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Comps Label Index for J

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
J!mco JICK 89193CDJapan1994Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 1
J!mco JICK 89194CDJapan1994Best Of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2
J!mco JICK 89195CDJapan1993The Best of Johnny Burnette Trio
JD 1996LP 1996Rock & Roll Murder
JD 1996/2LP 1997Rock & Roll Murder, Vol. 2
JDSAS [no #]CDUnited States Sweet Sherry: The Early Recordings, 1956-1962 / Jackie De Shannon
JSP 1005LPEngland1979Bandera Rockabillies
JSP 6201CDEngland2009Virginia Rocks: The History Of Rockabilly In The Commonwealth
Jade J 33 114LPCanada1980The Way I Rock / Jack Scott
Jade J 33 202LPCanada1980Great Scott / Jack Scott
Jalo 33102LPGermany1986Nothin' Shakin' / Eddie Fontaine
Jan/Star Club 1979/9911CDSweden1999Star Club Records 20th Anniversary Sampler
Jan/Star Club 33- 8009LPSweden1981Rock & Roll Party
Jan/Star Club 33- 8011LPSweden1981The Texan Rebel / Gene Summers
Jan/Star Club 33- 8017LPSweden1982All American Rock, Vol. 1
Jan/Star Club 33- 8018LPSweden1982The Blonde Bombshell / Jo Ann Campbell
Jan/Star Club 33- 8019LPSweden1982All American Rock, Vol. 2
Jan/Star Club 33- 8022LPSweden198514 Unissued Sides / Carl Mann
Jan/Star Club 33- 8027LPSweden1987All American Rock, Vol. 4: Rockin' Record Hop
Jan/Star Club 33- 8032LPSweden1989The Rockin' Rebel / Ronnie Hawkins
Jan/Star Club 33- 8033LPSweden1989Did We Have A Party / Billy Brown
Jan/Star Club 33- 8037LPSweden1989All American Rock, Vol. 5: Rockin' Rollin' Groups
Jan/Star Club 33- 8038LPSweden1989Rock And Roll Christmas
Jan/Star Club 33- 8047LPSweden1993Juke-Box Favorites
Jasmine JASM 302LPEngland1988Sands Storm! / Tommy Sands
Jasmine 305LP 1988Burning Bridges / Jack Scott
Jasmine JASCD 452CD 2007Hixville: We'll Have A Time, Yes-Siree!
Jasmine 469CD 2008Rock Me: Mississippi Hillbilly
Jasmine JASCD 518CD 2009Hot Rockin' Girls: Female Rock and Roll, 1956-1958
Jasmine JSMCD 3560/1CD 2005Hillbilly Bop, Boogie, & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 1, 1948-1950
Jasmine JASMCD 3562/3CD  Hillbilly Bop, Boogie, & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 2, 1951-1953
Jasmine JASMCD 3575CD 2006Hillbilly Hot Rod & Automobile Songs
Jasmine JASMCD 3583/4CD  Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 3, 1954-1955
Jasmine JASMCD 3595/6CD 2010Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 4, 1956-1957
Jasmine JASMCD 3610CD 2012Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 5, 1958-1959
Jesse Lee Turner 8011CDNetherlands1994Shake Baby Shake / Jesse Lee Turner
Jewel JRC- 917LPUnited States1979Rock And Roll Memories / Rusty York
Jim Jam WLJJ 1010LPNetherlands1996Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 10
Jim Jam 8982LPNetherlands1993Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 2
Jim Jam 8991LPNetherlands1993Rebel Rockabilly Rock
Jim Jam 8993LPNetherlands1994Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 3
Jim Jam 8994LPNetherlands1994Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 4
Jim Jam 8995LPNetherlands1994Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 5
Jim Jam 8996LPNetherlands1994Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 6
Jim Jam 8997LPNetherlands1995Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 7
Jim Jam 8998LPNetherlands1995Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 8
Jim Jam 8999LPNetherlands1995Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 9
Jimbo JLP 1001LPAustralia?198018 Rockabilly Classics, 1955-7 / Sid King & The Five Strings
Jivin' 182LPBelgium198214 Great All-Time Jivers, Vol. 1
Jivin' 183LPBelgium198214 Great All-Time Jivers, Vol. 2
Jivin' 184LPBelgium198214 Great All-Time Jivers, Vol. 3
Jivin' 186LPBelgium1983Jive! Jive! Jive!
Jivin' 187LPBelgium1983Jive! Jive! Jive!, Vol. 2
Jivin' 188LPBelgium1983Jive! Jive! Jive!, Vol. 3
Jivin' 189LPBelgium1984Jive! Jive! Jive!, Vol. 4
Jivin' 190LPBelgium1984Jive! Jive! Jive!, Vol. 5
Judd 75 100LP 1989Hits And Rarities / Tommy Roe
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1001LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 1
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1002LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 2
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1003LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 3
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1004LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever -- Unknown Star / Donnie Brooks
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1005LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 4
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1006LPItaly1991Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 5
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1007LPItaly1992Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 6
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1008LPItaly1993Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 7
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1009LPItaly1993Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 8
Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1010LPItaly Rock 'N' Roll At The Jook Joint, Vol. 1
Jumble 1111LP  Big Al Downing And The Poe-Kats

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