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Comps Title Index for C

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
CBS Rockabilly ClassicsCBS 82401LPEngland1977
CBS Rockabilly Classics, Vol. 1Big Tone BT 5710CDEngland1993
CBS Rockabilly Classics, Vol. 2Big Tone BT 5711CDEngland1993
CBS Rockabilly Classics, Vol.2CBS 82993LPEngland1978
CBS Rockabilly, Vol. 3CBS 83911LPEngland1979
Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod HeroesFantastic Voyage FVDD 147CDEngland2012
California License / Jett PowersFreedom F 83320CDNetherlands1994
California RockabilliesSunjay SJLP 582LPSweden1989
California Sun / The CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 251CDEngland1999
Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 1Cat 1033CDNetherlands1994
Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 2Cat 1034CDNetherlands1994
Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 3Cat 1035CDNetherlands1994
Calling All Rock 'N' Roll Collectors, Vol. 4Cat 1036CDNetherlands1994
Campus CutieBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55072CDGermany1998
Can't Hardly Stand It / Charlie FeathersEl Toro ETCD 1020CDSpain2009
Can't Live Without Rockin'Collector CLCD 4539CD  
Can't Resist That Rock And Roll / Johnny PowersRollercoaster 2017LPEngland 
Canadian Rockabilly: Hillbilly RockRedita [2nd series] REDITA- 127LPNetherlands1986
Canadian Rockers, Vol. 2Redita [2nd series] 129LPNetherlands1986
Canciones De Mi Barrio / Freddie FenderArhoolie CD 366CDUnited States1993
Candy DollBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55150CDGermany2001
Capitol Collectors Series / Gene VincentCapitol (U.S.) CDP 7 94074 2CDUnited States1990
Capitol Collectors Series / Jack ScottCapitol (U.S.) CDP 7 93192CDUnited States1990
Capitol Rockabilly OriginalsCapitol (England) CAPS 1009LPEngland1977
Capitol Rockabilly, Vol. 1Big Tone BTCD 6003CDEngland 
Capitol Rockabilly, Vol. 2Big Tone BTCD 6004CDEngland 
Carnival Rock / Bob LumanBear Family BFX 15345LPGermany1988
Carry On / Jimmy NewmanDemand DMSLP 2060LP  
Carry On / Jimmy Newman & Johnnie StricklandRevival 4004LP  
Cash On The BarrelheadCash CS 01CDUnited States 
Cat MusicMustang MUST 16CD  
Cat TalkLiberty GO 2020LPEngland1989
Cat TalkLiberty CDP 79 2998 2CDEngland1989
Cat Talk / Lew WilliamsBear Family BCD 16347CDGermany1999
Catty Town / Dick LoryCollectors Gold 100211CD 1996
Champion Records Story, Vol. 2Blue/SPV BOOONQDC18CD 2007
Chantilly Lace / The Big BopperContour 6870531LPEngland1971
Chantilly Lace / The Big BopperMercury 832 902LP 1988
Chantilly Lace / The Big BopperMercury MG 20402LP 1982
Chantilly Lace / The Big BopperMercury (Germany) 6463 057LPGermany1980
Chantilly Lace / The Big BopperPickwick 3365LP  
Charlie FeathersStar 312LP 1979
Charlie Feathers, A Rockabilly Legend: His Complete King RecordingsKing KMCD- 6110CDUnited States1998
Charlie Gracie ... FabulousPark # 561CD  
Charlie Gracie's Early RecordingsRevival PC 0001LPUnited States1976
Charlie Rocks / Charlie RichBear Family BCD 16513CDGermany2009
Charly Dance PartyCharly CR 30261LPEngland1986
Charming Billy / Johnny PrestonBear Family BCD 16234CDGermany1998
Chess 50th Anniversary Rock & Roll CollectionMCA (Japan) MVCE 22017CDJapan1998
Chess Rhythm 'N' BopBig Tone BTCD 6007CDEngland 
Chess RockabilliesChess (England) 9124 213LPEngland1978
Chess RockabilliesDetour 204LPEngland1988
Chess RockabilliesVogue 670076CD 1994
Chess Rockabillies: Just Go Wild Over Rock & RollChess CH 9173LP  
Chicago RockRedita [1st series] 108LPNetherlands1974
Chick ChickBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55187CDGermany2007
ChickadeePan American 56021CDSwitzerland2008
Chicken BopSD SD 850LPGermany1991
Chicken HousePan American 56041CDSwitzerland2009
Chicken RockEagle 301LPGermany1975
Chicken Rock Vol. 2: Fabulous Groups Rockabilly StyleEagle 303LPGermany1977
Chicken Rock, Vol. 3: Fabulous Groups Rockin' InstrumentalsEagle 306LPGermany1978
Chicken Rock, Vol. 4: Rumble RockEagle 307LPGermany1979
Chicken Rock: "Rockin" Around The MountainEagle EA-R 90205CDGermany1999
Chicken Session: Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumental, Vol. 2Norton CNW- 911CDUnited States2002
Chicken Session: Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumental, Vol. 2Norton NW- 911LPUnited States2002
Chicken Walk / Hasil AdkinsDee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2043LPGermany1984
Chicken Walk / Hasil AdkinsDee Jay Jamboree DJ CD 55025CDGermany1995
Choo Choo BopBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55152CDGermany2001
Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 1Hot & Sour 001CD  
Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 1Hot & Sour 001LP  
Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 2Hot & Sour 002CD  
Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 2Hot & Sour 002LP  
Chrome, Smoke & Fire: A Compilation Of Hot Rod Music By Robt. WilliamsBlast Fire 2LPLPUnited States1991
Cincinnati Rock & RollRundell RUN 006LPGermany1987
Cincinnati Rock & Roll 1950sLee 409LPUnited States1979
Classic King Sides / Bonnie LouWestside 102CDEngland2000
Classic Recordings, 1956-1959 / Sonny BurgessBear Family BCD 15525CDGermany1991
Classic Recordings, 1956-1959 / Warren SmithBear Family BCD 15514CDGermany1992
Classic Recordings, 1956-1960 / Billy RileyBear Family BCD 15444CDGermany1990
Classic Rock 'N' RollOcean OCNWD 2026CD 1989
Classic Rock From San Antonio, TexasCollectables COL-CD- 0596CDUnited States1995
Classic RockabillyProper PROPERBOX 122CDEngland2007
Clix Record StoryPulstar [1]CD 2008
Clovis To Phoenix: The Early Years / Waylon JenningsZu-Zazz 2021CDEngland1995
Coast To Coast Rockabilly: 30 Original American RecordingsCoast To Coast CCCD- 001CD  
Cochran, Domino, Vincent-The Originals 3-Cd[OMB?] OMB 006CD 1996
Collectible / The Johnny Burnette TrioMCA 1561LP  
Collector's Item / Boyd BennettGusto/King 594LPUnited States1981
Collectors Choice, Vol. 1: Texas FeverEl Toro ETCD CH 101CDSpain2009
Collectors Choice, Vol. 2: Campus BoogieEl Toro ETCD CH 102CDSpain2009
Collectors Choice, Vol. 3: Firecracker StompEl Toro ETCD CH 103CDSpain2009
Collectors Choice, Vol. 4: What A NightEl Toro ETCD CH 104CDSpain2009
Collectors Choice, Vol. 5: Boogie Woogie FeverEl Toro ETCD 105CD  
Collectors Choice, Vol. 6: Boppin' Hit ParadeEl Toro ETCD 106CD  
College Hop: Real '50s BoppersWhite Label WLP 8906LPNetherlands1986
Columbia Crossovers: Late Fifties And Early Sixties Teen-CountryClassics 739CDSweden2012
Columbia Rockabilly, Vol. 1Ace CDCHD 785CDEngland2001
Columbia Rockabilly, Vol. 2Ace CDCHD 786CDEngland2001
Come Dance With MePast 6/376LPGermany1976
Come OnRelic 7047CD  
Come Rock With Me / Johnny PrestonDemand DS 005LP 1986
Come Rock With Me / Johnny Preston[SR?] SR 60609LP 1988
Come Rock With Me / Johnny Preston[ST?] ST 60609LP 1991
Comin' BackTrip TLX 8506LPUnited States1974
Compated CatsCollector CLCD 4444CDNetherlands1998
Compated Cats, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4449CDNetherlands1998
Complete 1957-59 Recordings / The SparkletonesSparkletone CD 99012CDGermany1995
Complete CricketsCharly CR 30226LPEngland1984
Concussion!!Mr. Manicotti MM 342LPCanada 
Cool & The CrazyBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55006CDGermany1993
Cool And CrazyKool 1LPItaly1995
Cool Baby CoolEagle 310LPGermany1980
Cool Daddy / Jimmy KirklandRollercoaster RCCD 3054CDEngland2007
Cool Down BabyPan American 56032CDSwitzerland2008
Cool Gator Shoes / Carl BelewBACM CD-D- 335CDEngland 
Cool HillbillyBACM CD D 451CDGreat Britain2014
Cool It Baby / Dick LoryRevival 3013LPDenmark1989
Cool It Baby / Eddie FontaineBig Beat (France) BBR 00039CDFrance1996
Cool It Baby / Eddie FontaineMusidisc/DCA 107812CDFrance1991
Cool It Baby / Jimmy DellBear Family BCD 16508CDGermany2009
Cool It Baby! / Eddie FontainePatti 8002LPAustralia 
Cool It, Baby / Eddie FontaineBig Beat (France) 7931732CDFrance1989
Cool Off BabyEagle EA-R 90207CDGermany1995
Cotton Chopper CountryRedita [2nd series] 126LPNetherlands1984
Cotton Pickin' RockABC (England) 5247LPEngland1978
Cotton Town JubileeRundell RUN 04CDGermany1995
Cotton Town JubileeRundell RUN 015LPGermany1992
Country Classics Hayride / Benny BarnesCow Girl Boy LP 5086LP  
Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1: The Old GuardRev-Ola Bandstand 129CDEngland2005
Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2: The New BreedRev-Ola Bandstand CR REV 170CDEngland2006
Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3: Rural RoyaltyRev-Ola Bandstand CR REV 21CDEngland2007
Country HicksBark Log CD 1CDEngland1995
Country Hicks, Vol. 1Bark Log 1LPEngland1990
Country Hicks, Vol. 1Bark Log BLCD 101CDEngland 
Country Hicks, Vol. 2Bark Log 2LPEngland1991
Country Hicks, Vol. 3Bark Log 3LPEngland1993
Country Hicks, Vol. 4Barklog BL 4LPEngland1997
Country Hicks, Vol. 4-5Bark Log 4-5CDEngland 
Country Hicks, Vol. 5Barklog BL 5LPEngland1998
Country Hicks, Vol. 6Bark Log BL 6LPEngland 
Country Hicks, Vol. 7Bark Log BL 007LP  
Country HopZingo 2217CDSwitzerland 
Country Meets Rock 'N' RollABC (Germany) 28 082 ETLPGermany1976
Country Meets Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2ABC (Germany) 25 552 ETLPGermany1977
Country Rock / Sonny Burgess & Bobby CraffordCaepe RZ- 1001LPFrance 
Country Rock SidesSun (England) SUN 1031LPEngland1986
Country Rockers / Merle KilgoreDemand 0055LP  
Country Rockers, Vol. 1 - Thousand Rockin' GuitarsTeenage Heaven TH 275LPUnited States?1975
Country Rockers, Vol. 2 - Shot Gun BoogieTeenage Heaven TH 376LPUnited States?1976
Country Rockers, Vol. 3 - Goin' WildTeenage Heaven TH 576LPUnited States?1976
Country Rockers, Vol. 4 - Rock It / George JonesTeenage Heaven TH 676LPUnited States?1976
Country Rockers, Vol. 5Teenage Heaven TH 583LPUnited States?1983
Country Ways & Rockin' / Ben HallRollercoaster 3004CDEngland1993
Cover To CoverMusic Club MCCD 177CD 1994
Cowboy (& Cool Cat) Hit ParadeDoghouse 004CD 1996
Cowboy Hit Parade, Vol. 1Doghouse 001CD  
Cowboy Hit Parade, Vol. 2Doghouse 002CD  
Cozy Inn / Leon McAuliffABC-Paramount ABCS 394LP  
Crash The Party / Benny JoyNorton CED 351CDUnited States2009
Crash The Rockabilly Party / Benny JoyAce 703CDEngland1998
Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" CraddockCharly 721LPEngland1986
Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" CraddockColonial CR. 711LP 1986
Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" CraddockColumbia (Australia) KLLS 1666LPAustralia1974
Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" CraddockSelect COR 1707LP 1989
Crazy 'Bout An AutomobileSunjay SJCD 600CDSweden1994
Crazy 'Bout The BoogieRedita [2nd series] 122LPNetherlands1981
Crazy Baby / Freddy Fender[SMT?] SMT 012LP 1988
Crazy Baby / The Rockin' R'sNorton ED 205LPUnited States1988
Crazy Batty & GoneOlympic OR 3LPUnited States1980
Crazy Date: Rock And Roll Demos, Vol. 1 / Johnny BurnetteNorton ED 308LPUnited States2004
Crazy Hot Rock / Johnny CarrollCharly CR 30241LPEngland1985
Crazy Living / Hank DavisRelaxed Rabbit 424LPCanada1984
Crazy Rockin'Collector CLCD 4464CDNetherlands2001
Crazy Wild Rockin'White Label WLP 8976LPNetherlands1993
Crewcuts, Ponitails And BobbysocksTeenager TEEN 5920CDSweden1996
Crossroads In CowtownFantastic Voyage FVCD 101CDEngland2011
Cruisin' Classics, Vol. 1Mr. DJ 101CD 1998
Cruisin' CountryClassics CD 729CD  
Cruisin' CountryMaple Tone CD 402CDCanada 
Cruisin' Country, Vol. 2Classics CD 734CDSweden2011
Cruisin' Country, Vol. 2Maple Tone CD 403CDCanada 
Cruisin' Country, Vol. 3Classics 738CDSweden2012
Cruisin' Country, Vol. 4Classics 741CDSweden2012
Cuca RecordsClassics 703CDSweden1996
Cuca Records, Vol. 2Classics CD 719CDSweden2005
Cuca Rock 'N' Roll Story, Vol. 3Classics 721CDSweden 
Curley MoneyBison Bop Bb-LP 2003LPGermany1979
Curley MoneyBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2003LPGermany1985

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