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Title & Credits Image Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
No rating Broke & Hungry — Hop Wilson Label shot
Wilson, HopGoldband (La.) G-1078  [45]1958/Dec. 29
Bb pop rev.
ACA 3655  
Borderline Broke My Guitar — Eddie Bond
(from unknown source)
Bond, EddieSun (Tenn.)     [unissued]1958
(Sun Rec.)
  Bullet Bear Family CD 15708 (#20)
Bullet Charly CD 8317 (#23)
Bullet Disky CD 03 (#49)
Bullet Disky CD 5202 (#49)
Bullet Sun (England) LP 1035 (#9)
Pertinent Broke Up — The Blue Crystals Label shot
Blue CrystalsMercury (Ill.)  71455X45 [45]1959/May 4
Bb pop rev.
Borderline Broke Up — The Moods / Vocal By Jimmy Bazar
(from Ace LP 36)
Label shot
MoodsSarg (Texas)  179-45 [45]1960/Sept. 5
Bb pop rev.
S-1014 Bullet Ace LP 1036 (#6)
No rating Broke Waiting For A Break — Whitey Pullen
(from Hydra CD 27127)
Label shot
Pullen, DwightDelta (Tenn.)  1503  [45]1956/Dec.
BMI clear.
  Bullet Hydra CD 27127 (#3)
No rating Broken Affair — Jimmy Gage (The Nobles) Label shot
Gage, JimmyRule-Tex (Texas) 4-63-A [45] 
No rating Broken Dreams [vers. 1] — Gene Summers Summers, Gene[unissued]     [unissued]1959
  Bullet Crystal Clear Sound CD 9723 (#20)
Bullet Rollercoaster CD 3035 (#16)
No rating Broken Dreams [vers. 2] — Gene Summers Summers, Gene[unissued]     [unissued] 
No rating Broken Fickle Heart — Red Mansel And His Hillbilly Boys Label shot
Mansel, RedStarday (reg.) (Tenn.) 45-523  [45]
(Starday PD series)
BMI clear.
No rating A Broken Heart — Frank Bowen & Dave Warren And The Ark. Valley Wranglers
(from 45)
Label shot
Bowen, FrankCimmaron (Colo.) 45-601  [45]
(Starday PD series)
(SPD est.)
No rating A Broken Heart — Joe Donalds Label shot
Donalds, JoeDart (Texas)  111  [45]1959/Sept.
(Bb est.)
Non-pertinent Broken Heart — Blackie Jenkins And The Satelites Label shot
Jenkins, BlackieRLS (loc?) 45-71067  [45]
(pressed by Wakefield)
mx series
No rating A Broken Heart — Bette Laine Laine, BetteChess (Ill.)  1666  [78]1957/July
(Bb est.)
No rating A Broken Heart — Bette Laine Label shot
Laine, BetteChess (Ill.)  1666  [45]1957/July
(Bb est.)
No rating A Broken Heart — Lou Millet Millet, LouFeature (La.)  1031  [78] 
Pertinent Broken Heart — Moonlighters
(from 45)
Label shot
MoonlightersJosie (N.Y.) 45-843  [45]1958/Aug. 18
Bb pop rev.
45-JOZ-267 Bullet Bison Bop LP 2015 (#12)
Bullet Bop CD 007 (#3)
Bullet Buffalo Bop LP 2015 (#12)
Bullet Club LP 001 (#15)
Bullet Lesley CD [JGR&RP] 2 (#2)
Bullet Lucky CD 807 (#12)
Bullet Sequel CD 754 (#15)
Bullet Vladimir Twist LP 6909 (#1)
Pertinent Broken Heart — Moonlighters
(from Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55114)
Label shot
MoonlightersTara (Texas)  100  [45]1958/May 19
Bb pop rev.
ACA-3509 Bullet Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55114 (#1)
Bullet Fed CD 06 (#4)
Bullet Flesh Den CD 6904 (#13)
Bullet Presto CD 5 (#44)
Bullet Teenage Heaven LP 576 (#9)
No rating A Broken Heart — Clyde Stacy
(from 45)
Label shot
Stacy, ClydeArgyle (Calif.) A-1001  [45]1959/Oct. 26
Bb pop rev.
No rating Broken Heart (Don't Cry) — Sonny Williams Label shot
Williams, SonnyCoin (Ill.) 45-1503  [45]1959/Sept. or later
(Bb est.)
No rating A Broken Heart (Is So Hard To Mend) — Clyde Stacy Stacy, ClydeCandlelight (N.Y.)  1018  [78]1957/July 29
Bb pop rev.
Borderline A Broken Heart (Is So Hard To Mend) — Clyde Stacy Label shot
Stacy, ClydeCandlelight (N.Y.) CA1018  [45]1957/July 29
Bb pop rev.
3086 Bullet Bear Family CD 17152 (#18)
Bullet Eagle CD 90112 (#22)
No rating Broken Heart City — Curtis Hobock Hobock, Curtis[unissued]     [unissued] 
  Bullet Star-Club CD 506003 (#23)
No rating Broken Heart With Alimony — Buck Griffin Griffin, BuckMGM (N.Y.)     [unissued] 
  Bullet Bear Family CD 15811 (#6)
No rating Broken Hearted — Dick Lory Label shot
Glasser, DickLiberty (Calif.) F-55293  [45]1960/Dec.
(Bb est.)
LB-1163 Bullet Rebel LP 1002 (#19)
Bullet [no label name] CD [dg&dl] (#23)
Pertinent Broken Hearted Baby — Alan Lee
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55085)
Label shot
Lee, AlanJen-D (Pa.)  1001  [45]
(pressed by RCA)
Cover shot
RCA mx code
P4KM-7058 Bullet Bison Bop LP 2014 (#8)
Bullet Buffalo Bop LP 2014 (#8)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55085 (#21)
No rating Broken Hearted Fellow — Don Deal Deal, DonCash (Calif.)  1028  [78]1956
(Bb est.)
No rating Broken Hearted Fellow — Don Deal Label shot
Deal, DonCash (Calif.)  1028-45 [45]1956
(Bb est.)
A Bullet Rockstar CD 028 (#2)
No rating Broken Hearted Me — Werly Fairburn Fairburn, WerlyColumbia (N.Y.)  21483  [78]1956/Jan. 21
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Broken Hearted Me — Werly Fairburn Label shot
Fairburn, WerlyColumbia (N.Y.) 4-21483  [45]1956/Jan. 21
Bb c&w rev.
JZSP 36594 Bullet Bear Family CD 15578 (#13)
Bullet El Toro CD 1043 (#13)
No rating Broken Hearted Prayer — T-J's Label shot
T-J'sLindy (Wisc.) KB1124  [45]
(pressed by Kay Bank)
1959/Apr. 13
Bb pop rev.
No rating Broken Hearts Anonymous — Johnny Preston / Arranged & Conducted By Stan Applebaum Label shot
Preston, JohnnyMercury (Ill.)  71951  [45]
Cover shot
1962/Apr. 21
Bb pop rev.
YW23016 Bullet Bear Family CD 15473 (#27)
Bullet Castle Music CD 605 (#19)
Bullet Stardust CD 5001 (#10)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 6 (#17)
No rating The Broken Hip — The Moods – (instr.) MoodsKool (Texas) K-1024  [45]1963/Nov. or later
(Bb est.)
M-3726 Bullet Collector CD 4494 (#14)
No rating Broken Love — Rocky Holman / Mort Wise & The Wisemen
(from Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55118)
Holman, RockySierra (Calif.)  1502  [45]1959/June 29
Bb pop rev.
SRM-5-859-1 Bullet Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55118 (#26)
Non-pertinent Broken Romance — Bruce Chamberlain Label shot
Chamberlain, BruceHit (Ill.)  2118  [45]
(pressed by Columbia)
mx series
ZTSC 84685  
No rating Broken Valentine — Richie Johnson Label shot
Johnson, RichieD (Texas)  1197  [45]1961/Aug.
(Bb est.)
No rating Broken Vows — Jimmy King Label shot
Josie, LouHerald (N.Y.) H-535  [45]1958/Nov. 10
Bb pop rev.
Borderline Broken-Hearted Three (I, Myself, And Me) — Dean Davis Label shot
Davis, DeanPace (Tenn.) 45-1009  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
BMI clear.

 Records 1-61 of 61

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