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Comps Label Index for W

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
WR 10010 1980Everybody's Rockin' / Werly Fairburn
WWVA CD  Saturday Night At The Jamboree / Artists Of The WWVA Jamboree
Wall 100LPUnited States Everybody's Rockin' / Werly Fairburn
Warrior Tunes WHT 13498LPUnited States1993Rockin' From The 50s Through The 90s / Chan Romero
Warwick WW 5060LP 1979Rockabilly Dynamite
Wate-on BLUBBA 48.48.48LPEngland1991Fat! Fat! Fat!
Wendi LP 000001LPAustralia1980Hey, Babe Let's Go Downtown
Wendi LP 000002LPAustralia1980Action Packed
Wendi LP 000003LPAustralia1980Let's Go Rock-A-Billy
Wendi LP 000004LPAustralia1980Too Much Rockin'
Wendi LP 000005LPAustralia1980Rockin' At The Zoo
Wendi LP 00006LPAustralia1980They Wanna Fight
Wendi LP 00007LPAustralia1980Run 'em Off
Wendi LP 00008LPAustralia1980Everybody Rocks
Wendi LP 00009LPAustralia1980Voo Doo Voo Doo
Wendi LP 00010LPAustralia1980It's Called Rock And Roll
Wendi LP 000011LPAustralia1980Yakety Wax
Wendi LP 000012LPAustralia1980Dig That Rock & Roll From Indiana
Wendi LP 000013LPAustralia1980Mama Rock
Wendi LP 000014LPAustralia1980Rock Baby Rock
Wendi LP 000016LPAustralia1981Hillbilly Hop: From The Hills To The Garage
Wendi LP 000017LPAustralia1981Rock 'N' Roll From The Garage To The Studio
Western 2001LPUnited States1986Seven Nights To Rock / Moon Mullican
Westport Vol. 1CD  The Complete Westport, Vol. 1
Westport Vol. 2CD  The Complete Westport, Vol. 2
Westside 102CDEngland2000Classic King Sides / Bonnie Lou
Westside 103CDEngland2000Roc-King Up Another Storm
Westside 109CDEngland2001I'm Broke But Not Badly Bent / Lattie Moore
Westside 215CDEngland1999The Rama Label Story
Westside WESM 508CDEngland1997That Real "Gone" Gal / Jo Ann Campbell
Westside WESA 800CDEngland2000Showboy Special: The Early King Sides / Moon Mullican & The Showboys
Westside WESA 809CDEngland2000The Vin Story 1958-61
Westside 812CDEngland1998Mark Lamarr's Ace Is Wild
White & All Right WALL 100LP  Everybody's Rockin' / Werly Fairburn
White Label WLP 2801LPNetherlands1988Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 2802LPNetherlands1988Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 2803LPNetherlands1988Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 3
White Label WLP 2804LPNetherlands1988Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 4
White Label WLP 2805LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 5
White Label WLP 2806LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 6
White Label WLP 2807LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 7
White Label WLP 2808LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 8
White Label WLP 2809LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 9
White Label WLP 2810LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 10
White Label WLP 2811LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 11
White Label WLP 2812LPNetherlands1989Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 12
White Label WLP 2813LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 13
White Label WLP 2814LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 14
White Label WLP 2815LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 15
White Label WLP 2816LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 16
White Label WLP 2817LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 17
White Label WLP 2818LPNetherlands1990Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 18
White Label WLP 2819LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 19
White Label WLP 2820LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 20
White Label WLP 2821LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 21
White Label WLP 2822LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 22
White Label WLP 2823LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 23
White Label WLP 2824LPNetherlands1991Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 24
White Label WLP 2825LPNetherlands1993Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 25
White Label WLP 2826LPNetherlands1993Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 26
White Label WLP 2827LPNetherlands1994Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 27
White Label WLP 2828LPNetherlands1994Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 28
White Label WLP 2829LPNetherlands1994Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 29
White Label WLP 2830LPNetherlands1994Boppin' Hillbilly, Vol. 30
White Label WLP 8801LPNetherlands1978Rock And Rhythm
White Label WLP 8802LPNetherlands1978Kentucky Rockabilly
White Label WLP 8803LPNetherlands1978Rock-A-Billy With Benny Joy
White Label WLP 8804LPNetherlands1978Rock-A-Billy And Country
White Label WLP 8805LPNetherlands1979Rock, Rock, Rock
White Label WLP 8806LPNetherlands1979Rock-A-Billy From Tennessee, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8807LPNetherlands1979Virginia Rock-A-Billy And Country
White Label WLP 8808LPNetherlands1979Rock-A-Billy From Tennessee [vol. 2]
White Label WLP 8809LPNetherlands1979Rockin' With Jimmy Crain
White Label WLP 8810LPNetherlands1979Real Old Tennessee Rock And Country, 1954-1957, Vol. 3
White Label WLP 8811LPNetherlands1979The Rocking Masters
White Label WLP 8812LPNetherlands1979Unknown Rock And Roll
White Label WLP 8813LPNetherlands1979Teddy Redell Sound
White Label WLP 8814LPNetherlands1980The Island Recordings
White Label WLP 8816LPNetherlands1980Ten Years Collector Records
White Label WLP 8817LPNetherlands1980Rock-Rock-A-Billy
White Label WLP 8818LPNetherlands1980Rock From Arkansas
White Label WLP 8819LPNetherlands1980More Real Rock-A-Billy And Country Rock
White Label WLP 8820LPNetherlands1980Tennessee Rockin'
White Label WLP 8821LPNetherlands1980Aaaahhhh Rock-A-Billy
White Label WLP 8822LPNetherlands1980Rock & Rock-A-Billy Again
White Label WLP 8823LPNetherlands1980The Cozy Label
White Label WLP 8824LPNetherlands1980Rock-A-Billy Rock
White Label WLP 8825LPNetherlands1981More Rock-A-Billy With Benny Joy
White Label WLP 8826LPNetherlands1981Rockin' With Gene Summers
White Label WLP 8827LPNetherlands1981The Best Of Lin And Kliff Records
White Label WLP 8828LPNetherlands1981More Rock-A-Billy Rock
White Label WLP 8829LPNetherlands1981Wild Rockin'
White Label WLP 8830LPNetherlands1981Primitive Sound
White Label WLP 8831LPNetherlands1981Tank Town Boogie
White Label WLP 8832LPNetherlands1981Rockin' Rockin'
White Label WLP 8833LPNetherlands1981More Primitive Sound
White Label WLP 8834LPNetherlands1981Great Labels Of The South
White Label WLP 8835LPNetherlands1981Southern Rockin'
White Label WLP 8836LPNetherlands1981Yucca Records And Other Things
White Label WLP 8837LPNetherlands1981Still Going Strong
White Label WLP 8838LPNetherlands1981Rock-A-Billy Souvenir
White Label WLP 8839LPNetherlands1982Rockin' In The 50's
White Label WLP 8840LPNetherlands1982More Tennessee Rockin'
White Label WLP 8841LPNetherlands1982Rock Originals
White Label WLP 8842LPNetherlands1982Rock-A-Billy Boppin'
White Label WLP 8843LPNetherlands1982Let's Rock Tonight
White Label 8844LPNetherlands1982Rock Originals, Vol. 2
White Label 8845LPNetherlands1982Jimmy Crain Rocks On
White Label 8846LPNetherlands1982Rock From East To West
White Label WLP 8847LPNetherlands1982The Cuca Records Rock Story, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8848LPNetherlands1982The Cuca Records Rock Story, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 8849LPNetherlands1983The Cuca Records Rock Story, Vol. 3
White Label WLP 8850LPNetherlands1983Great Rarities From Various Artists, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8851LPNetherlands1983Great Rarities From Various Artists, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 8852LPNetherlands1983Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8853LPNetherlands1983Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 2
White Label 8854LPNetherlands1983Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 3
White Label 8855LPNetherlands1983Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 4
White Label 8856LPNetherlands1983Rockin' Rufus
White Label WLP 8857LPNetherlands1983The Lucky Label
White Label WLP 8858LPNetherlands1983More Wild Rockin'
White Label WLP 8859LPNetherlands1983Mister Rock & Roll
White Label WLP 8860LPNetherlands1983Rare Rock From Canada
White Label WLP 8861LPNetherlands1983Rare Wild Primitive Early Rock Instrumentals
White Label WLP 8862LPNetherlands1983Gotta Rock Me Daddy
White Label WLP 8863LPNetherlands1983Tooter Boatman And Friends
White Label WLP 8864LPNetherlands1983Huelyn Duvall
White Label WH 8865LPNetherlands1983Rock On -- Roll On
White Label WH 8866LPNetherlands1983Rock And Roll Girls
White Label WL 8867LPNetherlands1984Home Made Early Rock And Roll
White Label WLP 8868LPNetherlands1984More Home Made Early Rock And Roll
White Label WL 8869LPNetherlands1984Swinging The Rock
White Label WL 8870LPNetherlands1984More Rare Rock
White Label WL 8871LPNetherlands1984Lot Of Rockin'
White Label WL 8872LPNetherlands1984Reed Recordings
White Label White 8873LPNetherlands1984Alabama Rock
White Label 8874LPNetherlands1984Tommy Blake And Gene Wyatt
White Label 8875LPNetherlands1984I Want Rock
White Label WLP 8876LPNetherlands1984Original Early Recordings / Eddie Bond
White Label 8877LPNetherlands1984The Crazy Alligator
White Label 8878LPNetherlands1984Minnesota Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 5
White Label WLP 8879LPNetherlands1984The Tooter Boatman Sound
White Label WLP 8880LPNetherlands1984More Huelyn Duvall
White Label 8881LPNetherlands1985Real Rockin' Now
White Label 8882LPNetherlands1985Always Rockin'
White Label WLP 8883LPNetherlands1985Ozark Rock A Billy / Marvin Jackson
White Label 8884LPNetherlands1985Original Early Rock Instrumentals
White Label 8885LPNetherlands1985Rare Rockin' Girls
White Label 8886LPNetherlands1985Rock Along
White Label WLP 8887LPNetherlands1985Gene Wyatt Rocks Again
White Label 8888LPNetherlands1985The Pike Recordings
White Label WLP 8889LPNetherlands1985Rockin' In Louisiana
White Label 8890LPNetherlands1985Rock Baby Rock
White Label 8891LPNetherlands1985The Best Original Rock In Town
White Label WLP 8892LPNetherlands1985Rockin' In Louisiana, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 8893LPNetherlands1985Rockin' In Louisiana, Vol. 3
White Label 8894LPNetherlands1985A Rare Collection Of Rock
White Label WLP 8895LPNetherlands1985For Tooter Boatman Fans Only
White Label 8896LPNetherlands1985The Acetate Sessions
White Label 8897LPNetherlands1985Pennsylvania Rocks
White Label WLP 8898LPNetherlands1985Rock From Rare Small Labels
White Label WLP 8899LPNetherlands1986More Rare Rocking Girls
White Label WLP 8901LPNetherlands1986More Rock From The Great Early Days
White Label 8902LPNetherlands1986That Good Ole Rock And Roll Sound
White Label 8903LPNetherlands1986Rock And Roll Medicine
White Label 8904LPNetherlands1986Memphis, Rock And Roll Capitol Of The World, Vol. 1
White Label 8906LPNetherlands1986College Hop: Real '50s Boppers
White Label WLP 8907LPNetherlands1986Real Rock Instrumentals
White Label WLP 8908LPNetherlands1986Rockabilly World
White Label WLP 8909LPNetherlands1986Little Jump Joint
White Label WLP 8910LPNetherlands1986More Pennsylvania Boppers
White Label WLP 8911LPNetherlands1986Rockin' It Out / Danny Mote
White Label WLP 8912LPNetherlands1986Rock From The Carolina's
White Label WLP 8913LPNetherlands1986Mr. You Drive Me Crazy / Ray Scott
White Label WLP 8914LPNetherlands1986Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 3
White Label WLP 8915LPNetherlands1987Mr. Nicotine / Paul Chaplain
White Label WLP 8916LPNetherlands1987Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 4
White Label WLP 8917LPNetherlands1987The Lembo Recordings, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8918LPNetherlands1987Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 5
White Label 8919LPNetherlands1987The Girls Are Rockin'
White Label WLP 8920LPNetherlands1987Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 6
White Label WLP 8921LPNetherlands1987Memphis, Vol. 7 / Lloyd Arnold
White Label WLP 8922LPNetherlands1987Rock And Roll -- Let's Go
White Label WLP 8923LPNetherlands1987Today And Yesterday / Huelyn Duvall
White Label WLP 8924LPNetherlands1988Rock Moon Rock
White Label WLP 8925LPNetherlands1988Stop Then Rock
White Label WLP 8926LPNetherlands1988Super Rock Instrumentals From The Past
White Label WLP 8927LPNetherlands1988Busy Rock And Roll
White Label WLP 8928LPNetherlands1988Wild Original Rock 'N' Roll
White Label WLP 8929LPNetherlands1988Universal Rock And Roll
White Label 8930LPNetherlands1988Monster Hop
White Label WLP 8931LPNetherlands1988Fine Real Primitive Originals
White Label WLP 8932LPNetherlands1988Ordinary Rockin' Girls
White Label 8934LPNetherlands1988They Are All Rockin' Kats
White Label 8935LPNetherlands1988Original Early Rockers
White Label WLP 8936LPNetherlands1988Georgia Music
White Label WLP 8937LPNetherlands1988Another Collector Release
White Label WLP 8938LPNetherlands1988The Welty Recordings
White Label 8939LPNetherlands1988Rock And Roll Billy
White Label 8940LPNetherlands1988Hotrod Weekend
White Label 8941LPNetherlands1988Private Rock And Roll
White Label 8942LPNetherlands1988More Georgia Music
White Label 8943LPNetherlands1989Simply Rockin'
White Label WLP 8945LPNetherlands1989Wiggle Walkin' Boogie
White Label 8946LPNetherlands1989Bang Bang Rock And Roll
White Label 8947LPNetherlands1989Early Rockin' In Arkansas
White Label 8948LPNetherlands1989Bob Mooney And Rem Records
White Label 8949LPNetherlands1989Moonlight Rock
White Label 8950LPNetherlands1989Rockin' Peg
White Label WLP 8951LPNetherlands1990Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 1
White Label WLP 8952LPNetherlands1990Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 8953LPNetherlands1990Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 3
White Label WLP 8954LPNetherlands1990Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 4
White Label 8955LPNetherlands1990Great Swinging Girls
White Label 8956LPNetherlands1990Original Early Rockers: Mickey Gilley Was Here
White Label WLP 8957LPNetherlands1990Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 5
White Label 8958LPNetherlands1990Rockin' And Rehearsing
White Label 8959LPNetherlands1990Buddy Holly: His Kind Of Music
White Label 8960LPNetherlands1990Dreamboat Rock And Roll
White Label 8961LPNetherlands1991Dusty But Rockin'
White Label 8962LPNetherlands1991Rock And Roll Hunting
White Label WLP 8963LPNetherlands1991Missouri Rockers, Vol. 1 / The Rebel Rousers
White Label WLP 8964LPNetherlands1991Missouri Rockers, Vol. 2
White Label WLP 8965LPNetherlands1991Boppin' High School Baby / Don Willis
White Label 8966LPNetherlands1991Memphis: The Cover Record Label Story
White Label WLP 8967LPNetherlands1991The Original Johnny Skiles
White Label WLP 8968LPNetherlands199118 Rare Rockin' Jewels
White Label 8969LPNetherlands1991Memphis: The Stompertime Record Label Story
White Label 8970LPNetherlands1991The Acetate Sessions, Vol. 2
White Label 8971LPNetherlands1992Rocking Jalopy
White Label 8972LPNetherlands1992Frantic Rock And Roll Instrumentals
White Label 8973LPNetherlands1992Rock & Roll With Piano
White Label 8974LPNetherlands1992Rock To The Bop
White Label WLP 8975LPNetherlands1993Take It ... It's Rock & Roll
White Label WLP 8976LPNetherlands1993Crazy Wild Rockin'
White Label CLP 897710Netherlands2002The Original Early Teddy Redell
Wild 1LP  Running Wild, Vol. 1
Wild 2LP 1996Running Wild, Vol. 2
Wilderness 2004LP 1979Frantic
Wilderness 21667LP 1979Wild And Frantic
Wix 1002LPUnited States1982Live In '62 / Ray Smith
Woodward WWD 100LP 1996Music With A Western Beat / Eddie Jackson

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