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Park Ave (Calif.)

Los Angeles, Calif.  [source: Michel Proost)

Owned by Pete Gram.
"Distributed by United Artists Records, Inc." -- label of 101

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Number Date Artist Image Title & Credits Matrix Comps
Park Ave (Calif.) p-101  [45]1963/May 11
CB pop rev.
Fortune, JohnnyLabel shot
No rating Midnight Surf — Johnny Fortune pa-1430-xx  
     Label shot
No rating Soul Surfer — Johnny Fortune pa-1430-x  
Park Ave (Calif.) pa-105  [45]1962/Dec.
mx series
James Boys [2]Label shot
Pertinent Farewell My Love — The James Boys
(from 45)
     Label shot
Pertinent Tears On My Pillow — The James Boys
(from 45)
Park Ave (Calif.) pa-130  [45]
(pressed by Columbia)
Fortune, JohnnyLabel shot
Non-pertinent Dragster — Johnny Fortune – (instr.)
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55044)
ztsp-89114 Bullet Born Bad LP 007 (#2)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55044 (#18)
Bullet Canadian CD 4516 (#4)
Bullet Club LP 018 (#5)
Bullet Fed CD 04 (#1)
Bullet Inferno CD 1001 (#15)
Bullet Inferno LP 1001 (#15)
Bullet Mustang CD 16 (#18)
Bullet Presto CD 1 (#54)
Bullet Presto CD 406 (#1)
Bullet Star-Club CD 506010 (#21)
Bullet Vladimir Twist LP 6901 (#17)
     Label shot
No rating Siboney — Johnny Fortune – (instr.)
(from 45)
ztsp-89113 Bullet Canadian CD 4515 (#19)
Park Ave (Calif.) P1301  [LP]
The Soul Surfer
Cover shot
Fortune, JohnnyNo rating Soul Surfer — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Midnight Surf — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Chinese Surf — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Surfers Trip — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Lone Surfer — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Wild Weekend — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Surf Rider — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Sunset — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Soul Traveler — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Moon Glow ANd Theme From Picnic — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Siboney — Johnny Fortune    
     No rating Dragster — Johnny Fortune    

 Records 1-29 of 29

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Kurt Krauter, Greg McWhorter, Joe Wajgel

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