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Comps Title Index for R

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
R-r-r-racket Time / Ronnie HawkinsCharly CR 30180LPEngland1980
RCA Country Legends / Don GibsonBuddha LC 00316CD  
RCA Rockabilly, Vol. 1Big Tone BTCD 6005CD  
RCA Rockabilly, Vol. 2Big Tone BTCD 6006CD  
Rabbit ActionSun (England) SUN 1018LPEngland1985
Radio Rockabillies / Narvel Felts & Johnny MercerRockstar 1016LPEngland1988
Rakin' And Scrapin' / Dean BeardRevival 3008LP 1988
Rampage: 17 Full-Throttled RockersAtomic Passion AP 1959LP 2005
Rare & Rockin! / Al HendrixRush Publishing 37101 36883CDUnited States2007
Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 1Eagle 90203CDGermany1994
Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 2Eagle 90204CDGermany1996
Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 3Eagle EA-R 90206CDGermany1994
Rare Instrumental, Vol. 8Clock/Canadian Can- 2308CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 1Canadian CAN- 2301CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 2Canadian CAN- 2302CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 3Canadian CAN- 2303CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 4Canadian CAN- 2304CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 5Canadian CAN- 2305CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 6Canadian CAN- 2306CDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 7Canadian CAN- 2307bCDCanada2005
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 8Canadian CAN- 2308CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 9Canadian CAN- 2309CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 10Canadian CAN- 2310CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 11Canadian CAN- 2311CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 12Canadian CAN- 2312CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 13Canadian CAN- 4513CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 14Canadian PlayMe- 4514CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 15Canadian PA- 4515CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 16Canadian CD- 4516CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 17Canadian CD- 4517CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 18Canadian CM- 4518CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 19Canadian CM- 4519CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 20Canadian CM- 4520CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 21Canadian CM- 4521CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 22Canadian RI- 4522CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 23Canadian 4523CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 24Canadian RI- 4524CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 25Canadian 4525CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 26Canadian RI- 4526CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 27Canadian RI- 4527CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 28Canadian RI- 4528CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 29Canadian 4529CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 30Canadian RI- 4530CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 31Canadian RI- 4531CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 32Canadian RI- 4532CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 33Canadian RI- 4533CD  
Rare Instrumentals, Vol. 34Canadian RI- 4534CD  
Rare Items / Jack ScottFlash 52LP  
Rare Items / Ray SmithRevival REVIVAL 3004LP 1987
Rare Rock & Roll, Vol. 1Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671101MPUnited States2011
Rare Rock & Roll, Vol. 2Emusic/Ling Music Group 12666248MP 2011
Rare Rock & Roll, Vol. 4Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671061MP 2011
Rare Rock 'N' Roll RampageProper PROPERBOX 146CD 2008
Rare Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1MCA (England) CDL 8507LPEngland1980
Rare Rock From CanadaWhite Label WLP 8860LPNetherlands1983
Rare Rock-A-BillyCollector CL 1019LPNetherlands1973
Rare Rock-A-Billy Boppin'Esoldun RR 2023LPFrance1988
Rare Rock-A-Billy, Vol. 2Collector CL 1020LPNetherlands1974
Rare RockabillyMCA (England) MCFM 2697LPEngland1975
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 1Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671081MPUnited States2011
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 2Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671123MPUnited States2011
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 2MCA (England) MCFM 2789LPEngland1977
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671043MPUnited States2011
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3MCA (England) MCFM 2833LPEngland1978
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671027MPUnited States2011
Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4MCA (England) MCF 3035LPEngland1979
Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 1White Label WLP 8951LPNetherlands1990
Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 2White Label WLP 8952LPNetherlands1990
Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 3White Label WLP 8953LPNetherlands1990
Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 4White Label WLP 8954LPNetherlands1990
Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels, Vol. 5White Label WLP 8957LPNetherlands1990
Rare Rockin' GirlsWhite Label 8885LPNetherlands1985
Rare White Boppin'Vampirella Music MCG 2001210Germany1997
Rare White Boppin' [And] Rare Black Rockin': Original Sun MaterialVampirella MCG 1020012-2CDGermany2000
Rare Wild Primitive Early Rock InstrumentalsWhite Label WLP 8861LPNetherlands1983
Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly BoogieAce CH 44LPEngland1982
Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie ; The Best Of Ace RockabillyAce CDCHD 311CDEngland1991
Rarin' RockabilliesRarin' 666LPUnited States1978
Rarin' RockabilliesRarin' 666ALPUnited States1978
Raunchy RockabillyCharly CR 30147LPEngland1978
Ray Smith Sings And Rocks / Ray SmithRundell 2CDGermany1999
Razorback Rock And RollRock & Country 1018LPSweden1984
Real Cool / Aubrey CagleSolid Gold SGR- 102CDUnited States2000
Real Cool Cats: Texas Rockabilly 1955El Toro ETCD 1010CDSpain2007
Real Gone Aragon: Roots, Rockers, & RockabilliesBear Family BCD 16348CDGermany2003
Real Gone DaddyMustang MUST 9CD  
Real Gone GirlsCollector CLCD 4473CDNetherlands2002
Real Memphis Rock & Roll / Warren Smith[SERD?] SERD 571LP 1995
Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren SmithCharly 23LPEngland1988
Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren SmithSun (England) CDX 23LPEngland1988
Real Old Tennessee Rock And Country, 1954-1957, Vol. 3White Label WLP 8810LPNetherlands1979
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 1Zomboco 1CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 2Zomboco 2CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3Zomboco 3CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4Zomboco 4CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 5Zomboco 5CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 6Zomboco 6CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 7Zomboco 7CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 8Zomboco 8CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 9Zomboco 9CDUnited States 
Real Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 10Zomboco 10CDUnited States 
Real Rock InstrumentalsWhite Label WLP 8907LPNetherlands1986
Real Rockin' NowWhite Label 8881LPNetherlands1985
Reallll Rrrrockin'Collector CLCD 4425CDNetherlands1995
Rebel & Rebel Ace Label CollectionRundell RUN 010LPGermany1990
Rebel - Rebel Ace Records StoryStomper Time STCD 16CDEngland2002
Rebel Rock / The TraitsDomino 1011LPUnited States?1992
Rebel RockabillyCharly CRM 2015LPEngland1981
Rebel Rockabilly RockJim Jam 8991LPNetherlands1993
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 10Jim Jam WLJJ 1010LPNetherlands1996
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 2Jim Jam 8982LPNetherlands1993
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 3Jim Jam 8993LPNetherlands1994
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 4Jim Jam 8994LPNetherlands1994
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 5Jim Jam 8995LPNetherlands1994
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 6Jim Jam 8996LPNetherlands1994
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 7Jim Jam 8997LPNetherlands1995
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 8Jim Jam 8998LPNetherlands1995
Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 9Jim Jam 8999LPNetherlands1995
Record Shop Hop: 30 Classic Motor City RockabillysTitanic CD 1001CD 1994
Recordando Los '50 / Freddy FenderARV Int. ARVLP- 1034LPUnited States1976
Recorded Inside Louisiana State Prison / Freddy FenderPower Pak PO- 280LPUnited States1975
Red Coat, Green Pants, Red Suede Shoes / Lloyd ArnoldEmusic/Stomper Time 11425889MPUnited States2009
Red Coat, Green Pants, Red Suede Shoes / Lloyd ArnoldStar-Club 506008CDSweden1997
Red HotPan American 56008CDSwitzerland 
Red Hot (Memphis) Rockabilly, Vol. 5Magnum Force MFLP 060LPEngland1988
Red Hot (Memphis) Rockabilly, Vol. 6Magnum Force MFLP 062LPEngland1988
Red Hot / Bob LumanStar-Club 506000CDSweden1995
Red Hot LovePan American 56019CDSwitzerland2008
Red Hot Riley / Billy RileyCharly CDX 9LPEngland1985
Red Hot Riley / Billy Riley[SERD?] SERD 624LP 1995
Red Hot Rock 'N' RollRed Hot 101LP 1978
Red Hot RockabilliesCruisin' 58344LPEngland1981
Red Hot RockabillyMagnum Force CDMF 030CDEngland1990
Red Hot RockabillyMagnum Force MFLP 030LPEngland1985
Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 1Disky DC- 885782CDNetherlands1999
Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 2Disky DC- 885932CDNetherlands1999
Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 3Disky DC- 885962CDNetherlands1999
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 2Magnum Force MFLP 043LPEngland1987
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 3Magnum Force MFLP 055LPEngland1987
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 4Magnum Force MFLP 056LPEngland1988
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 7Magnum Force CDMF 069CDEngland1989
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 7Magnum Force MFLP 069LPEngland1989
Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 8 (Best Of)Magnum Force CDMF 082CDEngland1992
Red Hot, 1956-57 / Bob LumanEl Toro ETCDVD 10011CDSpain2008
Red Hot: The Best Of Billy Lee RileyAVI 5007CDUnited States1995
Red Hot: The Best Of Sun RockabillySelect CD 586CD 2001
Red-Hot RockabillyTime-Life Music 2RNR- 32 / OPCD-2571CDUnited States1990
Red-Hot RockabillyTime-Life Music OP- 2571LP  
Reed RecordingsWhite Label WL 8872LPNetherlands1984
Restless DollBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55076CDGermany1998
Rhythm & BoozeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55073CDGermany1998
Rhythm & Booze / Buck OwensThat's Country TC 020CD 1992
Rhythm & RockChess (England) CXMP 2002LPEngland1982
Rhythm FeetBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55188CDGermany2008
Ricky Coyne Meets Andy DioEagle 90127CDGermany1999
Ride That Train Tonight / Matt LucasCharly CR 30222LPEngland1983
Right Or Wrong / Wanda JacksonCapitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 85314LPBelgium1978
Riot In Cell Block 9Rocket 88 RLP 5002LPAustralia 
Rip It UpBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55063CDGermany1997
Roc-King Up Another StormWestside 103CDEngland2000
RockBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55060CDGermany1997
Rock & Country Rockabilly, Vol. 1Rock & Country 1006LPSweden1980
Rock & Rock-A-Billy AgainWhite Label WLP 8822LPNetherlands1980
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 1Blend BLR. 82001LPBelgium1982
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 2Blend BLR. 82002LPBelgium1982
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 3Blend BLR. 82003LPBelgium1983
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 4Blend BLR. 82004LPBelgium1983
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 5Blend BLR. 82005LPBelgium1983
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 6Blend BLR. 82006LPBelgium1983
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 7Blend BLR. 82007LPBelgium1984
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 8Blend BLR. 82008LPBelgium1984
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 9Blend BLR. 82009LPBelgium1984
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 10Blend BLR. 82010LPBelgium1984
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 11Blend BLR. 82011LPBelgium1985
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 12Blend BLR 82012LPBelgium1985
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 13Blend BLR 82013LPBelgium1985
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 14Blend BLR 82014LPBelgium1985
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 15Blend BLR 82015LPBelgium1986
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 16Blend BLR 82016LPBelgium 
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 17Blend BLR 82017LPBelgium 
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 18Blend BLR 82018LPBelgium 
Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 19Blend BLR 82019LPBelgium 
Rock & Roll Country StyleAmerican Country Music ACM CD 1001CD 2004
Rock & Roll Country Style, Vol. 2American Country Music ACM CD 1002CD 2004
Rock & Roll CoversCollector CLCD 4504CDNetherlands2007
Rock & Roll CoversCollector CLCD 4505CDNetherlands2007
Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 3Collector CLCD 4511CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 4Collector CLCD 4512CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 5Collector CLCD 4513CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 6Collector CLCD 4521CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll Fee BeeFlyright FLY 55CDEngland1993
Rock & Roll FeverAce CHD 574CDEngland1996
Rock & Roll ForeverCool 561LP 1980
Rock & Roll In Spanish / The Bebop Kid And FriendsOrfean TV- 032CDDominican Rep. 
Rock & Roll MamaTop Hat 10010Spain?2000
Rock & Roll MurderJD 1996LP 1996
Rock & Roll Murder, Vol. 2JD 1996/2LP 1997
Rock & Roll PartyJan/Star Club 33- 8009LPSweden1981
Rock & Roll Party, Vol. 1Red Flames R.DCD- 1000CD 2005
Rock & Roll SurvivalCoral (England) CPS 88LPEngland1972
Rock & Roll Tonight / Johnny BurnetteHydra BCK 27110CDGermany1999
Rock & Roll Tornado / Dale HawkinsAce 693CDEngland1998
Rock & Roll USARedita [1st series] 104LPNetherlands1973
Rock & Roll USA - High School HopTops 1510CD 1995
Rock & Roll When It's Better Than SexNude 00110 1999
Rock & Roll With PianoWhite Label 8973LPNetherlands1992
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 3Collector CLCD 4445CDNetherlands1998
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 4Collector CLCD 4455CDNetherlands1999
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 7Collector CLCD 4475CDNetherlands2002
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 8Collector CLCD 4485CDNetherlands2004
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 12Collector CLCD 4508CDNetherlands2007
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 13Collector CLCD 4515CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 14Collector CLCD 4520CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 15Collector CLCD 4524CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 16Collector CLCD 4531CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 17Collector CLCD 4533CDNetherlands 
Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 18Collector CLCD 4537CDNetherlands 
Rock 'N Roll / Eddie Con Los ShadesAmor A- 156LP 1983
Rock 'N Roll / Freddy Fender As Eddie Con Los ShadesArhoolie CD 9038CDUnited States2003
Rock 'N Roll / Johnny BurnetteSkyline SKY 1254LP 1983
Rock 'N Roll Cowboy: Sage & Sand Greatest RockabilliesP-Vine PCD 2468CDJapan1994
Rock 'N Roll FeverRedita [2nd series] 125LPNetherlands1985
Rock 'N Roll Heroes / Eddie Cochran & Gene VincentMusidisc 108192CD 1991
Rock 'N Roll Party, Vol. 1Eagle 323LPGermany1985
Rock 'N Roll Remember, Vol. 1Remember 82001LP 1982
Rock 'N Roll RiotBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55004CDGermany1993
Rock 'N Roll Tonight / Hasil AdkinsDee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2044LPGermany1984
Rock 'N' Roll & Rock-A-Billy InfernoCleopatra 1163CDUnited States2001
Rock 'N' Roll At The Jook Joint, Vol. 1Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1010LPItaly 
Rock 'N' Roll CruisersBig Brother BB 001LP 2000
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 1Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party 201LP  
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 2Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party RRDP 202LPEngland 
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 3Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party 203LP  
Rock 'N' Roll Fever -- Unknown Star / Donnie BrooksJuke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1004LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 1Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1001LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 2Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1002LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 3Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1003LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 4Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1005LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 5Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1006LPItaly1991
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 6Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1007LPItaly1992
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 7Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1008LPItaly1993
Rock 'N' Roll Fever, Vol. 8Juke Box Saturday Night JBSN 1009LPItaly1993
Rock 'N' Roll For Collectors, Vol. 1Fifty-Eight 101LP 1980
Rock 'N' Roll From Outer Space, Vol. 1Outer Space LP 01-OSRLP 2007
Rock 'N' Roll From The Garage To The StudioWendi LP 000017LPAustralia1981
Rock 'N' Roll HepcatCollector CLCD 4496CDNetherlands2006
Rock 'N' Roll History, Vol. 3 / Tommy SandsCapitol (Germany) 038 EMD 85 096LPGermany1978
Rock 'N' Roll In My BedCanadian Collector 7001LP 2008
Rock 'N' Roll JamboreeSunrock SLP 822LPSweden1982
Rock 'N' Roll Jamboree, Vol. 2Sunrock 831LPSweden1983
Rock 'N' Roll Legend / Sonny BurgessCharly CRR 010CDEngland2008
Rock 'N' Roll Masters / Johnny BurnetteLiberty/EMI CDP7 92924CDFrance1989
Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The CricketsEMI 1318LP 1989
Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The CricketsEMI (France) 91757CDFrance1989
Rock 'N' Roll Memories / Eddie Cochran & Gene VincentRockstar 018CDEngland2000
Rock 'N' Roll Not From CincinnatiLee 410LPUnited States1980
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 1Flesh Den 6901CDEngland1992
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 2Flesh Den 6902CDEngland1995
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 3Flesh Den 6903CDEngland1995
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 4Flesh Den FD 6904CDEngland1997
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 5Flesh Den FD 6905CDEngland1997
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 7Flesh Den 6907CDEngland 
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 8Flesh Den 6908CDEngland 
Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 9Flesh Den 6909CDEngland2009
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 1Sun (England) 3CDEngland1988
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 2Sun (England) 6CDEngland1988
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 3Sun (England) 9CDEngland1991
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 4Sun (England) 12CDEngland1991
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 5Sun (England) 14CDEngland1991
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 6Sun (England) 15CDEngland1990
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 7Sun (England) 16CDEngland1990
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 8Sun (England) 17CDEngland1993
Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 9Sun (England) 18CDEngland1993
Rock 'N' Roll PartyAce CH 221LPEngland1987
Rock 'N' Roll Rarities: 40th Anniversary / Johnny CarrollGo-Cat-Go 25648CDJapan1994
Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Johnny BurnetteAce Of Hearts AH 120LPEngland 
Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Johnny Burnette[label?] 560 072LP 1986
Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 5Collector CLCD 4462CDNetherlands2000
Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 6Collector CLCD 4467CD 2001
Rock All NightAce CDCHD 763CDEngland2000
Rock All Night With Glenn HoneycuttStomper Time STEP 3EPEngland 
Rock AlongWhite Label 8886LPNetherlands1985
Rock Along Time / Bobby Brown & The CuriosCollector CLCD 4500CDNetherlands2006
Rock And RhythmWhite Label WLP 8801LPNetherlands1978
Rock And Roll -- Let's GoWhite Label WLP 8922LPNetherlands1987
Rock And Roll / Boyd Bennett & His RocketsSwing B 4950LPItaly1990
Rock And Roll AgainCollector CL 1017LPNetherlands1973
Rock And Roll And Robbins / Marty RobbinsBella 1002LPGermany 
Rock And Roll At The Capitol TowerBeat Goes On 504CDEngland2001
Rock And Roll At The Capitol TowerCapitol (France) 2S 150- 81970/1LPFrance1975
Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 2Capitol (France) 2S 184- 85029/30LPFrance1977
Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 3Capitol (France) 2S 150- 85345/6LPFrance1978
Rock And Roll BillyWhite Label 8939LPNetherlands1988
Rock And Roll BluesRedita [2nd series] 124LPNetherlands1984
Rock And Roll CannibalsBear Family BFX 15233LPGermany1987
Rock And Roll ChristmasJan/Star Club 33- 8038LPSweden1989
Rock And Roll Country StyleCollector CLCD 2870CDNetherlands 
Rock And Roll Daddy-O / Joey CastleBear Family BCD 15560CDGermany1991
Rock And Roll For Collectors, Vol. 1Knockville 4400LPNetherlands1974
Rock And Roll For Collectors, Vol. 2Knockville 4401LPNetherlands1975
Rock And Roll For Collectors, Vol. 3Knockville 4403LPNetherlands 
Rock And Roll ForeverCollector CLS 2306LPNetherlands1976
Rock And Roll GirlsWhite Label WH 8866LPNetherlands1983
Rock And Roll HuntingWhite Label 8962LPNetherlands1991
Rock And Roll MedicineWhite Label 8903LPNetherlands1986
Rock And Roll MeetingRundell 001LPGermany1983
Rock And Roll Memories / Rusty YorkJewel JRC- 917LPUnited States1979
Rock And Roll Midwest Style! / Myron Lee & The CaddiesUnlimited Prod. UPLP 1004LPUnited States1986
Rock And Roll PillsSun (England) SUN 1023LPEngland1985
Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4437CDNetherlands1997
Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 9Collector CLCD 4489CDNetherlands2005
Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 10Collector CLCD 4494CDNetherlands2006
Rock And Roll With Piano, Vol. 11Collector CLCD 4503CDNetherlands2006
Rock And Roll Years / Johnny RiversSuede 5787LP 1987
Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 2: Cowboys, Hillbillies 'N InjunsRockafeller US 7002LP 1994
Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 7: Hillbilly RoundupRockafeller US 7007LP 1996
Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 8: Jive SpecialRockafeller US 7008LP 1996
Rock And Roll, Vol. 3Collector CL 1010LPNetherlands1972
Rock Around The Clock: Decca/Coral/BrunswickMCA (Japan) MVCM 22064CDJapan1996
Rock Around The Eifel Tower / Wanda JacksonBig Beat (France) BBR 00062CDFrance2000
Rock Around The TownBopcat 700LPNetherlands1979
Rock Around The Town / Dean BeardEncore ECD 193587CDJapan1996
Rock Baby RockWendi LP 000014LPAustralia1980
Rock Baby RockWhite Label 8890LPNetherlands1985
Rock Baby Rock It, 1955-60 / Johnny CarrollBear Family BCD 15928CDGermany1996
Rock Baby Rock It: Record Hop Rock And RollCastle Pulse PBXCD 355CDEngland 
Rock Baby Rock It: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2AVI CD 5004CDUnited States1995
Rock Baby, Rock ItGoofin' GRCD 6111CDFinland2001
Rock Bop BoogieSun (England) SUN 1021LPEngland1985
Rock Boppin' Baby / Edwin BruceBear Family BFX 15194LPGermany1986
Rock Boppin' Baby: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 3AVI CD 5019CDUnited States1996
Rock Boys RockCollector CLCD 4517CDNetherlands 
Rock Choo-Choo RollBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55194CDGermany2009
Rock Crazy Baby / Art Adams & The Rhythm KnightsCollector CLCD 4477CDNetherlands2003
Rock EverybodyOut Of Time 3175LPBelgium?1979
Rock From ArkansasWhite Label WLP 8818LPNetherlands1980
Rock From Bakersfield: Country Rock & Roll 1956-1962 From Bakersfield, CACRH R- 17CD  
Rock From East To WestWhite Label 8846LPNetherlands1982
Rock From MemphisRedita [2nd series] 102LPNetherlands1978
Rock From Rare Small LabelsWhite Label WLP 8898LPNetherlands1985
Rock From The Carolina'sWhite Label WLP 8912LPNetherlands1986
Rock Girls RockCollector CLCD 4526CDNetherlands 
Rock Hip RockCollector CLCD 4532CDNetherlands 
Rock Hop BopMCA (France) 204695LPFrance1982
Rock In The Woods With Hank DavisRedita [2nd series] RLP- 120LPNetherlands1981
Rock ItSD 820LPGermany1991
Rock It / George JonesEncore 193196CD 1996
Rock It / George JonesKay GJ 20390LP 1992
Rock It Rock, Vol. 1 [And] Olympic Rock, Vol. 2Rock-It/Olympic RIO- 1001LPUnited States1978
Rock It!Legend 1002LPFrance1993
Rock It!Rockhouse LP 8411LPNetherlands1984
Rock It! / George JonesCactus CRCD 1002CDUnited States 
Rock It, Vol. 1Enviken 101CDSweden1999
Rock It, Vol. 2Enviken 102CDSweden1999
Rock It, Vol. 2Legend 1005LPFrance1993
Rock It, Vol. 3Lenox 100LPFrance1995
Rock It, Vol. 4Lenox 104LPFrance1997
Rock It, Vol. 5Lenox 109LPFrance2000
Rock It, Vol. 6Lenox 110LPFrance 
Rock It: 32 Authentic R&R And Rockabilly ShakersRockhouse ROCKCD 9319CDNetherlands1993
Rock Jump RockCollector CLCD 4456CDNetherlands1999
Rock Me: Mississippi HillbillyJasmine 469CD 2008
Rock Moon RockWhite Label WLP 8924LPNetherlands1988
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 1Orbit 5901CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 10Orbit 5910CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 11Orbit 5911CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 12Orbit 5912CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 13Orbit 5913CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 14Orbit 5914CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 15Orbit 5915CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 2Orbit 5902CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 3Orbit 5903CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 4Orbit 5904CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 5Orbit 5905CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 6Orbit 5906CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 7Orbit 5907CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 8Orbit 5908CDUnited States 
Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 9Orbit 5909CDUnited States 
Rock N' Roll Classics / Billy "Crash" CraddockEmusic/Rockabilly 12691501MPUnited States2011
Rock N' Roll, Vol. 1Collector CL 1008LPNetherlands1971
Rock N' Roll, Vol. 2Collector CL 1009LPNetherlands1971
Rock On -- Roll OnWhite Label WH 8865LPNetherlands1983
Rock On / Trini LopezVolk 1101LP 1995
Rock On Baby / Bill SherrellDomino 1010LPUnited States?1992
Rock OriginalsWhite Label WLP 8841LPNetherlands1982
Rock Originals / Patsy Cline[label?] 662070CD 1993
Rock Originals, Vol. 2White Label 8844LPNetherlands1982
Rock Out Of This World, Vol. 1Boparama 1LPUnited Kingdom 
Rock Out Of This World, Vol. 2Boparama 2LPUnited Kingdom 
Rock Out Of This World, Vol. 3Boparama 3LPUnited Kingdom 
Rock Pretty BabyLittle Miss Sheena [1]LP  
Rock Pretty Baby, Vol. 2Little Miss Sheena [2]LP  
Rock Pretty Baby, Vol. 3Little Miss Sheena [3]LP 1997
Rock Pretty Mama / Billy AdamsDomino 1012LPUnited States?1992
Rock Reflections / The CricketsSunset SLS 50207LPEngland1971
Rock Reflections 1 / Buddy KnoxSunset SLS 50206LPEngland1976
Rock Rock-OlaLucky CDLR 601CDEngland1997
Rock Rock-Ola, Vol. 2Lucky CDLR 602CDEngland 
Rock Story, Vol. 2 / Ronnie Hawkins & The HawksBellaphon BI 1569LPGermany1970
Rock Story, Vol. 2 / Ronnie Hawkins & The HawksRoulette SLVLXR 493LPFrance1970
Rock The JointCharly PBX CD 345CDEngland 
Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 1Rhino R2 70741CDUnited States1991
Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 2Rhino R2 70742CDUnited States1991
Rock Tick TockBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55167CDGermany2004
Rock Tick TockPontomac 37650LP 1980
Rock Til You Drop!Classics CD 717CDSweden2002
Rock Til You Drop!, Vol. 2Classics CD 726CDSweden2010
Rock To The BopWhite Label 8974LPNetherlands1992
Rock To The Music / Bob Davies & The Rhythm JestersRedita [2nd series] 137LPNetherlands 
Rock With Me / Eddie FontaineCharly CR 30266LPEngland1988
Rock With Me Baby / Billy RileyCharly 53CDEngland1988
Rock! Rock! Rock! / Johnny PowersRollercoaster 2010LPEngland1986
Rock, Baby, Rock ItSun (England) CFM 50110England1981
Rock, Rock, RockWhite Label WLP 8805LPNetherlands1979
Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 1Crown 56- 100LPUnited States1980
Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 2Crown 56- 200LPUnited States1980
Rock, Rock, Rock, Vol. 3Crown 56- 300LPUnited States1980
Rock, Rock, Rockin' TonightCollector CLCD 4483CDNetherlands2003
Rock, Roll, Jump, And Jive / Curtis GordonBear Family BFX 15181LPGermany1985
Rock-A-Billy / Charlie FeathersZu-Zazz ZCD 2011CDEngland1990
Rock-A-Billy 1958Bertram Int. 105LPUnited States1979
Rock-A-Billy And CountryWhite Label WLP 8804LPNetherlands1978
Rock-A-Billy BarnyardBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55171CDGermany2004
Rock-A-Billy BluesSun (England) SUN 1019LPEngland1985
Rock-A-Billy Boppin'White Label WLP 8842LPNetherlands1982
Rock-A-Billy Choo ChooBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55168CDGermany2004
Rock-A-Billy From Tennessee [vol. 2]White Label WLP 8808LPNetherlands1979
Rock-A-Billy From Tennessee, Vol. 1White Label WLP 8806LPNetherlands1979
Rock-A-Billy Gal: The Sun Years Plus / Hayden ThompsonBear Family BCD 16131CDGermany 
Rock-A-Billy RockWhite Label WLP 8824LPNetherlands1980
Rock-A-Billy SouvenirWhite Label WLP 8838LPNetherlands1981
Rock-A-Billy With Benny JoyWhite Label WLP 8803LPNetherlands1978
Rock-A-Billy: The Definitive Collection, 1954-1973 / Charlie FeathersBear Family BCD 16309CDGermany1998
Rock-A-Chicka / Jim LoweDomino 1002LPUnited States?1987
Rock-A-Hula BopIsland IR 145105CD 1994
Rock-A-Hula-BopDOJO DOJL- 5009LPFinland1988
Rock-A-Rolla A-Hillabilly Wing Ding Do?! (Sin Alley, Vol. 2)RAR 155 [2]LP 1986
Rock-A-RoundNorton ED 322LPUnited States2007
Rock-A-Round With Paul Peek: Vintage TracksDemand DM LP 2040LP 1996
Rock-A-Socka Hop!Classics 701CDSweden1996
Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 2Classics 704CDSweden1997
Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 3Classics 707CDSweden1999
Rock-A-Socka Hop!, Vol. 4Classics 723CDSweden2009
Rock-And-Roll PartyKJN 338009LP  
Rock-It, Vol. 2Rockhouse 8503LPNetherlands1985
Rock-Rock-A-BillyWhite Label WLP 8817LPNetherlands1980
RockabillyFranklin Mint FMRS-CW- 053LPUnited States1983
RockabillyImperial House WU- 3590LPUnited States1982
RockabillyPeerless PL 001LP 1997
Rockabilly & Hillbilly Hell RaisersEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 11911939MPUnited States2010
Rockabilly & Hillbilly Showdown / Rudy GrayzellEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 12791524MPUnited States2011
Rockabilly / Ray CampiRollin' Rock LP 001LPUnited States 
Rockabilly AcetatesBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55084CDGermany1999
Rockabilly ActionBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55200CDGermany2010
Rockabilly And RockersCollector CLCD 4424CDNetherlands1994
Rockabilly BabyCentury [3]CDCanada 
Rockabilly BashBopalacious (Europe) 100LP  
Rockabilly BashBopalacious (U.S.) 100LPUnited States1978
Rockabilly BoogieMCA (U.S.) MCL 1504LPUnited States1981
Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 1Revival 4001LP 1987
Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 2Revival 4002LP 1988
Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 3Revival 4003LP 1988
Rockabilly Boogie / Johnny BurnetteCombo (Italy) 57200LPItaly1991
Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 1Esoldun RR 2002LPFrance1986
Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 2Esoldun RR 2003LPFrance1986
Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 3Esoldun RR 2006LPFrance1986
Rockabilly BoysBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55159CDGermany2003
Rockabilly BoysShimmy SHIM CD 101CD  
Rockabilly CatsBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55098CDGermany2001
Rockabilly CityCentury [1]CDCanada 
Rockabilly ClassicsMCA (U.S.) MCA- 25088LPUnited States1987
Rockabilly ClassicsMCA (U.S.) MCA- 25089LPUnited States1988
Rockabilly Classics / Bob LumanEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 11384839MPUnited States2009
Rockabilly Classics / Rudy GrayzellEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 12691427MPUnited States2011
Rockabilly Classics / Ted DaigleEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 12930837MPUnited States2011
Rockabilly Country, Vol. 1Redwood RR 1003LPCanada1979
Rockabilly CrazeSun (England) CFM 50610England1982
Rockabilly Dance PartyPie 153CD 2000
Rockabilly Days / Larry DonnRollercoaster RCEP 133EPEngland2000
Rockabilly DynamiteWarwick WW 5060LP 1979
Rockabilly EssentialsHip-O HIPD- 40128CD 1997
Rockabilly FeverBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55092CDGermany2000
Rockabilly FeverSun (England) CFM 51010England1982
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 1Lucky CDLR 801CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 2Lucky CDLR 802CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 3Lucky CDLR 803CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 4Lucky CDLR 804CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 5Lucky CDLR 805CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 6Lucky CDLR 806CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 7Lucky CDLR 807CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 8Lucky CDLR 808CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 9Lucky CDLR 809CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 10Lucky CDLR 810CDEngland1996
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 11Lucky CDLR 811CDEngland1997
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 12Lucky CDLR 812CDEngland1997
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 13Lucky CDLR 813CDEngland 
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 14Lucky CDLR 814CDEngland 
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 15Lucky CDLR 815CDEngland 
Rockabilly Gold, Vol. 16Lucky CDLR 816CDEngland 
Rockabilly Greats / Pat CuppEmusic/Rock-A-Billy 11835908MPUnited States2010
Rockabilly Guy, 1954-1962 / Hayden ThompsonCharly CR 30262LPEngland1986
Rockabilly Heaven (Sun Records)Pickwick PWKS 4245CD 1996
Rockabilly HicksBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55195CDGermany2009
Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4438CDNetherlands1997
Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4453CDNetherlands1999
Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 4Collector CLCD 4469CDNetherlands2002
Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 6Collector CLCD 4509CDNetherlands2007
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 1Luxel MAS 7101CD  
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 2Luxel MAS 7102CD  
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 3Luxel MAS 7103CD  
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 4Luxel MAS 7104CD  
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 5Luxel MAS 7105CD  
Rockabilly Hoodlums, v. 6Luxel MAS 7106CD  
Rockabilly HopArcade CD-AR- 1003-1CD  
Rockabilly JamboreeSun (England) CFM 50510England1981
Rockabilly Kings & Queens Limited Collector's Edition[no label name] K.LCE.CD 5112CD 2000
Rockabilly Kings / Charlie Feathers & Mac CurtisAce CDCHD 1053CDEngland2005
Rockabilly Kings / Charlie Feathers, Mac CurtisPolydor 2310 293LPEngland1974
Rockabilly KittensFolkline 274- 161CDEngland 
Rockabilly Kittens, Vol. 2Folkline 274- 162CDEngland 
Rockabilly Kittens, Vol. 3Folkline 274- 253CDEngland 
Rockabilly Legend / Glen GlennSunjay SJLP 572LPSweden1987
Rockabilly Legend / Warren SmithCharly CPCD 8119CDEngland1996
Rockabilly MeetingRedita [2nd series] 117LPNetherlands1981
Rockabilly PartyAce CH 1710England1979
Rockabilly PartyBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55064CDGermany1997
Rockabilly PartyCentury [2]CDCanada 
Rockabilly PortraitSun (U.S.) SRC-CD- 7022CDUnited States1995
Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 1Sleazy RAB 01CD 2007
Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 2Sleazy RAB 02CD 2007
Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 3Sleazy RAB 03CD 2007
Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 4Sleazy RAB 04CD  
Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 5Sleazy RAB 05CD  
Rockabilly Rampage!Emusic/Rock-A-Billy 11454909MPUnited States2009
Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 1EFA 88962-2CDEngland2000
Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 1Yeaah! 12CDEngland2000
Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 2Yeaah! 13CDEngland2000
Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 3Yeaah! 14CDEngland 
Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 4Yeaah! 22CDEngland 
Rockabilly RebelsCambra Sound CR 104LPEngland1983
Rockabilly Rhythm[SERD?] SERD 12698LP 1998
Rockabilly RiotK-Tel KTEL 3436CD 1995
Rockabilly RockBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55080CDGermany1999
Rockabilly Rules OK?Charly CR 30138LPEngland1978
Rockabilly ShakedownBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55070CDGermany1998
Rockabilly ShakeoutAce CDCH 191CDEngland 
Rockabilly ShakeoutAce CH 191LPEngland1986
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1CBS Special Products A 37618CDUnited States1990
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1Epic EG 37618LPUnited States1981
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1Sony Music Special Prod. WK 75064CDUnited States1981
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 2CBS Special Products A 37621CDUnited States1992
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 2Epic EG 37621LPUnited States1981
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3CBS Special Products A 37984CDUnited States 
Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3Epic EG 37984LPUnited States1982
Rockabilly TunesSun (England) SUN 1026LPEngland1985
Rockabilly Tunes For Hot Rod MechanixPiston 0110 1999
Rockabilly WildfireBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55186CDGermany2007
Rockabilly WorldWhite Label WLP 8908LPNetherlands1986
Rockabilly XmasBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55095CDGermany2000
Rockabilly Years / Joey WelzHydra BLK 7713LPGermany1990
Rockabilly's Main Man / Charlie FeathersCharly CR 30161LPEngland1979
Rockabilly, Vol. 2Peerless PL 002LP 1997
Rockabilly, Vol. 3Peerless PL 003LP  
Rockabilly, Vol. 4Peerless PL 004LP  
Rockabilly: Capitol Country ClassicsCapitol (France) 7 99879 2CDFrance1992
Rockabilly: The Life, Times & Music SeriesFriedman Fairfax FRF 307CDUnited States1996
Rockaboogie Shake / Gene SummersRollercoaster 3035CDEngland1999
Rockaphilly!Rollercoaster 2001LPEngland1978
Rockbilly Boogie / Johnny BurnetteBear Family BCD 15474CDGermany1989
Rocked Up - Jumped UpRocket 88 RLP- 5001LPAustralia 
Rockers And BoppersCollector CLCD 4530CDNetherlands 
Rockers!, Vol. 1B-Sharp 6/24LPGermany2010
Rocket Ride Stroll / Narvel FeltsDemand DSLP 0080LP  
Rocket ShipBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55052CDGermany1997
Rockhouse / Roy OrbisonHallmark CD 1997
Rockin'MFP 50466LPEngland1981
Rockin' & Boppin'Collector CLCD 4419CDNetherlands1994
Rockin' & Boppin' Billy In PhillyCollector CLCD 4460CDNetherlands2000
Rockin' & Rollin' / Big Al DowningSchoolkids 1548CD 1997
Rockin' & Rollin' With Benny JoyCollector CLCD 4401CDNetherlands1992
Rockin' 'N' Rollin' With Big Al DowningRollercoaster 2015LPEngland1988
Rockin' / Ronnie HawkinsPye NSPL 28238LPEngland1978
Rockin' AcetatesCollector CLCD 4446CDNetherlands1998
Rockin' And Boppin'Collector CLS 2307LPNetherlands1976
Rockin' And Boppin'Esoldun RR 2004LPFrance1986
Rockin' And Boppin' In The Desert: Arizona Rockabilly, Vol. 1Bear Family BCD 16230CDGermany1999
Rockin' And Boppin' In The Desert: Arizona Rockabilly, Vol. 2Bear Family BCD 16683CDGermany 
Rockin' And Jivin'Esoldun RR 2016LPFrance1987
Rockin' And RehearsingWhite Label 8958LPNetherlands1990
Rockin' And Rollin' Out Of The Midwest / Myron LeeCollector CLCD 4439CDNetherlands1997
Rockin' And Stompin'Collector CLCD 4479CDNetherlands2003
Rockin' Around / Brenda LeePickwick PWKS 4232CDEngland1995
Rockin' Around / Clyde StacyHydra BLK 7707LPGermany1988
Rockin' Around NashvilleCollector CLCD 4422CDNetherlands1994
Rockin' At MidniteMidnite Spell 1001LP 1981
Rockin' At The Drive-InCar CD 100CD 1998
Rockin' At The Kangaroo HopTeen TC- 001LP  
Rockin' At The ZooWendi LP 000005LPAustralia1980
Rockin' At Town HallCountry Routes 06CD 1996
Rockin' Bones / Ronnie DawsonNo Hit 001CDEngland1993
Rockin' Bones: '50s Punk & RockabillyRhino 73346CDUnited States2006
Rockin' Bones: The Legendary Masters / Ronnie DawsonCrystal Clear Sound 9643CDUnited States1996
Rockin' Boppin' Duo'sCheesecake CHCD 491CD  
Rockin' Boppin' GirlsTitanic CD 5000CD 1994
Rockin' CadillacBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55093CDGermany2000
Rockin' Country Style / Glenn ReevesEncore 2098CD 1999
Rockin' DaddySD 810LPGermany1991
Rockin' Daddy / Eddie BondBear Family BCD 15708CDGermany1993
Rockin' Daddy / Eddie BondStomper Time STCD 1CDEngland1992
Rockin' Down The Farm / Big Al DowningEagle 90116CDGermany1994
Rockin' Down The Farm, Vol. 2 / The Poe-Kats Featuring Big Al DowningEagle 90125CDGermany1998
Rockin' FeverFlyright 540LPEngland1978
Rockin' From Coast To CoastAce CDCH 496CDEngland1996
Rockin' From Coast To Coast, Vol. 2Ace CDCHD 715CDEngland2000
Rockin' From The 50s Through The 90s / Chan RomeroWarrior Tunes WHT 13498LPUnited States1993
Rockin' Guitar And Early Original Piano Boogie Woogie InstrumentalsCollector CLCD 7761CDNetherlands2005
Rockin' Hepcat RockabillyGolden Stars GSS 5374CD 2001
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 1Cactus CD 5000CDUnited States 
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 2Cactus CD 5001CDUnited States2003
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 3Cactus CD 5002CDUnited States2003
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 4Cactus CD 5003CDUnited States2003
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 5Cactus CD 5004CDUnited States2004
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 6Cactus CD 5005CDUnited States2004
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 7Cactus CD 5006CDUnited States 
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 8Cactus CD 5007CDUnited States 
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 9Cactus CD 5008CDUnited States 
Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 10Cactus CD 5009CDUnited States 
Rockin' Hoodlums, Vol. 7: Hicks And StuffCollector CLCD 4529CDNetherlands 
Rockin' In LouisianaWhite Label WLP 8889LPNetherlands1985
Rockin' In Louisiana, Vol. 2White Label WLP 8892LPNetherlands1985
Rockin' In Louisiana, Vol. 3White Label WLP 8893LPNetherlands1985
Rockin' In The 50'sWhite Label WLP 8839LPNetherlands1982
Rockin' In The Country: The Best Of Wanda JacksonRhino R2 70990CDUnited States1990
Rockin' In The Farmhouse: Original Rockabilly & Chicken Bop, Vol. 2Hollowbody HC 12002CDUnited States1992
Rockin' In Wisconsin: The Cuca Records Story, Vol. 3Ace CDCHD 1136CDEngland2006
Rockin' It Out / Danny MoteWhite Label WLP 8911LPNetherlands1986
Rockin' Little Angel: The Sun Years / Ray SmithBear Family BCD 16936CDGermany2009
Rockin' Love / Carl MannSun (England) CD Charly 93CDEngland1987
Rockin' Man / Carl MannCharly CPCD 8234CDEngland1996
Rockin' MemphisProper PROPERBOX 143CD 2008
Rockin' My Way Around / Art AdamsCollector CLCD 4490CDNetherlands2005
Rockin' NightmaresRN 181LP 1999
Rockin' On Broadway: The Time/Brent/Shad StoryAce CDCHD 758CDEngland2000
Rockin' On T.V. / The Collins KidsKrazy Kat KKCD 14CDEngland1993
Rockin' On The North CircularPalais PAL 001LP  
Rockin' On The North Circular, Vol. 2Palais PAL 002LP  
Rockin' On The Race TrackStock Car 101LP 2008
Rockin' On The Radio / Sid KingRollercoaster RCCD 3018CDEngland2001
Rockin' On The Radio / Sid King & The Five StringsRollercoaster 2006LPEngland1984
Rockin' On The Radio / Sid King & The Five StringsSchoolkids 1549CD 1996
Rockin' OrbitBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55166CDGermany2004
Rockin' Party / Wanda JacksonCombo (Italy) 93300LPItaly1993
Rockin' PegWhite Label 8950LPNetherlands1989
Rockin' RebelsK-Tel 3062CD 1995
Rockin' RecordsSun (U.S.) SUN- 1032LPUnited States1986
Rockin' Records, [Vol. 2]Sun (U.S.) SUN- 1033LPUnited States1988
Rockin' Red Wing / Sammy MastersHydra BLK 7708LPGermany1988
Rockin' Rivers / Johhny RiversRiveraire RIV 1001CD 1993
Rockin' Robbins / Marty RobbinsRev-Ola Bandstand 12 CCDEngland2007
Rockin' Rockin'White Label WLP 8832LPNetherlands1981
Rockin' Roll Rarities / Johnny CarrollSunjay SJLP 581LPSweden1988
Rockin' Rollin' / Johnny HortonBear Family BCD 15543CDGermany1990
Rockin' Rollin' Collins KidsBear Family BFX 15074LPGermany1982
Rockin' Rollin' Copas / Cowboy CopasCCL 1145LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Country StyleSun (England) SUN 1030LPEngland1985
Rockin' Rollin' Crockett / Howard CrockettCCL 1143LPGermany1977
Rockin' Rollin' Don GibsonBear Family BFX 15089LPGermany1982
Rockin' Rollin' Don GibsonBear Family BFX 15097LPGermany1982
Rockin' Rollin' Gibson / Don GibsonCCL 1107LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 1Bear Family BFX 15064LPGermany1981
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 2Bear Family BFX 15065LPGermany1981
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 3Bear Family BFX 15111LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 4Bear Family BFX 15112LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 5Bear Family BFX 15113LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 6Bear Family BFX 15114LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' High School, Vol. 7Bear Family BFX 15115LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' Horton / Johnny HortonBear Family BFX 15248LPGermany1989
Rockin' Rollin' Horton / Johnny HortonCCL 1140LPGermany1977
Rockin' Rollin' Janis / Janis MartinCCL 1106LPGermany1976
Rockin' Rollin' Janis, Vol. 2 / Janis MartinCCL 1128-45LPGermany1977
Rockin' Rollin' Johnny HortonBear Family BFX 15069LPGermany1981
Rockin' Rollin' Luman / Bob LumanCCL 1109LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 2 / Bob LumanCCL 1110LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 3 / Bob LumanCCL 1126LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Luman, Vol. 4 / Bob LumanCCL 1127LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Maddox Brothers & RoseBear Family BFX 15076LPGermany1983
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater / Marvin RainwaterBear Family BFX 15079LPGermany1982
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater / Marvin RainwaterBear Family BCD 15812CDGermany1994
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 1 / Marvin RainwaterCCL 1113LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 2 / Marvin RainwaterCCL 1114LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 3 / Marvin RainwaterCCL 1115LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater, Vol. 4 / Marvin RainwaterCCL 1116LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Robbins / Marty RobbinsCCL 1129LPGermany1977
Rockin' Rollin' Roger MillerCCL 1147-45LPGermany 
Rockin' Rollin' Sanford ClarkBear Family BFX 15198/99LPGermany1986
Rockin' Rollin' Skeets McDonaldBear Family BFX 15191LPGermany1985
Rockin' Rollin' Stone / Andy StarrRevival 3012LP 1989
Rockin' Rollin' Vocal GroupsCham 181177LP  
Rockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups AgainCham 80423LP  
Rockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups, Vol. 4Cham 80505LP  
Rockin' Rollin' Wheelin'Star-Club 506010CDSweden1995
Rockin' Rollin' Years / Mickey GilleyMinor 1006LP 1987
Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 3Cham 80430LP  
Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 5Cham 80635LP  
Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 6Cham 80560LP  
Rockin' Ronnie HawkinsMode MD. 9028LPFrance1979
Rockin' Ronnie SelfRedita [2nd series] 139LPNetherlands1999
Rockin' Roy MossEagle 90107CDGermany1994
Rockin' Ruby Ann / Marty RobbinsBear Family CBSLSP 15184LPGermany1985
Rockin' RufusWhite Label 8856LPNetherlands1983
Rockin' Teddy RedellCollector CLCD 4406CDNetherlands1992
Rockin' The BluesEsoldun RR 2022LPFrance1987
Rockin' The Boogie / Tommie TollesonCollector CLCD 4407CDNetherlands1992
Rockin' The Bop, Vol. 1Out Of Time 8011LPBelgium?1980
Rockin' The Bop, Vol. 2Out Of Time 8012LPBelgium?1981
Rockin' The Bop, Vol. 3Out Of Time 8013LPBelgium?1981
Rockin' The Country / George JonesMercury 422-826 095-1 M-1LP 1985
Rockin' The Country / George JonesMercury 826 095LP 1987
Rockin' The House Of Blue Lights / Chuck MillerDig DIG 610CD 1996
Rockin' Through The Teenage Years / Paul PeekEagle 90123CDGermany1997
Rockin' Thru The Years, 1955-2002 / Billy AdamsCastle Music CMRCD 581CDEngland2002
Rockin' Too MuchMustang MUST 18CD  
Rockin' Tooter BoatmanCollector CLCD 4408CDNetherlands1992
Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett[BLINK?] BLINK 4145LP 1995
Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett[KLP?] KLP 4145LP 1998
Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett & His RocketsAce CHCHD 1039CDEngland2005
Rockin' With . . . Wanda JacksonMarginal MAR 045CDBelgium1996
Rockin' With A Boppin' FeelCollector CLCD 4518CDNetherlands 
Rockin' With A Boppin' Feel, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4527CDNetherlands 
Rockin' With Gene SummersWhite Label WLP 8826LPNetherlands1981
Rockin' With Jimmy CrainCollector CLCD 4478CDNetherlands2003
Rockin' With Jimmy CrainWhite Label WLP 8809LPNetherlands1979
Rockin' With Ray / Ray SmithSun (England) 32CDEngland1991
Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues / Ronnie HaigRedita [2nd series] 147CDNetherlands 
Rockin' With The Guitar Man / Jerry ReedRevival 3017LP 1990
Rockin' With Unknown GreatsCollector CLCD 4510CDNetherlands2007
Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda JacksonCapitol (Belgium) 4C 058- 82098LPBelgium1979
Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda JacksonCapitol (England) CAPS 1007LPEngland1977
Rockin' With Wanda / Wanda JacksonCapitol (France) 2C 068- 82098LPFrance1981
Rockin' Your WayCollector CLCD 4497CDNetherlands2006
Rockin'-Boppin' LadiesMarginal LADY 001CDBelgium1994
Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 2Marginal 100CD 1995
Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 3Marginal 1000CD 1995
Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 4Marginal 001ACD 1999
Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 4Marginal 10000CD 1995
Rocking & StompingSSS HJS 224LPNetherlands1973
Rocking And Rolling (1956-1958) / Johnny JanoEl Toro ETCD 1038CDSpain 
Rocking Bones / Ronnie DawsonNo Hit NO HIT 001LPEngland1988
Rocking Country Sides / Jay ChevalierHydra BCK 27123CDGermany2004
Rocking From Hollywood To GroningenDial 002LPNetherlands1977
Rocking JalopyWhite Label 8971LPNetherlands1992
Rocking Styles, Vol. 2 / John D. LoudermilkCCL 1112LPGermany 
Rocks On / Jack ScottLeroy 475LP  
Rocky Eddie Corthesy Presente[no label name] [recp]LPFrance1968
Rocky Hoodlums Go MaximumCollector CLCD 4458CDNetherlands2000
Roller Coaster Rockers, Vol. 1Rollercoaster 2008LPEngland1985
Rollin' Dynamite / Tommy & The Tom Tom'sEagle 30912LPGermany1992
Rollin' Rock Got The SockStar-Club/Rollin' Rock 5000LPSweden1980
Rollin' The Rock: Texas Rockabilly Vol. 2El Toro ETCD 1024CDSpain 
Rompin' Stompin'Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55016CDGermany1994
Ron Haydock & The BoppersRock & Country 1001LPSweden1979
Ronnie HaigGet Hip Archives GHAS- 4EPUnited States 
Ronnie HaigMaltshop 1EPUnited States1994
Ronnie Hawkins Sings Hank WilliamsDemon EDCD 387CD 1994
Ronnie Hawkins [And] The Folk Ballads Of Ronnie HawkinsCollectables 6220CDUnited States1998
Ronnie Rocks / Ronnie HawkinsBear Family BCD 16873CDGermany 
Ronnie SelfColde 2014LP 1977
Ronnie Self ["Limited edition coloured vinyl"]Colde LE2014LP 1977
Roots Of Stray Cats, Vol. 1MSIF 2001CDJapan1992
Roots Of Stray Cats, Vol. 2MSIF 2002CDJapan1992
Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Carlisle Featuring Cliff CarlisleCollector CLCD 2865CDNetherlands 
Rough And Rowdy Hillbilly Of The 1930's / Bill Cox Featuring Cliff HobbsCollector CLCD 2866CDNetherlands 
Rough StuffBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55065CDGermany1997
Rough Stuff Boppin'Collector CLCD 2873CDNetherlands2007
Roughhouse 88 / Merrill MooreEmber 3394LP 1969
Roulette Rock 'N' Roll CollectionPye NSPL 28245LPEngland1978
Roulette Rock And Roll CollectionSequel 619CDEngland1994
Roulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 2Sequel NEM 670CDEngland1994
Roulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 3Sequel NEM 754CDEngland1995
Roy Head And The TraitsTNT TLP- 101LP 1981
Roy Head And The TraitsTNT TLP- 101 [alt.]LP  
Roy Head And The Traits -- Treat Her Right[DYNA?] DYNA 101CD 1999
Roy Rocks / Roy HallBear Family BCD 16747CDGermany2005
Ruby Ann: Rockin' Rollin' Robbins, Vol. 3 / Marty RobbinsBear Family BCD 15569CDGermany1991
Rudy GrayzellStomper Time STEP 2EPEngland 
Rumble RockLos Diablos Del Rock 001LP 2008
Rumble Rock, Vol. 2Los Diablos Del Rock 002LP 2009
Rumble Rock, Vol. 3Los Diablos Del Rock 003LP  
Rumble!: The Best Of Link WrayRhino R2 71222CDUnited States1993
Run 'em OffWendi LP 00007LPAustralia1980
Running Bear / Johnny PrestonBear Family BCD 15473CDGermany1989
Running Bear / Johnny PrestonCollectables COL- 5558CDUnited States 
Running WildBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55068CDGermany1997
Running Wild, Vol. 1Wild 1LP  
Running Wild, Vol. 2Wild 2LP 1996
Rural Rockin' HicksCollector CLCD 4443CDNetherlands1998
Rusty & Doug Kershaw With Wiley BarkdullKangaroo 001CD 2002
Rusty And Doug And Wiley And FriendsFlyright FLY 619LPEngland 
Rusty Rocks / Rusty YorkBear Family BCD 16543CDGermany2004

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