rockin'
Collector CLCD 4540CDNetherlands Wild Rockin' With Vocal Backing, Vol. 3
Collector CLCD 4544CDNetherlands Early Rockin' Gold
Collector CLCD 4550CDNetherlands 41 Years Collector Records (40 Was Not Enough)
Collector CLCD 7751CDNetherlands200050 Early Rockin' Tracks
Collector CLCD 7752CDNetherlands2002Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 6 & 7
Collector CLCD 7760CD  Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 9 & 10
Collector CLCD 7761CDNetherlands2005Rockin' Guitar And Early Original Piano Boogie Woogie Instrumentals
Collector CLCD 7762CDNetherlands2004Original Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 11 & 12
Collectors Gold 100211CD 1996Catty Town / Dick Lory
Colonial CR. 711LP 1986Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Columbia (Australia) KLLS 1666LPAustralia1974Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Columbia (U.S.) CS 8779LPUnited States1986Honky Tonk Man / Johnny Horton
Columbia/Epic/Legacy CK 62172CDUnited States2000Ain't I'm A Dog!: 25 More Rockabilly Rave-Ups
Columbia/Epic/Legacy CK 62173CDUnited States2000Whistle Bait!: 25 Rockabilly Rave-Ups
Combo E- 101CDItaly1997We Were Rockin', 1961-63 / The Legends
Combo F 3602CDItaly1998The Sonny Side Of Rock 'N' Roll / Sonny James
Combo 57200LPItaly1991Rockabilly Boogie / Johnny Burnette
Combo (Italy) 93300LPItaly1993Rockin' Party / Wanda Jackson
Combo (Italy) BC 93500LPItaly Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
Comet 001/74LP 1974Monster Rock And Roll
Complete Rock 'N' Roll SROLLCD 810CD  Warren Smith, Rockabilly Legend
Comstock COM- 3104CDUnited States2006Only In My Dreams / Frank Fafara
Connoisseur Collection COLL 102CDEngland2001Young Love & Other Rock 'N' Roll Ballads / Sonny James
Contour 6870531LPEngland1971Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Cool 561LP 1980Rock & Roll Forever
Coral ECV 571807810  Picture Disc / Johnny Burnette Trio
Coral (England) CP 10LPEngland1970Tear It Up / Johnny Burnette & The Rock And Roll Trio
Coral (England) CP 61LPEngland Johnny Burnette Rock And Roll Trio
Coral (England) CPS 88LPEngland1972Rock & Roll Survival
Coral (Germany) COPS- 6219LPGermany1972Good Old Rock 'N' Roll
Coral (Germany) 6355LPGermany1973Tear It Up / Johnny Burnette
Coral (U.S.) 57080 [10]10United States Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio
Coral (U.S.) 57080 [12]LPUnited States Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio
Cornball # 1958LP 1987Shake, Shake, Shake It Baby: Sin Alley, Vol. 3
Cosmopolitan Music 605CD  Great Shakin' Fever
Cotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 2CDGermany1995It's Fabulous, It's Charlie Gracie
Cotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 3CDGermany1997Honky Tonk Rockabillies, Vol. 1
Cotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 4CDGermany1997Honky Tonk Rockabillies, Vol. 2
Country 10 CFX 204LP 1982Mickey Gilley
Country Music Foundation CMF- 014-DCDUnited States1991Get Hot Or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabillly 56-59
Country Music Foundation CMF- 014-LLPUnited States1988Get Hot Or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabillly 56-59
Country Routes 06CDFrance1996Rockin' At Town Hall
Country Routes RFD 15CDFrance1997Town Hall Party 1958-61
Country Routes RFD 16CDFrance1997Joe Maphis & Friends "Live" At Town Hall 1958-1961
Country Routes RFD 9002LPFrance1990The Collins Kids At Town Hall Party 1959-1960
Country Stars CTS 55451CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 1 / Patsy Cline
Country Stars CTS 55452CDBelgium1998The Four Star Recordings, Vol. 2 / Patsy Cline
Country Stars CTS- 55567CDBelgium First Lady Of Rockabilly / Wanda Jackson
Cow Girl Boy LP 5086LP  Country Classics Hayride / Benny Barnes
Cow Girl Boy LP 5119LP  Bloodshot Eyes / Hardrock Gunter
Cowboy Carl CCLP- 100LPUnited States1978Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 1
Cowboy Carl CCLP- 101LPUnited States1979Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 2: Hillbilly Boogie
Cowboy Carl CCLP 103LPUnited States1979Memphis Country
Cowboy Carl CCLP- 104LPUnited States1979Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 3
Cowboy Carl CCLP 106LPUnited States1981Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 4: It's Country
Crazy Cajun 1006LPUnited States1976Mickey Gilley
Cream/Hi HEXD 44CD 1999Hi: The Early Years
Crown 56- 100LPUnited States1980Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 1
Crown 56- 200LPUnited States1980Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 2
Crown 56- 300LPUnited States1980Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 3
Cruisin' 58344LPEngland1981Red Hot Rockabillies
Crypt CR-CD-SIN 12CDUnited States Sin Alley, Part One
Crypt GRYPT 181LPUnited States1981Monster Rock 'N' Roll
Crypt BD- 5501LP  Sin Alley
Crystal Clear Sound 9643CDUnited States1996Rockin' Bones: The Legendary Masters / Ronnie Dawson
Crystal Clear Sound 9723CDUnited States1997The Ultimate School Of Rock & Roll / Gene Summers
Curb D2- 77255CDUnited States1995Jack Scott's Greatest Hits

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