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Comps Title Index for N

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
Narvel FeltsSkyline 1880LP 1986
Narvel Felts Through The Years, Vol. 1, 1956-1959Legacy Series CD 1-2000CD 2001
Nashville Country RockRedita [1st series] 109LPNetherlands1974
Nashville Rock 'N' RollStomper Time STCD 13CDEngland2001
Nashville RockabillyStomper Time STCD 12CDEngland2001
Nashville Rockabilly And Country: From The Vaults Of Jed & Dollie RecordsGee Dee Music GD 270110-2CDGermany1995
Nashville, 9 November 1955 / Everly BrothersBear Family BFE 15075EPGermany1981
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 1B-Sharp 6/26CDEngland 
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 2B-Sharp 6/27CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 3B-Sharp 6/28CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 4B-Sharp 6/29CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 5B-Sharp 6/30CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 6B-Sharp 6/31CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 7B-Sharp 6/32CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 8B-Sharp 6/33CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 9B-Sharp 6/34CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, CD 10B-Sharp 6/35CD  
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 1B-Sharp 666- 1LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 2B-Sharp 666- 2LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 3B-Sharp 666- 4LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 4B-Sharp 666- 5LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 5B-Sharp 666- 7LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 6B-Sharp 666- 9LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 7B-Sharp 666-10LPEngland2005
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 8B-Sharp 666-11LPEngland2006
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 9B-Sharp 666-13LPEngland2006
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 10B-Sharp 666-14LPEngland2006
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 11B-Sharp 6/16LPGermany2007
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 12B-Sharp 6/17LPGermany2007
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 13B-Sharp 6/18LPGermany2008
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 14B-Sharp 6/19LPGermany2008
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 15B-Sharp 6/20LPGermany2008
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 16B-Sharp 6/21LP  
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 17B-Sharp 6/22LPGermany2009
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 18B-Sharp 6/23LPGermany2009
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 19B-Sharp 6/26LP  
Nasty Rockabilly, Vol. 20B-Sharp 6/27LP  
Nau Voo Rock And RollCollector CLCD 4411CDNetherlands1993
Never To Be Forgotten: The Mustang Years / Bobby FullerDel-Fi DFBX 3903CDUnited States1998
New Orleans Senior PromNight Train Int. CD 7076CDUnited States 
New York Country Rock / Hank DavisRedita [2nd series] 115LPNetherlands1981
Night And Day U.S.A.Seville SEL 6LPEngland1982
Nine StitchesEagle 33- 90105LPGermany1991
Nobody's Child / Bobby JayNight Train Int. CD 7087CDUnited States1998
Non-Stop Rock 'N' RollMCA Coral (England) CDLM 8049LPEngland1977
Nothin' Shakin' / Eddie FontaineJalo 33102LPGermany1986
Nothin' Shakin' / Eddie FontaineTeenager CD 603CDUnited States 
Now Dig This: A Whole Lotta Roller Coaster RockersRollercoaster RCCD 200CDEngland1999
Now There's Only Me / Buddy KnoxStar ST 1051LP  

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