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Comps Label Index for P

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
P-Vine PCD 1892CDJapan1993Ace Records: The Greatest Rockabillies Of The 50's
P-Vine PCD 2466CDJapan1994Long Gone Daddy: Kent/RPM Greatest Rockabillies
P-Vine PCD 2467CDJapan1994Somebody's Rockin': Crown Greatest Rockabillies
P-Vine PCD 2468CDJapan1994Rock 'N Roll Cowboy: Sage & Sand Greatest Rockabillies
P-Vine PCD- 2471CDJapan1993Be Bop River Rock: Oak Greatest Rockabillies 1950's
P-Vine 2540CDJapan1992Stray Cat's Classics
P-Vine 2759/60CDJapan1994Link Wray: Jack The Ripper
PD 1085LPDenmark1985Picture Disc / Janis Martin & Elvis Presley
PEG 73200 LLPFrance Mickey Gilley And His Rockin' Piano
Palais PAL 001LP  Rockin' On The North Circular
Palais PAL 002LP  Rockin' On The North Circular, Vol. 2
Pan American 56001CDSwitzerland My Lovin' Baby
Pan American 56002CDSwitzerland Love My Baby
Pan American 56003CDSwitzerland Teenage Queen
Pan American 56004CDSwitzerland Two Timin' Woman
Pan American 56005CDSwitzerland Shake Me Up Baby
Pan American 56006CDSwitzerland I Need A Man
Pan American 56007CDSwitzerland You Are My Baby
Pan American 56008CDSwitzerland Red Hot
Pan American 56009CDSwitzerland Hey Mama
Pan American 56010CDSwitzerland She's Neat
Pan American 56011CDSwitzerland Sugar Doll
Pan American 56012CDSwitzerland Primitive Love
Pan American 56013CDSwitzerland Lovin' Honey
Pan American 56014CDSwitzerland Hey Girl
Pan American 56015CDSwitzerland My Chick Is Fine
Pan American 56016CDSwitzerland She's A Devil
Pan American 56017CDSwitzerland2008Love Charms
Pan American 56018CDSwitzerland2008Love Slave
Pan American 56019CDSwitzerland2008Red Hot Love
Pan American 56020CDSwitzerland2008I Want You Baby
Pan American 56021CDSwitzerland2008Chickadee
Pan American 56022CDSwitzerland2008She Got Eyes
Pan American 56023CDSwitzerland2008Love Sweet Love
Pan American 56024CDSwitzerland2008Pepper Hot Baby
Pan American 56025CDSwitzerland2008Trouble
Pan American 56026CDSwitzerland2008Hey Little Girlie
Pan American 56027CDSwitzerland2008Dressin' Up
Pan American 56028CDSwitzerland2008You're Killin' Me
Pan American 56029CDSwitzerland2008Pony Tail Girl
Pan American 56030CDSwitzerland2008Hey Hey Pretty Baby
Pan American 56031CDSwitzerland2008High Heels
Pan American 56032CDSwitzerland2008Cool Down Baby
Pan American 56033CDSwitzerland2008Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
Pan American 56034CDSwitzerland2008My Baby Scares Me
Pan American 56035CDSwitzerland2008A Good Lookin' Blonde
Pan American 56036CDSwitzerland2009Love Is My Business
Pan American 56037CDSwitzerland2009Talkin' About Love
Pan American 56038CDSwitzerland2009My Kind Of Women
Pan American 56039CDSwitzerland2009Like Wow
Pan American 56040CDSwitzerland2009Steady Date
Pan American 56041CDSwitzerland2009Chicken House
Pan!c 101CD  You Better Believe It: White Trash Rockers 1955-1969
Paris 7281CD 1998Black Slacks, Penny Loafers & Bobby Socks / The Sparkletones
Paris 7281LP 1981The Sparkletones
Park # 561CD  Charlie Gracie ... Fabulous
Past 6/376LPGermany1976Come Dance With Me
Patti 8002LPAustralia Cool It Baby! / Eddie Fontaine
Paula LP 2195LPUnited States1967Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Peerless PL 001LP 1997Rockabilly
Peerless PL 002LP 1997Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Peerless PL 003LP  Rockabilly, Vol. 3
Peerless PL 004LP  Rockabilly, Vol. 4
Pegasus CD 2005Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Pelvis # 1LP 1988Big Beautiful Guitars!
Pep CD- 100-XCD  Early Buck Owens
Pep 8017LPUnited States Hot Dog / Buck Owens
Phantom PR 00110  Phantom Records Proudly Presents Rare 50's Rockin', Vol. 1
Philips 6336 257LPEngland1975Mercury Rockabillies
Phillipson 6503101670CDUnited States1999Bitter Feelings / Larry Lee Phillipson
Picadilly 3557LPUnited States1982The Wild Side Of Mickey Gilley
Pickwick PC- 3059LPUnited States1967The Hit Sounds Of Simon & Garfunkel
Pickwick 3365LP  Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Pickwick PWKS 4205CD 1995Singles Collection 1957-61 / The Crickets
Pickwick PWKS 4232CDEngland1995Rockin' Around / Brenda Lee
Pickwick PWKS 4245CD 1996Rockabilly Heaven (Sun Records)
Pickwick JS- 6127LPUnited States1972I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
Pickwick JS- 6178LPUnited States1975Freddy Fender
Pickwick JS- 6180LPUnited States1975Wild Side Of Life / Mickey Gilley
Pickwick JS- 6195LPUnited States1976Your Cheatin' Heart / Freddie Fender
Pickwick PLD 8016LP 1980The Kings Of Rock And Roll
Pie 153CD 2000Rockabilly Dance Party
Pink 'N' Black PBLP 001LP 1994Swing Bop Boogie / Alvis Wayne
Piston 0110 1999Rockabilly Tunes For Hot Rod Mechanix
Point 315LP 1978Melvin Endsley
Polydor 2310 293LPEngland1974Rockabilly Kings / Charlie Feathers, Mac Curtis
Polydor 2460 171LPEngland1973Down The Line / Mickey Gilley
Pompadour DA 00110 1998Kings Of The Ducktail Cats: Barbershop Rockabilly
Pompadour DA 00210  Man's Ruin: Skin-Tone Rock 'N' Roll
Ponie 563N1LP 1974Jack Scott
Pontomac 37650LP 1980Rock Tick Tock
Pony 77255CD 1990Greatest Hits / Jack Scott
Popularity P 5004CDItaly1997We All Wanna Sound Like Elvis
Power Pak PO- 280LPUnited States1975Recorded Inside Louisiana State Prison / Freddy Fender
Power Pak PO 281LP 1975I'm Tore Up / Crash Craddock
President PTL 1003LP 1981The Bobby Fuller Memorial Album
Presto [HR&C]CD  Hot Rods & Cadillacs
Presto Vol. 1CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 1
Presto Vol. 2CD 2003Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 2
Presto Vol. 3CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 3
Presto Vol. 4CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 4
Presto Vol. 5CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 5
Presto Vol. 6CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 6
Presto Vol. 7CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 7
Presto Vol. 8CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 8
Presto Vol. 9CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 9
Presto Vol. 10CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 10
Presto Vol. 11CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 11
Presto Vol. 12CD  Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 12
Presto DBL CD 406CD  Big Bad Hot-Rod Drag & Real Rockin' Roadster Music
Profile PRFCD- 4000CDUnited States2010The Story Of Profile Records
Proper PROPERBOX 103CDEngland2006From Boppin' Hillbilly To Red Hot Rockabilly
Proper PROPERBOX 122CDEngland2007Classic Rockabilly
Proper PROPERBOX 143CD 2008Rockin' Memphis
Proper PROPERBOX 146CD 2008Rare Rock 'N' Roll Rampage
Pulse PBX CD 336CDEngland2000The Legendary Sun Records Story
Pulstar [1]CD 2008Clix Record Story
Pulstar PSR-CD- 101CDGermany The Clix Records Story
Pumpkin 501CD 2003The Best Of Bobby Comstock, Vol. 1
Puritan 3003LPUnited States1973Great Original Recordings / Frank Floyd
Pye NSPL 28238LPEngland1978Rockin' / Ronnie Hawkins
Pye NSPL 28245LPEngland1978Roulette Rock 'N' Roll Collection
Pye NSPL 28269LPEngland1979You Don't Know What You've Got / Ral Donner
Pye International NSPL 28243LPEngland1978Party Doll / Buddy Knox

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