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Comps Title Index for M

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
MCA Rockabillies, Vol. 1Big Tone BT 5705CDEngland1993
MCA Rockabillies, Vol. 2Big Tone BT 5706CDEngland1993
MCA Rockabillies, Vol. 3Big Tone BT 5707CDEngland1993
MCA Rockabillies, Vol. 4Big Tone BT 5716CDEngland1993
MGM Rock 'N' Roll Collection (2xLP)MGM (France) 2624 032LPFrance1980
MGM Rockabillies, Vol. 1Big Tone BT 5703CDEngland1993
MGM Rockabillies, Vol. 2Big Tone BT 5713CDEngland1993
MGM Rockabilly CollectionMGM (England) 2315 394LPEngland1977
MGM Rockabilly Collection, Vol. 2MGM (England) 2354 147LPEngland1981
Mack Allen Smith, The Early Years, 1962-1967Big Legal Mess BLM 0210CD  
Mad Dog In TownMustang MUST 4CD  
Madness InvasionGMG 842624CDFrance1999
Madness InvasionGMG 842628CDFrance1998
Madness Invasion, Vol. 1GMG 75026LPFrance 
Madness Invasion, Vol. 2GMG 75030LPFrance1988
Madness Invasion, Vol. 3GMG 12076LPFrance1988
Madness Invasion, Vol. 3GMG 75036LPFrance1988
Magnum RockabillyMagnum Force CDMF 100CDEngland1998
Major Bill Texas Rock And RollSonet 807LPSweden1980
Maltshop's Super Six-PakMaltshop MCD 6001CDUnited States1998
Mama RockWendi LP 000013LPAustralia1980
Mama, Mama, Mama / Louis HobbsEagle 90701CDGermany1995
Man's Ruin: Skin-Tone Rock 'N' RollPompadour DA 00210  
Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 1Cowboy Carl CCLP- 100LPUnited States1978
Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 2: Hillbilly BoogieCowboy Carl CCLP- 101LPUnited States1979
Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 3Cowboy Carl CCLP- 104LPUnited States1979
Mar-vel' Masters, Vol. 4: It's CountryCowboy Carl CCLP 106LPUnited States1981
Marianne: 16 Hot Rockin' TracksStock Car 104LP  
Mark Lamarr's Ace Is WildWestside 812CDEngland1998
Mark Lamarr's Roc-King Up Another StormWestside 103CDEngland2000
Marty Robbins SingsBear Family BFX 15045LPGermany1982
Marty Robbins Sings: Rockin' Rollin' Robbins, Vol. 1Bear Family BCD 15566CDGermany1991
Marvin Rainwater Sings With A Heart, With A BeatBear Family BFX 15132LPGermany1984
Mason Dixie BoogieCollector CLCD 2880CDNetherlands 
Masters & Studio Outtakes / Janis MartinBear Family BCD 16154CDGermany2006
Matt Lucas' Original HitsBluejam BJ CD 7797CDUnited States 
Mean Mamas and DC-RightdaddiesCollector CLCD 2878CDNetherlands 
Mean Mean DaddyBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55026CDGermany1995
Megaton RockCollector CLCD 4468CDNetherlands2002
Mello Jello . . . For Groovy GhoulsSkinupski LP 2LP  
Mello Jello . . . For Mello MuffinsSkinupski LP 1LP  
Melvin EndsleyPoint 315LP 1978
Memories Of Buddy Holly / Bobby FullerRockhouse LP 8407LPNetherlnads1984
Memphis Bad Boy / Tommy TuckerZu-Zazz 2001LPEngland1987
Memphis BeatCharly CR 30149LPEngland1978
Memphis BopBoot 70610 1998
Memphis BopSun no #10 1998
Memphis Bop, Vol. 2Boot 706/210 1999
Memphis CountryCowboy Carl CCLP 103LPUnited States1979
Memphis CountrySun (U.S.) 120LPUnited States 
Memphis Days / Narvel FeltsBear Family BCD 15515CDGermany1990
Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky TonkersStomper Time STCD 14CDEngland2001
Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 2Stomper Time STCD 15CDEngland2002
Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 4Stomper Time STCD 19CDEngland2004
Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 5Stomper Time STCD 21CDEngland2006
Memphis RockabillyAce CH 167LPEngland1985
Memphis RockabillySunjay SJLP 568LPSweden1986
Memphis Rockabilly King / Eddie BondStomper Time STCD 23CDEngland2007
Memphis Rockabilly, Vol. 2Sunjay SJLP 578LPSweden1988
Memphis Rocks The CountryRedita [2nd series] 104LPNetherlands1978
Memphis Rocks the CountryRedita [1st series] 106LPNetherlands1973
Memphis Rocks: Rockabilly in Memphis, 1954-1968Smithsonian RD 051CDUnited States1992
Memphis Saturday NightZu-Zazz Z 2005LPEngland1990
Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 3White Label WLP 8914LPNetherlands1986
Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 4White Label WLP 8916LPNetherlands1987
Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 5White Label WLP 8918LPNetherlands1987
Memphis, Rock And Roll Capital Of The World, Vol. 6White Label WLP 8920LPNetherlands1987
Memphis, Rock And Roll Capitol Of The World, Vol. 1White Label WLP 8904LPNetherlands1986
Memphis, Vol. 7 / Lloyd ArnoldWhite Label WLP 8921LPNetherlands1987
Memphis: The Cover Record Label StoryWhite Label WLP 8966LPNetherlands1991
Memphis: The Stompertime Record Label StoryWhite Label WLP 8969LPNetherlands1991
Mercury HillbillyCactus Merc. 1CDUnited States 
Mercury HillbillyOfficial OFF-CD 5055CDUnited States2003
Mercury Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1Big Tone BTCD 6000CDEngland 
Mercury RockabilliesMercury (England) 6463 084LPEngland1981
Mercury RockabilliesPhilips 6336 257LPEngland1975
Mercury Rockabillies [And] Louisiana Rock 'N' RollBig Tone BT 5704CDEngland1993
Mercury Rockabilly, Vol. 1Big Tone BTCD 6001CDEngland 
Mercury Rockabilly, Vol. 2Big Tone BTCD 6002CDEngland 
Meteor RockabilliesAce CDCHM 484CDEngland1993
Meteor RockabilliesMeteor MTCD 5001CD 1993
Meteor Rockabilly & HillbillyAce CDCH2 885CDEngland2003
Miami RockabillyAFS 1001LPUnited States1979
Miami RockabillyAce CDCHD 639CDEngland1998
Miami Rockabilly, Vol. ThreeAFS 1003LPUnited States1981
Miami Rockabilly, Vol. TwoAFS 1002LPUnited States1980
Michigan Rockers, Vol. 1Rock Therapy CD MI 100CDUnited States 
Mickey GilleyCountry 10 CFX 204LP 1982
Mickey GilleyCrazy Cajun 1006LPUnited States1976
Mickey Gilley And His Rockin' PianoPEG 73200 LLPFrance 
Mickey Gilley's Rockin' Rollin' PianoSparkletone SP-CD 99006CDDenmark1995
Midwest Garage Band Series: KansasRed Dog RDK/K- 001CDUnited States 
Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 1White Label WLP 8852LPNetherlands1983
Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 2White Label WLP 8853LPNetherlands1983
Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 3White Label WLP 8854LPNetherlands1983
Minnesota Rock-A-Billy-rock, Vol. 4White Label WLP 8855LPNetherlands1983
Minnesota Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 5White Label WLP 8878LPNetherlands1984
Minnesota Rockers, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4428CDNetherlands1995
Missing Links, Vol. 1: Hillbilly Wolf / Link WrayNorton CED 210CDUnited States1997
Missing Links, Vol. 1: Hillbilly Wolf / Link WrayNorton ED 210LPUnited States1990
Missing Links, Vol. 2: Big City After Dark / Link WrayNorton CED 211CDUnited States 
Missing Links, Vol. 2: Big City After Dark / Link WrayNorton ED 211LPUnited States1990
Missing Links, Vol. 3: Some Kinda Nut / Link WrayNorton ED 212LPUnited States1990
Missing Links, Vol. 4: Streets Of Chicago / Link WrayNorton ED 253LP 1997
Mississippi Rock And RollCollector CLS 2305LPNetherlands1976
Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965 / Glen GlennStomper Time STCD 4CDEngland1993
Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965: 40th Anniversary / Glen GlennGo-Cat-Go 25752CDJapan1994
Missouri Rockers, Vol. 1 / The Rebel RousersWhite Label WLP 8963LPNetherlands1991
Missouri Rockers, Vol. 2White Label WLP 8964LPNetherlands1991
Mister Rock & RollWhite Label WLP 8859LPNetherlands1983
Misty Rockin NightsCollector CLCD 4472CDNetherlands2002
Modern Rock 'N' Roll And RockabillyAce CH 185LPEngland1986
Modern RockabillyAce CH 3210England1981
Modern Romance / Sanford Clark Featuring Al Casey, GuitarDo-Ja 18 11 43LPUnited States?1976
Monster BopBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55013CDGermany1993
Monster HopWhite Label WLP 8930LPNetherlands1988
Monster Rock 'N' RollCrypt GRYPT 181LPUnited States1981
Monster Rock And RollComet 001/74LP 1974
Monster Sounds And Boppin' TracksMarginal MAR 003CDBelgium1995
Monster Sounds And Boppin' Tracks, Vol. 2Marginal MAR 005CDBelgium1995
Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Greatest HitsKing 555LP 1989
Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Greatest HitsSing 555LPDenmark1988
Moon Over Madison / Hasil AdkinsNorton CED 217CDUnited States2006
Moon Over Madison / Hasil AdkinsNorton ED 217LPUnited States1990
Moon Over MemphisMoon No. 299CD  
Moon Over Mullican: The Definitive Rock & Roll Collection / Moon MullicanEncore Mu- 04CD  
Moon Records: Rock On The MoonRedita [2nd series] 136LPNetherlands 
Moon's Rock / Moon MullicanBear Family BCD 15607CDGermany1992
Moonlight RockWhite Label WLP 8949LPNetherlands1989
Moonshine Jamboree / Moon MullicanAce CDCHD 458CDEngland1993
More Boppin' ... More Rockin'Collector CLCD 2875CDNetherlands 
More Crewcuts, Ponytails & BobbysocksTeenager TEEN 5925CDSweden1997
More Georgia MusicWhite Label WLP 8942LPNetherlands1988
More Girls Real GoneCollector CLCD 4480CDNetherlands2003
More Great RockCollector CL 1012LPNetherlands1972
More Great Rockin' GirlsCollector CLCD 4416CDNetherlands1993
More Hollywood Rock 'N' RollAce CDCHD 494CDEngland1994
More Home Made Early Rock And RollWhite Label WLP 8868LPNetherlands1984
More Hot Rockin' TracksMima MLP 00210 1998
More Huelyn DuvallWhite Label WLP 8880LPNetherlands1984
More Of That Rocker / Bob LumanBear Family BFX 15039LPGermany1980
More Pennsylvania BoppersWhite Label WLP 8910LPNetherlands1986
More Primitive SoundWhite Label WLP 8833LPNetherlands1981
More Radio Rockabillies / Narvel Felts & Jerry MercerRockstar 012CDEngland1997
More Rare RockWhite Label WLP 8870LPNetherlands1984
More Rare Rocking GirlsWhite Label WLP 8899LPNetherlands1986
More Real Rock-A-Billy And Country RockWhite Label WLP 8819LPNetherlands1980
More Rock From The Great Early DaysWhite Label WLP 8901LPNetherlands1986
More Rock-A-Billy RockWhite Label WLP 8828LPNetherlands1981
More Rock-A-Billy With Benny JoyWhite Label WLP 8825LPNetherlands1981
More Rockin' On BroadwayAce CDCHD 853CDEndland2002
More Slow Boogie Rockin'Collector CLCD 4461CDNetherlands2000
More Sundown RockersSun (England) LP 1036LPEngland1988
More Tennessee Rockin'White Label WLP 8840LPNetherlands1982
More Wild Rockin'White Label WLP 8858LPNetherlands1983
Motorcycle GangBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55008CDGermany1994
Mountain Of Love / Harold DormanBear Family BFX 15262LPGermany1988
Move And RockCollector CLCD 4519CDNetherlands 
Move OnBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55091CDGermany2000
Movin' OnCollector CLCD 2867CDNetherlands 
Movin' Out!! With The Krazy KatsKrazy Kats KK 1964CDUnited States 
Mr. Action Packed / Johnny DollarDragon Street 70298CDUnited States1998
Mr. Dynamo / Ronnie HawkinsRoulette 25102LP 1993
Mr. Dynamo [And] Songs Of Hank Williams / Ronnie HawkinsCollectables 6221CDUnited States1998
Mr. Frantic Is Boppin' The Blues / Ronnie SelfHydra BCK 27113CDGermany2001
Mr. Honky Tonk Man / Howard CrockettNeon Fire NF 9002CD 1993
Mr. Nicotine / Paul ChaplainWhite Label WLP 8915LPNetherlands1987
Mr. You Drive Me Crazy / Ray ScottWhite Label WLP 8913LPNetherlands1986
Mule Skinner Blues ... Plus / The FendermenBeatRocket BR 116LP 2000
Mule Skinner Blues / The FendermenDee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55020CDGermany1995
Mule Skinner Blues / The FendermenSoma MG- 1240LP 1980
Music With A Western Beat / Eddie JacksonWoodward WWD 100LP 1996
My Babe / Dale HawkinsArgo LP 1450LPGermany1986
My Baby Likes To Rock & Roll / Del ReevesDemand DM LP 2020LP  
My Baby Scares MePan American 56034CDSwitzerland2008
My Bobby Sox QueenClassics 711CDSweden2000
My Chick Is FinePan American 56015CDSwitzerland 
My Girl Janis / Janis MartinGVC 1007CD 2009
My Girl Josephine / Jerry JayeHi 122CD 1992
My Girl Josephine / Jerry JayeHi 32038CD 1996
My Girl Josephine / Jerry JayeHi SHL 32038LP 1991
My Girl Josephine / Jerry JayeNorton 630CDUnited States2000
My Heart's On FIre, 1953-1959 / Werly FairburnEl Toro ETCD 1043CDSpain 
My Kind Of WomenPan American 56038CDSwitzerland2009
My Lil's Run Off / Howard CrockettBest BRCD 001CD 1995
My Lovin' BabyPan American 56001CDSwitzerland 
My True Love / Jack ScottHallmark 300312CD 1995

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