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Comps Title Index for S

Title Label & Number Format Location Date
Sabre Records StoryGet Hip Archives GHAS- 5005CDCDUnited States1998
Sage & Sand, Vol. 1: Let's All Go WildSage & Sand SS- 930701CDNetherlands1993
Sage & Sand, Vol. 2: Let Me SlideSage & Sand SS- 930702CDNetherlands1993
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 1Sheik LP 501LPSpain2009
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 2Sheik LP 502LPSpain2009
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 3Sheik LP 503LPSpain 
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 4Sheik LP 504LPSpain 
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 5Sheik LP 505LPSpain 
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 6Sheik LP 506LPSpain 
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 7Sheik LP 507LPSpain 
Saints And Sinners, Vol. 8Sheik LP 508CDSpain 
San Antonio Rock: The Harlem Recordings, 1957-61 / Doug SahmNorton CED 274CDUnited States2000
San Antonio Rock: The Harlem Recordings, 1957-61 / Doug SahmNorton ED 274LPUnited States2000
Sands Storm! / Tommy SandsJasmine JASM 302LPEngland1988
Sandy / Larry HallCollectables 5582CDUnited States1995
Sanford ClarkAce 83LPEngland1983
Sarg RockabillyRock & Country 1011LPSweden1981
Sarg Rockers, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4413CDNetherlands1993
Sarg Rockers, Vol. 2Collector CLCD 4414CDNetherlands1993
Sassy Sugar: The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & RollFantastic Voyage FVTD 098CDEngland2011
Saturday JumpMustang MUST 6CD  
Saturday Night At The Jamboree / Artists Of The WWVA JamboreeWWVA CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 1Bop BOP- 001CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 2Bop BOP- 002CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 3Bop BOP- 003CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 4Bop BOP- 004CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 5Bop BOP- 005CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 6Bop BOP- 006CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 7Bop BOP- 007CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 8Bop BOP- 008CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 9Bop BOP- 009CD  
Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 10Bop BOP- 010CD  
Savage Northwest Boogie / Volk BrothersBacchus Archives 27475CD 2001
Savage Rockin' GirlsCollector CLCD 4450CDNetherlands1999
School Of Rock 'N' RollMustang MUST 14CD  
School Of Rock And Roll / Gene SummersCollector CLCD 4420CDNetherlands1994
Schoolday BluesBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55158CDGermany2003
Scott On Groove / Jack ScottBear Family BFX 15005LPGermany1980
Scott On Groove / Jack ScottBear Family BCD 15445CDGermany1989
Scotty McKayEagle EZ.33. 901007LPGermany1990
Scratchin' On My ScreenMustang MUST 1CD  
Screamin' Rock 'N' RollEsoldun RR 2015LPFrance1987
Second Time Rockin'Collector CLCD 4465CDNetherlands2001
Set Me FreeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55180CDGermany2006
Seven Nights To Rock / Moon MullicanWestern 2001LPUnited States1986
Seven Nights To Rock: More King Classics, 1950-1956 / Moon MullicanAce CDCHD 997CDEngland2003
Seven Up & Whiskey -- The Servant Of Love / The Van BrothersEagle 309014LPGermany1992
Seventeen / Boyd BennettSing 1160LPDenmark1988
Shaggerman Rock & Roll, Vol. 1Hero 001CD 1994
Shaggerman Rock & Roll, Vol. 2Hero 002CD 1995
Shake AroundSun (England) SUN 1029LPEngland1985
Shake Around / Ray SmithCharly CD 8117CDEngland1996
Shake Baby Shake / Jesse Lee TurnerJesse Lee Turner 8011CDNetherlands1994
Shake Baby Shake / Jesse Lee TurnerTurner TCD 8011LP 1981
Shake It UpBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55082CDGermany1999
Shake It Up And Move: Primitive Texas Rockabilly, 1956-1957Norton ED 313LPUnited States2005
Shake Me Up BabyPan American 56005CDSwitzerland 
Shake Um Up Rock: Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumentals, Vol. 3Norton CNW 912CDUnited States2002
Shake Um Up Rock: Early Northwest Rockers And Instrumentals, Vol. 3Norton NW- 912LPUnited States2002
Shake, Shake, Shake It Baby: Sin Alley, Vol. 3Cornball # 1958LP 1987
Shakedown / Bobby FullerDel-Fi DEL 2902CDUnited States1997
Shakin' TimeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55046CDGermany1996
Shakin' Up North: Canadian Rockabilly, Vol. 1Bear Family BCD 16289CDGermany1999
Shattered Dreams / Johnny BurnetteEl Toro ETCD 10010CDSpain2007
She Got EyesPan American 56022CDSwitzerland2008
She's A DevilPan American 56016CDSwitzerland 
She's Everything / Ral DonnerMurray Hill 000393LPUnited States1989
She's NeatPan American 56010CDSwitzerland 
She's Neat / Dale WrightHydra BLK 7710LPGermany1989
She's Neat: The Fraternity Sides / Dale WrightAce CDCHD 402CDEngland1992
Shelby County Country 1948-1974Redita [1st series] 110LPNetherlands1975
Shiver And ShakeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55196CDGermany2009
Shiverin' & Shakin', Part 1RPM Retro 837CD 2008
Showboy Special: The Early King Sides / Moon Mullican & The ShowboysWestside WESA 800CDEngland2000
Shreveport High SteppersAce CDCHD 818CDEngland2001
Shreveport StompAce CDCHD 495CDEngland1994
Simply Rockin'White Label WLP 8943LPNetherlands1989
Sin AlleyBig Daddy 5501LP 1986
Sin AlleyCrypt BD- 5501LP  
Sin AlleyRAR 155LP  
Sin Alley, Part OneCrypt CR-CD-SIN 12CDUnited States 
Sin Alley, Vol. 4Sleaze SL- 5562LP 1988
Since I Met You Baby / Freddy FenderGRT GRT- 8005LPUnited States1975
Singles Collection 1957-61 / The CricketsPickwick PWKS 4205CD 1995
Sings And Rocks / Ray SmithRundell 013LPGermany1999
Sings Rare Items, Vol. 1 / Johnny BurnetteLiberty [bootleg] LST 7190LP 1991
Sings Rare Items, Vol. 2 / Johnny BurnetteLiberty [bootleg] LST 7389LP 1991
Sir Doug / Doug SahmHarlem 1005LPUnited States1979
Sixteen ChicksSD 840LPGermany1991
Sixteen Tons Rock & Roll / Jimmy MurphyBear Family BCD 15451CDGermany1990
Sizzling Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 10Blazon 2010CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 6Blazon 2006CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 7Blazon 2007CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 8Blazon 2008CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 9Blazon 2009CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly, Vol. 1Blazon 2001CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly, Vol. 2Blazon 2002CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly, Vol. 3Blazon 2003CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly, Vol. 4Blazon 2004CDUnited States 
Sizzling Hillbilly, Vol. 5Blazon 2005CDUnited States 
Skippin' AlongBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55151CDGermany2001
Sleepy La Beef And FriendsAce CH 1610England1979
Sleepy Rocks / Sleepy LaBeefBear Family BCD 15981CDGermany 
Slew Foot Boppin' BilliesCollector CLCD 2874CDNetherlands 
Slim Rhodes & Sonny Williams : Cotton Town Jubilee RecordingRundell RUN 1CDGermany1997
Slippin' & Slidin'Forrest 4-est 317LPItaly1997
Slippin' 'N' Slidin'Charly FRE 90001CDEngland1990
Slow Boogie Rockin'Collector CLCD 4452CDNetherlands1999
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 3Collector CLCD 4476CDNetherlands2001
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 4Collector CLCD 4487CDNetherlands2005
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 5Collector CLCD 4493CDNetherlands2006
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 6Collector CLCD 4499CDNetherlands2006
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 7Collector CLCD 4525CDNetherlands 
Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 8Collector CLCD 4536CDNetherlands 
Snake Pit Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1Collector CLCD 4484CDNetherlands2004
So Long, I'm Gone / Warren SmithCharly 94CDEngland1987
Solid Original RockCollector CLCD 4454CDNetherlands1999
Somebody's Rockin': Crown Greatest RockabilliesP-Vine PCD 2467CDJapan1994
Something Old, Something New / The CricketsBeat Goes On BGOCD 242CDEngland1994
Something Special-billyEagle 309LPGermany1979
Something To Shout AboutSeville SEL 4LPEngland1982
Songs About ElvisSongs About Elvis 8135LPUnited States 
Songs The Cramps Taught UsCato CD 002CDEngland 
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 1Cato 001LPEngland 
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 1STCTU STCTU 001CD  
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 2Cato 002LPEngland 
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 2STCTU STCTU 002CD  
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 3Cato LP 003LPEngland 
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 3STCTU STCTU- 003CD  
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 4Cato LP 004LPEngland2010
Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 5Cato LP 005LPEngland2010
Songs We Taught The Cramps: 16 Cramps Classics By The Original ArtistsMonster A Go-Go JM 13LP 1985
Sonny Burgess And The PacersSun (England) SUN 1027LPEngland1985
Sonny Rocks / Sonny JamesBear Family BCD 16679CDGermany2004
Sound Of Buddy HollyNor Va Jak 813LP 1992
Sound Of RockabillyRedita [1st series] 102LPNetherlands1973
Sounds Like Elvis / Ral DonnerFirestar FS 1010LPNetherlands1986
Sounds Like Elvis: Early Elvis Imitators (1956-1977)Collectables COL 5700CDUnited States1996
Southern Rockin'White Label WLP 8835LPNetherlands1981
Southern Roots / Jimmy MurphyAce 714CDEngland1999
Spade Records 1954-57Collectables COL 5535CDUnited States1995
Spade RockabillyRock & Country 1007LPSweden1981
Spanning The Decades / Jody GibsonRose Island [no #]CDUnited States 
Specialty HillbillyCactus Spec. 1CDUnited States 
Speed 45 Rock 'N RollAndromeda XZ 01010LP 1978
Speed CrazySpeed [no #]CD  
Spotlight On Crest RecordsRockstar RSRLP- 1011LPEngland1986
SqueezeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55154CDGermany2002
Stack-A-RecordsEagle 302LPGermany1976
Stack-a-Records, Vol. IIEagle 304LPGermany1978
Star Club Records -- 20th Anniversary Sampler[label?] 1979/9911CD 2000
Star Club Records 20th Anniversary SamplerJan/Star Club 1979/9911CDSweden1999
Starday-Dixie Rockabilly, Vol. 1Ace CDCHD 704CDEngland1999
Starday-Dixie Rockabilly, Vol. 2Ace CDCHD 708CDEngland2000
Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1 / Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'N' Roll TrioMCA (France) 410 074LPFrance1978
Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 9 / Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'N' Roll TrioMCA (France) 410 083LPFrance1978
Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 13 / Brenda Lee "Miss Dynamite"MCA (France) 414 030LPFrance1978
Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 18MCA (France) 414 047LPFrance1978
Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 19MCA (France) 414 048LPFrance1978
Steady DatePan American 56040CDSwitzerland2009
Steady Date With Tommy SandsCollectables 5869CDUnited States1998
Steamline Boppin'Collector CLCD 2871CDNetherlands 
Step It Up And Go-Memphis RockabillyRedita [2nd series] RLP 130LPNetherlands1986
Step OutBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55177CDGermany2005
Steppin'Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55148CDGermany 
Steppin' Out TonightRedita [2nd series] 121LPNetherlands1981
Stick Around Baby / Jack ScottRedita [2nd series] RLP 142LPNetherlands 
Still Going StrongWhite Label WLP 8837LPNetherlands1981
Still In Style / The CricketsBear Family BCD 15599CDGermany1992
Still Rockin' / Bob LumanBear Family BFX 15140LPGermany1984
Stomp, Shake, And RockCollector CLCD 4502CDNetherlands2006
Stompin At The Dead Moose / Hank DavisDucktail 501LPCanada1979
Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds Of Nervous NorvusNorton CED- 303CDUnited States2004
Stop Look And Listen / Patsy ClineMCA 1440CD 1986
Stop Then RockWhite Label WLP 8925LPNetherlands1988
Stop, Look, And Listen: Gonna Shake This Shack / Patsy ClineBear Family BCD 16781CDGermany 
Story Of Johnny CarrollBig Tone BT 5718CDEngland1993
Stray Cat's ClassicsP-Vine 2540CDJapan1992
Strictly InstrumentalBison Bop Bb-LP 2002LPGermany1979
Strictly InstrumentalBuffalo Bop Bb-LP 2002LPGermany1985
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 1Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55050CDGermany1997
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 2Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55051CDGermany1997
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 3Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55066CDGermany1997
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 4Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55075CDGermany1998
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 5Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55086CDGermany1999
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 6Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55099CDGermany2001
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 7Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55164CDGermany2003
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 8Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55174CDGermany2005
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 9Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55183CDGermany2006
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 10Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55190CDGermany2008
Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 11Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55198CDGermany2010
Struttin'Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55169CDGermany2004
Stuck UpBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55176CDGermany2005
Such A Rock And Roll Night / Bunny PaulHydra BCK 27117CDGermany2002
Sugar DollBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55173CDGermany2005
Sugar DollPan American 56011CDSwitzerland 
Sugar LumpBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55061CDGermany1997
SugareeBuffalo Bop Bb-CD 55037CDGermany1995
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 1: CatalystCharly CR 30101LPEngland1976
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 4: Cotton City CountryCharly CR 30104LPEngland1976
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 5: Rebel RockabillyCharly CR 30105LPEngland1976
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 8: Sun RocksCharly CR 30115LPEngland1977
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 9: Rebel Rockabilly, Vol. 2Charly CR 30116LPEngland1977
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 10: Sun CountryCharly 30117LPEngland 
Sun - The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 13: Rockabilly SundownCharly CR 30128LPEngland1977
Sun Country Rock 'N' RollSun LP- 80110 1994
Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2Sun LP- 80210 1994
Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3Sun LP- 80310  
Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 4Sun LP- 80410  
Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 5Sun LP- 80510  
Sun HillbillyCharly CPCD 8181CDEngland1996
Sun Records: The Definitive HitsCollectables 0041CDUnited States2000
Sun Rock & RollCharly CPCD 8277CDEngland1997
Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2Charly CPCD 8318CDEngland1998
Sun Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3Charly CPCD 8353CDEngland1999
Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 2: Carryin' OnBellaphon 220 13 001LPGermany 
Sun Rockabillies: Put Your Cat Clothes OnBellaphon 220 13 023LPGermany 
Sun Rockabillies; Vol. 1Sun (England) SUN 1010 [1st]LPEngland1978
Sun RockabillyRounder CD SS 37CDUnited States1990
Sun RockabillyRounder SS 37LPUnited States1990
Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 2: Carryin' OnBellaphon BI 15130LPGermany1975
Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 2: Carryin' OnSun (England) 6467 027LPEngland1974
Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 3Sun (England) 6467 028LPEngland1974
Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 3: Rockin' & Boppin'Bellaphon BI 15140LPGermany1975
Sun Rockabillys: Put Your Cat Clothes OnBellaphon BI 15101LPGermany 
Sun Rockabillys: Put Your Cat Clothes OnSun (England) 6467 025LPEngland1973
Sun Sound Special / Billy RileyCharly CR 30151LPEngland1979
Sun Sound Special: Tennessee CountryCharly CR 30150LPEngland1979
Sun Studio Story: 50s To The 90s[label?] 640001CD 1997
Sun's Gold HitsCharly CRM 2010LPEngland1980
Sun's Greatest HitsRCA 66059CD 1992
Sun: The Definitive Hits, Vol. 1Collectables COL 6492CDUnited States2001
Sun: The Definitive Hits, Vol. 2Collectables COL 6493CDUnited States2001
Sunglasses After Dark / Dwight "Whitey" PullenHydra BCK 27127CDGermany2004
Sunset SpecialSun (England) LP 1035LPEngland1986
Super Rock 'a' BillyCollector CLS 2304LPNetherlands1975
Super Rock And Roll, Part ACollector CLS 2301LPNetherlands1975
Super Rock And Roll, Part BCollector CLS 2302LPNetherlands1975
Super Rock And Roll, Part CCollector CLS 2303LPNetherlands1975
Super Rock Instrumentals From The PastWhite Label WLP 8926LPNetherlands1988
Surfin' Hootenanny / Al CaseyStacy 100LP 1976
Surfin' Hootenanny / Al CaseySundazed LP 5026LPUnited States 
Susie Darlin' / Robin LukeBear Family BFX 15022LPGermany1979
Susie Darlin' / Robin LukeBear Family BCD 15547CDGermany1991
Susie Darlin' / Robin LukeBear Family/ABC BCD 37044LPGermany1978
Swampcats BeatGoldband GCL- 117LPEngland1984
Sweet Little Boppin'Collector CLCD 2868CDNetherlands 
Sweet Love / Rusty YorkEagle 33- 901008LPGermany1990
Sweet Rockin' Music / Moon MullicanCharly CR 30231LPEngland1984
Sweet Rockin' Rock-ola Ruby / Sonny WestRollercoaster RCCD 3050CDEngland2002
Sweet Sherry: The Early Recordings, 1956-1962 / Jackie De ShannonJDSAS [no #]CDUnited States 
Swing Bop Boogie / Alvis WaynePink 'N' Black PBLP 001LP 1994
Swing, Jive, & StrollAlley Music AMCD- 002CD  
Swinging The RockWhite Label WLP 8869LPNetherlands1984

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