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Comps Title Index for E

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
Eager Boy / The Lonesome DrifterNorton ED 327LPUnited States2010
Early Buck OwensPep CD- 100-XCD  
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4426CDNetherlands1995
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4427CDNetherlands1995
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 3Collector CLCD 4432CDNetherlands1996
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 5Collector CLCD 4463CDNetherlands2001
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 6 & 7Collector CLCD 7752CDNetherlands2002
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 8Collector CLCD 4474CDNetherlands2002
Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. 9 & 10Collector CLCD 7760CD  
Early Days / Eddie BondSunjay SJLP 574LPSweden1987
Early Days / Hayden ThompsonSunjay SJLP 569LPSweden1986
Early Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 / Tom & JerryDomino 1013CDUnited States?1993
Early Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 / Tom & JerryDomino 1014CDUnited States?1993
Early MemphisMusic Shack MS- 86001LPUnited States1986
Early Missouri Rockers From Jan RecordsCollector CLCD 4434CDNetherlands1996
Early Rock & Roll With PianoCollector CLCD 4435CDNetherlands1997
Early Rock And Country Sides / Johnny HortonCCL 1121LPGermany 
Early Rockabilly & Hillbilly Days / Tommy SandsHydra BCK 27132CDGermany 
Early Rockin' GoldCollector CLCD 4544CDNetherlands 
Early Rockin' In ArkansasWhite Label WLP 8947LPNetherlands1989
Early Simon & GarfunkelDee Jay Jamboree DJ 55001CDGermany1993
Early Tom & JerryBig 600LP 1986
Early, Rare, & Rockin' Sides / Sleepy LaBeefBaron 102LPUnited States1979
Early, Rare, And Rockin' Sides / Sleepy LaBeefCharly CR 30181LPEngland 
Easy To Love: The Sun Years Plus / Mack SelfBear Family BCD 16519CDGermany2007
Echo Rock: His Complete Recordings / Ken DavisEagle 90128CDGermany1999
Echoes Of Buddy HollyClassics 710CDSweden2000
Eddie & Gene -- Back To Back[P4?] P4 96847CD 1999
Eddie & Hank, The Cochran BrothersRockstar RSR-LP 1022LPEngland1991
Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent: The Town Hall Party ShowsRockstar 016CDEngland2000
Eddie Cochran - Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings, 1954-1960Castle Music CMXBX 1452CDEngland2007
Eddie Cochran -- The Crest SessionsRave On 5001LPFrance1978
Eddie Cochran Record DateHydra BLK 7706LPGermany1987
Eddie Cochran: The Early YearsAce CDCH 237CDEngland 
Eddie Cochran: The Early YearsAce CHA 237LPEngland1988
Eddie's House Of Hits: Story Of Goldband RecordsAce 424CDEngland1998
Eddy Arnold's Favorit SongsCCL 1135LPGermany1977
El Paso Rock: Early Recordings, Vol. 1 / Bobby FullerNorton 252CDUnited States1996
El Paso Rock: Early Recordings, Vol. 2 / Bobby FullerNorton 260CDUnited States1997
El Paso Rock: Early Recordings, Vol. 3 / Bobby FullerNorton CED 318CDUnited States 
El Primitivo: American Rock 'N' Roll & RockabillyAce CDCHD 473CDEngland1993
Elvis Mania 2Live Gold Productions LG 120012CDCzechoslovakia1992
Elvis Scrapbook / Ral DonnerGone 5033LP 1978
Elvis, Elvis Always On My Mind (The Legend Lives On) / Vince EverettStates Of America S/Q/A-VE/ 231LP 1980
Endless Sleep / Jody ReynoldsBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55160CDGermany2003
Endless Sleep / Jody ReynoldsGee Dee Music 270106-2CDGermany1998
Endless Sleep / Jody ReynoldsMagnum Force 066LPEngland1988
Endless Sleep / Jody ReynoldsSunjay SJLP 579LPSweden1988
Epic Rock & Roll PartyLesley LESCD 11CD  
Essential Rockabilly: The Capitol StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 142CDEngland2011
Essential Rockabilly: The Columbia StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 153CDEngland2012
Essential Rockabilly: The Decca StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 134CDEngland2011
Essential Rockabilly: The Dot StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 174CDEngland2012
Essential Rockabilly: The Imperial StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 138CDEngland2011
Essential Rockabilly: The King StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 164CDEngland2012
Essential Rockabilly: The MGM StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 139CDEngland2011
Essential Rockabilly: The Mercury StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 147CDEngland2012
Essential Rockabilly: The RCA StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 155CDEngland2012
Essential Rockabilly: The Sun StoryOne Day Music DAY2CD 141CDEngland2011
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 1Charly MID 8099CDEngland1995
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 2Charly MID 8118CDEngland1996
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 3Charly CPCD 8161CDEngland1996
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 4Charly CPCD 8236CDEngland1997
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 5Charly CPCD 8317CDEngland1998
Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 6Charly CPCD 8352CDEngland1999
Every Then ... And Now / Ricky CoyneEagle 309252LPGermany1992
Everybody RocksWendi LP 00008LPAustralia1980
Everybody's Boppin': Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumental, Vol. 1Norton CNW 910CDUnited States2002
Everybody's Boppin': Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumental, Vol. 1Norton NW- 910LPUnited States2002
Everybody's Rockin'Emperor 03LP 1981
Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby LordDemand DMS LPS- 095LP 1996
Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby LordPegasus CD 2005
Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby LordRevival 3006LPDenmark1989
Everybody's Rockin' / Werly FairburnBear Family BCD 15578CDGermany1993
Everybody's Rockin' / Werly FairburnWR 10010 1980
Everybody's Rockin' / Werly FairburnWall 100LPUnited States 
Everybody's Rockin' / Werly FairburnWhite & All Right WALL 10010France 
Everybody's Rockin' But Me / Bobby LordBear Family BCD 16524CDGermany2011
Everybody's Rocking Again / Sonny BurgessStomper Time STCD 27CDEngland 

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