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Title & "As By" Name Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
Pertinent Kee-Ro-Ryin' — Johnny And Jonie
Label shot
(from Hollowbody CD 12003)
Johnny & JonieChallenge (Calif.)  59001 1958/Mar. 31
Bb pop rev.
45-167 Bullet Ace CD 494 (#5)
Bullet Big H LP 79106 (#8)
Bullet Bop CD 001 (#5)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 113 (#26)
Bullet Hollowbody CD 12003 (#7)
No rating Keen Teen Baby — Leroy Martin And The Rebels
Label shot
Martin, LeroyDelta (La.: Thibodaux) 45-705 
(Starday PD series)
(pressed by Rite)
BMI clear.
CP-1462 Bullet Collector CD 4486 (#12)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 174 (#51)
No rating Keep A Knockin' — The Brothers
Label shot
Burnette, DorseyCee-Jam (Calif.) #6 1965 or later
(Bb est.)
CJ-6-B Bullet Hollywood LP 502 (#11)
Bullet Skyline LP 2011 (#9)
Bullet Zirkon LP 104 (#3)
No rating Keep A Knockin' — Everly Brothers
(from EP)
Everly BrothersCadence (N.Y.) CEP107 
The Everly Brothers [mono]
(pressed by Columbia)
Cover shot
ZTEP-89477 Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 098 (#10)
Borderline Keep A Knockin' — Bobby Fuller Fuller, Bobby[need info]     
  Bullet Ace CD 388 (#18)
Bullet Del-Fi CD 2902 (#34)
Bullet Del-Fi CD 3903 (#25)
Bullet Eva LP 12032 (#9)
Bullet Munster LP 184 (#23)
Bullet Norton CD 252 (#15)
No rating Keep A Knockin' — Ronnie Self Self, Ronnie[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Hydra CD 27113 (#13)
Bullet Redita [2nd series] LP 139 (#12)
No rating Keep A Knockin' — The Sensational DeVilles
Label shot
Sensational DeVillesBTR (Okla.)  1004  
Pertinent Keep A Knockin' [live vers.] — Bobby Fuller
(from Norton CD 252)
Fuller, Bobby[live recording]     
  Bullet Ace CD 314 (#15)
Bullet Voxx/Rhino LP 200.028 (#12)
Borderline Keep A Lovin' Me Baby — Wiley Barkdull
Label shot
(from 45)
Barkdull, WileyHickory (Tenn.) 45-1092 1959/Jan.
(Bb est.)
Pertinent Keep A Movin' — Red Martin
Label shot
(from 45)
Martin, RedSage (Calif.) 45-371 1963 or later
(Bb est.)
2619 Bullet Bear Family CD 16892 (#31)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55195 (#8)
Pertinent Keep A Movin' — Ray Pennington
(from Collector CD 4417)
Pennington, Ray[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Collector CD 4417 (#22)
Pertinent Keep A Shakin' — Marvin Jackson
(from White Label LP 8883)
Jackson, Marvin[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Collector CD 4481 (#4)
Bullet White Label LP 8883 (#5)
No rating Keep A' Rollin' — Dick Ely And The Melody Men
Label shot
(from 45)
Ely, DickMarlee (N.Y.) 45-57-102  
Non-pertinent Keep A'Lovin' Me — Everly Brothers
Label shot
(from Bear Family EP 15075)
Everly BrothersColumbia (N.Y.) 4-21496 1956/Feb. 18
Bb c&w rev.
JZSP 37445 Bullet Bear Family EP 15075 (#1)
Bullet CBS Special Products CD 37621 (#2)
Bullet Epic LP 37621 (#2)
Bullet Union Pacific LP 004 (#1)
Pertinent Keep A-Lovin' Me Baby — Melvin Endsley
Label shot
(from 45)
Endsley, MelvinRCA Victor (N.J.) 47-6968 1957/July 8
Bb c&w rev.
H2WW-0711 Bullet Bear Family LP 15113 (#13)
Bullet Bear Family LP 15275 (#4)
Bullet Bear Family CD 15595 (#4)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16607 (#6)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16864 (#19)
Bullet Pan American CD 56024 (#6)
Bullet Point LP 315 (#3)
Non-pertinent Keep Her Off Your Mind — Skeets McDonald
Label shot
(from 45)
McDonald, SkeetsCapitol (Calif.) F3679 1957/Apr. 6
Bb c&w rev.
45-16588 Bullet Bear Family LP 15191 (#5)
No rating Keep Her Satisfied — Bob Starr And His All Star Band Starr, BobFable (Calif.) F-712-451959 or later
(Bb est.)
No rating Keep It A Secret — Gene Vincent Vincent, GeneCapitol (Calif.) EAP1-1059 
A Gene Vincent Record Date, Part 1 [mono]
Cover shot
1959/Jan. 5
Bb Aud.
No rating Keep It A Secret — Gene Vincent With The Blue Caps Vincent, GeneCapitol (Calif.) T-1059 
A Gene Vincent Record Date [mono]
Cover shot
No rating Keep It Confidential — Bobby Lile
Label shot
(from 45)
Lile, Bobby4 Star (Calif.) 45x1713 1957/Sept. 30
Bb c&w rev.
Pertinent Keep It Swinging — Eddie Skelton
Label shot
(from Ace CD 704)
Skelton, EddieDixie (Tenn.) 45-2011 1958/Nov. 17
Bb c&w rev.
2837 Bullet Ace CD 704 (#24)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55004 (#17)
Bullet Collector CD 4410 (#16)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 145 (#80)
Bullet Million LP 3 (#7)
Bullet Pontomac LP 37650 (#6)
Bullet Texas Gold CD 931 (#18)
No rating Keep Me From Crying — The Windsors
Label shot
(from Wendi LP 00006)
WindsorsWig Wag (Pa.) WW103 1958/Aug. or later
(Bb est.)
B Bullet Pan American CD 56025 (#8)
Bullet Wendi LP 00006 (#18)
No rating Keep Me In Mind — Johnny Burnette Burnette, Johnny[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Norton LP 308 (#13)
No rating Keep Me In Mind — David Hill With Joe Reisman's Orchestra And Chorus
Label shot
(from unknown source)
Hill, DavidRCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7112 1957/Dec. 9
Bb pop rev.
No rating Keep Me In Mind — Denny Reed
Label shot
Reed, DennyUnited Artists (N.Y.) UA377 
(pressed by Columbia)
1961/Oct. 2
Bb pop rev.
ZTSP 69513  
No rating Keep Me In Mind — Austin Smiley, Vocal, With Chorus And Orchestra Directed By Joe Guercio
Label shot
(from 45)
Smiley, AustinBrunswick (N.Y.) 9-55061 1958/Apr. 14
Bb pop rev.
Pertinent Keep Me In Your Charms — Wallace Waters
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55178)
Waters, Wallace[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Bison Bop LP 2033 (#8)
Bullet Buffalo Bop LP 2033 (#8)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55178 (#9)
Bullet White Label LP 8947 (#9)
Pertinent Keep Me In Your Heart — Johnny Dollar Dollar, Johnny[unissued]  uniss. 1957-58
  Bullet Dragon Street CD 70298 (#14)
No rating Keep Me In Your Heart — Billy Jack Hale Hale, Billy Jack[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Go-Cat-Go CD 25750 (#22)
Bullet Sunjay LP 588 (#13)
No rating Keep Me Warm — The Night Hawks Night HawksBeat (N.C.) B-100 
(pressed by Columbia)
mx series
ZTSP 26360  
No rating Keep My Love Next To Your Heart — Charlie Gracie
Label shot
Gracie, CharlieDiamond (N.Y.)  178 1965
(Bb est.)
No rating Keep Off My Mountain — Cliff Adams
Label shot
Adams, CliffDot (Calif.) 45-16385 1962/Sept. 8
Bb pop rev.
MB 17118  
Non-pertinent Keep Ole Central Rolling — Jerry Pitts And The Rhythm Makers
Label shot
(from 45)
Pitts, JerryJPRM (Miss.)  100  
101-B Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55194 (#11)
Borderline Keep On Dancing — Bobby Fuller Fuller, Bobby[need info]     
  Bullet Del-Fi CD 2902 (#11)
Bullet Eva LP 12032 (#5)
Bullet Norton CD 252 (#20)
Bullet Voxx/Rhino LP 057 (#12)
No rating Keep On Keeping On — Carl Ruth And His Harmony Boys
Label shot
Ruth, CarlDel-Ray (Del.) DR232 1959/Jan. 19
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Keep On Loving You — Curly Wallis
Label shot
(from 45)
Wallis, CurlyWallis (Calif.)  2226  
No rating Keep Right On Tryin' — Larry Bryant
Label shot
(from 45)
Bryant, LarrySanta Fe (N.M.)  103 1959/July or later
(Bb est.)
A Bullet Collector CD 2875 (#2)
No rating Keep Saying You're Mine — Donnie White
Label shot
White, DonnieRidgeway (Calif.)  713/41959/July 27
Bb pop rev.
714 Bullet Classics CD 735 (#24)
No rating Keep Talkin' — The Wildcats With Orchestral Accompaniment
Label shot
WildcatsRCA Victor (N.J.) 47-6386 1956/Jan.
(Bb est.)
No rating Keep Talking — Al Casey – (instr.)
Label shot
Casey, AlUnited Artists (N.Y.) UA158X
(pressed by Columbia)
1959/Feb. 9
Bb pop rev.
ZTSP 28974 Bullet El Toro CD 1036 (#22)
No rating Keep Talking — The Cut Outs – (instr.)
Label shot
Cut OutsVAC (Ohio)  2005/6
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
2006 / 9546  
Pertinent Keep Talking Baby — The Unknown
Label shot
(from 45)
UnknownAutograph (Texas) A-60-206 1960/Apr. 25
Bb pop rev.
Non-pertinent Keep Telling Me — Jimmie And Johnny
Label shot
Jimmy & JohnnyD (Texas) 45-1004 1958/June 30
Bb pop rev.
1009 Bullet Bear Family CD 15771 (#23)
No rating Keep That Meat In The Pan — Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Label shot
Simmons, GeneHi (Tenn.) 45-2113 1966/Oct. 22
Bb r&b rev.
HI 2454 Bullet Hi CD 53 (#17)
Bullet Hi LP 416 (#16)
Bullet Mid Century Music CD 6003 (#26)
Non-pertinent Keep The Flag Waving — Billy Adams
(from Castle Music CD 581)
Adams, Billy[unissued]  uniss. 1959
  Bullet Castle Music CD 581 (#21)
No rating Keep The Water Running — Melvin Endsley
Label shot
Endsley, MelvinMillionaire (Tenn.) 698B-3643 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
Non-pertinent Keep Your Dreams (Just For Me) — Ken Darrow
Label shot
Darrow, KenGary (N.Y.) GR-1007 1958/Sept.
BMI clear.
No rating Keep Your Eye On The Guy — Billy Hall And The Arabs
Label shot
Hall, BillyGlenn (Ind.) LM-006 1964/Nov. 14
CB c&w rev.
No rating Keep Your Eye On The Guy — Billy Hall
Label shot
Hall, BillyGlenn (Ind.) MV-GL1005 1962-63
No rating Keep Your Eye On The Guy — Billy Hall And The Arabs
Label shot
Hall, BillyGlenn (Ind.)  1008 1964/Oct. 3
CB c&w rev.
No rating Keep Your Promise Willie Thomas — Famous Western Stars And Full Orchestra Uncredited ArtistVariety (loc?) EPV-1802-5/6 
No rating Keep-A-Knockin' — "Big" Al Downing Downing, Big Al[need info]     
  Bullet Eagle CD 90125 (#17)
No rating Keeper Of The Key — Dean Beard Beard, DeanChallenge (Calif.)  59033 1958/Nov. 24
Bb pop rev.
45-309 Bullet Encore CD 193587 (#27)
Bullet Revival LP 3008 (#17)
Non-pertinent Keeper Of The Keys — Carl Perkins
(from Emusic/Sun MP3 10860378)
Perkins, Carl[unissued]  uniss.  
No rating Keepin' All My Lovin' — Pee Wee Trahan
(from Chief CD 1156510)
Jones, Jericho[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Bopcat LP 100 (#9)
Bullet Bopcat LP 700 (#14)
Bullet Chief CD 1156510 (#24)
Bullet Flyright LP 540 (#5)
Bullet Sun (England) 10 507 (#9)
No rating Keeping Blue — Don Youngblood Youngblood, DonJewel (Ohio)  791 1968
mx date code
No rating Keeping Late Hours — Jay Chevalier Chevalier, Jay[need info]     
  Bullet Hydra CD 27123 (#21)

Records 1-103 of 103 

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