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Comps Title Index for A

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
A Ball TonightBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55007CDGermany1993
A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 1Disky DC- 885702CDNetherlands1999
A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 2Disky DC- 885712CDNetherlands1999
A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 3Disky DC- 885772CDNetherlands1999
A Good Lookin' BlondePan American 56035CDSwitzerland2008
A Long Time Ago / Jamie CoeLegends Of Music [no #]CDUnited States 
A Lotta Rock And Roll / Johnny BondRevival 3010LPDenmark1990
A Man For All Sessions / Al CaseyBear Family BCD 16579CDGermany2001
A Rare Collection Of RockWhite Label WLP 8894LPNetherlands1985
A Rocket In My PocketAce CDCHD 1268CDEngland2010
A Teen's Way / Narvel FeltsBear Family BFX 15242LPGermany1987
A Thousand Guitars / Tracy PendarvisBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2078LPGermany1991
A Thousand Guitars / Tracy PendarvisBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55054CDGermany1997
A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnFantasic Voyage FVDD 141CDEngland2012
Aaaahhhh Rock-A-BillyWhite Label WLP 8821LPNetherlands1980
Abbott HillbillyCactus Abbott 1CDUnited States 
Ace Records: The Greatest Rockabillies Of The 50'sP-Vine PCD 1892CDJapan1993
Ace Rock & RollRock & Country R&C 1012LPSweden1982
Ace Story, Vol. 4Ace CH 98LPEngland1984
Across The Tracks, Vol 2: More Nashville R & B And Doo WopAce CDCHD 672CDEngland1997
Across The Tracks: Nashville R & B And Rock N' RollAce CHD 493CDEngland1996
Action PackedWendi LP 000002LPAustralia1980
Action Packed / Ronnie Dawson[no label name] RDLP 00210 1997
Action Packed!, Vol. 1: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-1LPFrance2005
Action Packed!, Vol. 2: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-2LPFrance2005
Action Packed!, Vol. 3: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-3LPFrance2005
Action Packed!, Vol. 4: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-4LPFrance2005
Action Packed!, Vol. 5: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2007-5LPFrance2007
Action Packed!, Vol. 6: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2007-6LPFrance2007
Action Packed!, Vol. 7: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2008-7LP 2008
Action Packed!, Vol. 8: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2008-8LP 2008
Action Packed!, Vol. 9: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2009-9LP 2009
Action Packed!, Vol. 10: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2010-10LP 2010
Action Packed!, Vol. 11: 16 Red Hot Rockin' HitsRockin' Rarities R.R- 2011-11LP 2011
After The HopSun (England) LP 1037LPEngland1986
Ain't I'm A Dog!: 25 More Rockabilly Rave-UpsColumbia/Epic/Legacy CK 62172CDUnited States2000
Al Ferrier And His Boppin' BilliesBig Tone BT 5715CDEngland1993
Alabama RockWhite Label WLP 8873LPNetherlands1984
Aladdin: 33 Magic LampsAladdin F.PM 231CD 2003
All American Rock 'N' Roll From Fraternity RecordsAce CDCHD 316CDEngland1992
All American Rock 'N' Roll: The Fraternity Story, Vol. 2Ace CDCHD 822CDEngland2001
All American Rock, Vol. 1Jan/Star Club 33- 8017LPSweden1982
All American Rock, Vol. 2Jan/Star Club 33- 8019LPSweden1982
All American Rock, Vol. 4: Rockin' Record HopJan/Star Club 33- 8027LPSweden1987
All American Rock, Vol. 5: Rockin' Rollin' GroupsJan/Star Club 33- 8037LPSweden1989
All His Hits / Jimmy BowenMurray Hill M 61315LP 1986
All Night RockSun (England) CFM 50410England1981
All Them Chicks At The HopTeenager 61100CD 1996
All Time Greatest Hits Of Johnny PrestonStardust CD 5001CD 1992
All Tore Up! / Charlie FeathersZu-Zazz Z 2008LPEngland 
Alley CatBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55035CDGermany1995
Always Rockin'White Label WLP 8882LPNetherlands1985
And The Train Kept A'Rollin'[label?] 553 868CD 1997
Another Collector ReleaseWhite Label WLP 8937LPNetherlands1988
Another Saturday NightOval OVLP 506LP  
Anthology 1956-1980 / Brenda LeeMCA (Sweden) 10384CD  
Archive Series, Vol. 1NPR 7301LPGermany1973
Archive Series, Vol. 2NPR 7302LPGermany1974
Archive Series, Vol. 3NPR 7303LPGermany1974
Archive Series, Vol. 4NPR 7304LPGermany1974
Archive Series, Vol. 5NPR 7305LPGermany1976
Are You Excited? [Rockin' Party]Habakaba MPLP 1000LP 1994
Arkansas Rock 'N' Roll / Sonny BurgessStomper Time STCD 11CDEngland 
Arkansas Twist / Bobby Lee TrammellAtlanta LPM 1503LP 1978
Arkansas Twist / Bobby Lee TrammellBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55153CDGermany2001
Arkansas Twist / Bobby Lee TrammellDee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2036LPGermany1983
Art Ontario AKA Art Buchanan 1957-1993Lost Gold 82097CDUnited States1998
Artistry On Guitar, Signed Buddy HollyNor Va Jak 816LP 1992
As Good As It Gets: RockabillyDisky DO 250542CDNetherlands2000
At The PartyCandy BAR 001/002LP 1986
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 1Eagle 311LPGermany1980
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 2Eagle 312LPGermany1980
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 3Eagle 313LPGermany1981
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 4Eagle 314LPGermany1981
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 5Eagle 315LPGermany1981
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 6Eagle 316LPGermany1982
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 7Eagle 317LPGermany1982
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 8Eagle 318LPGermany1983
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 9Eagle 319LPGermany1983
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 10Eagle 320LPGermany1983
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 11Eagle 321LPGermany1983
At The Rockhouse, Vol. 12Eagle 322LPGermany1984
Atomic CafeRounder 1034LPUnited States 
Automatic Bop, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4433CDNetherlands1996
Automatic Bop, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4441CDNetherlands1998
Automatic Bop, Vol. 3Collector CLCD 4451CDNetherlands1999
Axes, Saxes, Skins, Ivories, Vol. 1AEI # 3002CD 1999
Axes, Saxes, Skins, Ivories, Vol. 2AEI # 3003CD 2003

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