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Comps Title Index for H

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
Hackin' Around With David HoustonDemand 0075LP  
Handsome Hits & Rockin' Bits / Dick LoryRebel 1002LP 1983
Hang LooseBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55009CDGermany1994
Hangin' Around At Heartbreak Hotel / Ersel HickeyHydra BCK 27119CDGermany2005
Hank Smith Presents The Original Rock-A-TunesRock-A-Tune BPR 1060CDCanada1998
Happy Days Of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3MCA (Sweden) COPS 9279LPSweden1981
Hardcore RockabillyFolkline 274- 27CDEngland 
Hardcore Rockabilly, Vol. 2Folkline 274- 92CDEngland 
Hardcore Rockabilly, Vol. 3Folkline 274- 196CDEngland 
Hardcore Rockabilly, Vol. 4Folkline 274- 207CDEngland 
Haunted House: The Complete Gene Simmons On Hi RecordsHi HEXD 53CD  
Have A Boogie Christmas Rock & RollCollector CLCD 4501CDNetherlands2006
Have Some Real Sound, Have Some Rock And RollCollector CL 1016LPNetherlands1973
Hawaii Rock N RollBertram Int. CD  
He Said / Hasil AdkinsBig Beat (England) WIK 34LPEngland1985
Heart So Cold: The Plattsburgh-Burlington 60s SceneBacchus Archives BA 1197CDUnited States 
Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959Rhino R2 70164CDUnited States1989
Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959Rhino R1 70164LPUnited States1989
Hep Cat RockabillyBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55189CDGermany2008
Hep Cats From Big SpringRollercoaster 3003CDEngland1991
Hep Cats SessionSun (England) CFM 51110England1982
Here Comes Rock And RollCollector CLCD 4522CDNetherlands 
Here I Am / Jerry ReedBear Family BCD 16306CDGermany1999
Here I Go Again / Sammy SalvoEagle 309010LPGermany1996
Hey Baby / Bruce ChannelCollectables 5623CDUnited States1995
Hey Baby! / Bruce ChannelTeenager 601LP 1990
Hey Baby!--The Rockin' SouthAce CDCHD 641CDEngland1997
Hey Everybody: Anthology 1958-65 / Curtis HobockStar-Club 506003CDSweden2003
Hey GirlPan American 56014CDSwitzerland 
Hey Hey Pretty BabyPan American 56030CDSwitzerland2008
Hey Little GirliePan American 56026CDSwitzerland2008
Hey MamaPan American 56009CDSwitzerland 
Hey Slim, Let's Bop / Jack EarlsCharly CPCD 8197CDEngland1996
Hey, Babe Let's Go DowntownWendi LP 000001LPAustralia1980
Hi Records: The Early YearsHi (England) HIUK 127CDEngland1992
Hi Records: The Early YearsHi (England) DHI UK LP 434LPEngland1987
Hi Records: The Early Years, Vol. 2Hi (England) HIUK 128CDEngland1992
Hi Records: The Early Years, Vol. 2Hi (England) DHI UK LP 442LPEngland1988
Hi Tone PoppaKrazy Kat 830LPEngland1988
Hi Tone Poppa-Gotham RockabillyCollectables COL- 5330CDUnited States1996
Hi: The Early YearsCream/Hi HEXD 44CD 1999
High HeelsPan American 56031CDSwitzerland2008
High On The Hog, Vol. 1: Honky-Tonk & Hillbilly BopCactus CACCD 052CDUnited States 
High On The Hog, Vol. 2: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky Tonk, 1958-1968Cactus CACD- 056CDUnited States 
High On The Hog, Vol. 3: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky Tonk, 1958-1968Cactus HOGCD-3CDUnited States 
High On The Hog, Vol. 4: Small Label Hillbilly Bop & Honky TonkCactus CACCD= 063CDUnited States 
High On The Hog, Vol. 5: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly BopCactus HOGCD-5CDUnited States 
High On The Hog, Vol. 6: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly BopCactus HOGCD-6CD  
High On The Hog, Vol. 7: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly BopCactus HOGCD-7CD  
High School CaesarBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55018CDGermany1994
High School Days / Baker KnightEagle 309013LPGermany1992
High School FavoritesTeenager TEEN 5914LPSweden1990
High School Rock 'N' RollTops L- 1510LP 1979
High School Rock 'N' Roll: The Isle ConnectionStar-Club 506020CDSweden1995
High School SweetheartsMarginal MAR 006CDBelgium1995
High Steppin' Daddy With The Shufflin' ShoesCollector CLCD 2860CDNetherlands1999
Hillbillies On SpeedRedita [2nd series] 116LPNetherlands1979
Hillbilly & Rockabilly Rarities / Ramblin' Tommy ScottCattle LP 126LPGermany1993
Hillbilly & Rockabilly Special, Vol. 1Dusty LP 100LPUnited States 
Hillbilly 'N BopMar-vel' CD  
Hillbilly 'N Bop: Mar-vel' And Glenn Record[no label name] [hnb]CD  
Hillbilly Boogie And Rock-A-BillyEsoldun RR 2009LPFrance1987
Hillbilly Bop Memphis StyleMeteor 5000LP 1979
Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 3, 1954-1955Jasmine JASMCD 3583/4CD  
Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 4, 1956-1957Jasmine JASMCD 3595/6CD 2010
Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 5, 1958-1959Jasmine JASMCD 3610CD 2012
Hillbilly Bop, Boogie, & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 1, 1948-1950Jasmine JSMCD 3560/1CD 2005
Hillbilly Bop, Boogie, & The Honky Tonk Blues, Vol. 2, 1951-1953Jasmine JASMCD 3562/3CD  
Hillbilly Fillies & Rockin' Chicks-SunCharly CPCD 8182CDEngland1996
Hillbilly Hit Parade, Part 1Starday SLP- 102LPUnited States 
Hillbilly HopHop 999CD  
Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 2Hop HOP-CD 777CD  
Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 3Hop HB-HV 003CD  
Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 4Hop 004CD  
Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 5Hop CD 005CD  
Hillbilly Hop: From The Hills To The GarageWendi LP 000016LPAustralia1981
Hillbilly Hot Rod & Automobile SongsJasmine JASMCD 3575CD 2006
Hillbilly Houn' Dawgs & Honky Tonk AngelsDetour 33- 008LPEngland1988
Hillbilly Houn'dawgs And Honky-Tonk AngelsBear Family BCD 17393CDGermany2014
Hillbilly In PhillySkyrocket SR- 2000LP  
Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie BeatCollector CLCD 2859CDNetherlands1999
Hillbilly Jukebox: 26 Boppin' Country Rarities4 Star CD- 752CD 1992
Hillbilly RockDJM 22069LPEngland1977
Hillbilly RockSun (England) CFM 50910England1982
Hillbilly Rock, Vol. 1Lenox CD 1010CDFrance 
Hillbilly Rock, Vol. 2Lenox 1014CDFrance1994
Hillbilly Rock, Vol. 3Lenox 1016CDFrance1995
Hillbilly Rock: 20 Rare Tracks From The Hickory VaultsMagnum Force CDMF 034CDEngland1991
Hillbilly Rock: 20 Rare Tracks From The Hickory VaultsMagnum Force MFLP 034LPEngland1985
Hillbilly Stomp, Vol. 1Hillbilly Stomp Vol. 1LP 1998
Hillbilly Stomp, Vol. 2Hillbilly Stomp Vol. 2LP  
Hillbilly SweetheartRedita [2nd series] 128LPNetherlands1986
Hip Chicks And Hot MamasTeen Beat TB CD 252CDUnited States 
Hippy Hippy Shake / Chan RomeroDel-Fi DFCD 71251-2CDUnited States1995
His Early Years / Doug SahmCollectables COL- 5559CDUnited States1995
His First LP / Buddy KnoxMurray Hill M 61307LP 1986
His First Recordings / Doug SahmCharly CR 30188LPEngland1981
His Very Best Recordings / Bobby Lee TrammellCollector CL 1015LPNetherlands1973
Hits And Other Favorites / Johnny BurnetteLiberty [bootleg] LST 7206LP 1991
Hits And Other Favorites [And] Roses Are Red / Johnny BurnetteBeat Goes On BGOCD 406CDEngland1998
Hits And Rarities / Tommy RoeJudd 75 100LP 1989
Hittin' That Jug / Sonny BurgessAVI 5006CDUnited States1995
Hixville: We'll Have A Time, Yes-Siree!Jasmine JASCD 452CD 2007
Hobo BopBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55012CDGermany1993
Hobo BopHobo Bop 1181LP 1981
Hod-Rod RockabillyFolkline 274- 424CDEngland 
Hokey Pokey RockCollector CLCD 4466CDNetherlands2001
Hollywood Hep CatsGVC 2018CD 2008
Hollywood HillbilliesSee For Miles 98LP 1988
Hollywood Rock 'N' RollAce CDCHM 1CDEngland1990
Hollywood Rock 'N' RollAce CH 1LPEngland 
Hollywood Rock 'N' RollChiswick CH 1LPEngland1977
Home Made Early Rock And RollWhite Label WLP 8867LPNetherlands1984
Honey DollBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55089CDGermany2000
Honkin' BillyHonkin' Billy 5552LP 1994
Honky Tonk Kind / Charlie FeathersNorton CED 333CDUnited States2008
Honky Tonk Kind / Charlie FeathersNorton ED 333LP 2008
Honky Tonk Man / Johnny HortonColumbia (U.S.) CS 8779LPUnited States1986
Honky Tonk Rockabillies, Vol. 1Cotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 3CDGermany1997
Honky Tonk Rockabillies, Vol. 2Cotton Town Jubilee CTJCD 4CDGermany1997
Honky Tonk: Memphis HillbillyAce CH 168LPEngland1986
Honky Tonkin' In Mississippi / Jimmy SwanBear Family BCD 15758CDGermany1993
Honky Tonkin' RhythmGVC 2016CD 2008
Hoodlum Rockin'Collector CLCD 4495CDNetherlands2006
Hop Flop And FlySun (England) SUN 1025LPEngland1985
Hop, Skip And Jump / The Collins KidsBear Family BCD 15537CDGermany1992
Hop, Skip, And JumpEsoldun RR 2007LPFrance1986
Horror HopBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55014CDGermany1994
Hot Boppin CatsEsoldun RR 2024LPFrance1988
Hot Boppin Cats, Vol. 2Esoldun RR 2017LPFrance1987
Hot Boppin' CatsEsoldun RR 2011LPFrance1987
Hot Boppin' GirlsSupersonic FV 1169LPUnited States?1979
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 2Supersonic LPV 1170LPUnited States?1981
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 3Supersonic 1171LPUnited States?1981
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 4Supersonic LP-FV 1172LPUnited States?1986
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 5Supersonic 1173LPUnited States?1987
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 6Supersonic 1174LPUnited States?1988
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 7Supersonic 1175LPUnited States?1991
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 8Supersonic 1176LPUnited States?1991
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 9Supersonic FV 1177LPUnited States?1995
Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 10Supersonic FV 1178LPUnited States?1995
Hot Dog / Buck OwensPep 8017LPUnited States 
Hot Jumpin'Esoldun RR 2005LPFrance1986
Hot Licks, Rockin' GirlsCollector CLCD 4506CDNetherlands2007
Hot Rockin'Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55088CDGermany1999
Hot Rockin' GirlsMustang MUST 15CD  
Hot Rockin' Girls: Female Rock and Roll, 1956-1958Jasmine JASCD 518CD 2009
Hot Rockin' InstrumentalsCollector CLCD 4430CDNetherlands1995
Hot Rockin' Instrumentals, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4436CDNetherlands1997
Hot Rockin' Music From Memphis: The Cover Recording Company StoryStomper Time STCD 10CDEngland2000
Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee, Vol. 2: The Westwood Recording Company StoryStomper Time STCD 22CDEngland2006
Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee: The Jaxon Recording Company StoryStomper Time STCD 20CDEngland2005
Hot Rockin' PicksGoldband GCL- 118LPEngland1984
Hot Rockin' TracksMima MLP 00110 1997
Hot Rod / Charlie RyanKing 751LPUnited States1977
Hot Rod ClassicsRhythm Bomb RBR 5667CDEngland2008
Hot Rod GangBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55005CDGermany1993
Hot Rod HopBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55083CDGermany1999
Hot Rod Lincoln / Charlie RyanLincoln LR CD 001CDUnited States2001
Hot Rod RaceBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55184CDGermany2007
Hot Rod Race: Hopped Up Hillbilly Songs 1946-59Car Club CCR 001LPGermany2009
Hot Rod RockabillyNot Now Music NOT2CD 504CD 2013
Hot Rod RumbleBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55044CDGermany1996
Hot Rods & CadillacsPresto [HR&C]CD  
Hot Southern BoppersSun (England) SUN 1024LPEngland1985
Hotrod WeekendWhite Label WLP 8940LPNetherlands1988
House Of Blue Lights / Chuck MillerDig It 610CD  
Hoy Hoy / Clyde StacyBear Family BCD- 17152CDGermany2011
Huelyn DuvallWhite Label WLP 8864LPNetherlands1983
Hula RockIsland CD-IR: 001CD  
Hurry BabyMustang MUST 11CD  
Hylo BrownCCL 1124LPGermany 
Hypnotized / Terry NolandBear Family BCD 15428CDGermany1990

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