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Title & "As By" Name Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
Pertinent Your Love — Dorsey Burnette
Label shot
(from 45)
Burnette, DorseyImperial (Calif.) X5668 1960/May 23
Bb pop rev.
IM-1995 Bullet El Toro CD 1037 (#26)
Bullet Rockstar CD 005 (#12)
Pertinent Your Love — Jerry Foster
Label shot
(from 45)
Foster, JerryBackbeat (Texas)  520 1958/Oct.
(Bb est.)
FR 5045  
No rating Your Love — Bob Luman Luman, BobImperial (Calif.) X8314 1957/Dec.
(Bb est.)
Pertinent Your Love — Bob Luman
Label shot
(from 45)
Luman, BobImperial (Calif.) X8315 1958/Jan. 20
Bb c&w rev.
IF-774-re Bullet Bear Family LP 15268 (#4)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16259 (#23)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16985 (#13)
Bullet CCL LP 1109 (#4)
Bullet Disky CD 885932 (#12)
Bullet El Toro CD 10011 (#9)
Bullet Emusic/Rock-A-Billy MP 11384839 (#25)
Bullet One Day Music CD 138 (#19)
Bullet Rockstar LP 1015 (#6)
Bullet Seeburg LP 3301 (#8)
Bullet Sparkletone CD 99010 (#14)
Bullet Star-Club CD 506000 (#22)
Pertinent Your Love — Johnny Powers And His Rockets
Label shot
(from Chief CD 1156502)
Powers, JohnnyFortune (Mich.)  199 1957/Aug.
BMI clear.
F 116 Bullet Chief CD 1156502 (#28)
Bullet Chief CD 1256501 (#24)
Bullet Norton CD 229 (#8)
Bullet Norton LP 229 (#8)
Bullet Rollercoaster LP 2010 (#4)
Bullet Rollercoaster CD 3038 (#4)
Bullet Titanic CD 1001 (#24)
No rating Your Love — Chan Romero Romero, Chan[unissued]  uniss. 1959
  Bullet Del-Fi CD 71251-2 (#7)
Pertinent Your Love — LaVerne Stovall
Label shot
(from 45)
Stovall, LaVerneKip (Ga.) K-400 1959/Dec. or earlier
(Bb est.)
No rating Your Love — Marshall Ray Walters
Label shot
Walters, Marshall RayMinor (Texas) MH-115 1960/Mar.
ACA master
No rating Your Love And My Love — Hank Stollings And His Versatile Western Band / Vocal By Chuck Louis
Label shot
(from 45)
Stollings, HankVersatile (loc?)  101 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
No rating Your Love For Me Is Losing Light — Johnnie Lee Wills And Boys
Label shot
Wills, Johnnie LeeSims (Calif.)  129 1962/Aug. 11
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Your Love I'll Never Forsake — Bobby DeWitt And The Williams
Label shot
DeWitt, BobbyRidgecrest (Ga.)  1204 1959/June 1
Bb pop rev.
Pertinent Your Love Is A Good Love — Jimmie Edwards
(from 45)
Bullington, JimRCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7597 1959/Sept. 14
Bb pop rev.
K2WW-1417 Bullet Bear Family CD 16607 (#5)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16621 (#5)
Bullet Doghouse CD 003 (#18)
Bullet Teenager CD 5920 (#9)
Non-pertinent Your Love Is A Prison — Al Sims
Label shot
Sims, AlListen (N.M.) 45-690 
(Starday PD series)
(pressed by Rite)
1958/Mar. 15
CB c&w rev.
CP-1407 A  
Non-pertinent Your Love Is Strong (But Your Heart Is Weak) — James O'Gwynn And His Cry Babies
Label shot
(from 45)
O'Gwynn, JamesAzalea (Texas) 45-106 
(pressed by King)
1956/Jan. 28
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Your Love Is The Key — Charles Sidebottom And Owen County Ramblers / Vocal, Patty Tipton / [personnel on label]
Label shot
(from 45)
Sidebottom, CharlesExcellent (Ohio) EX:221 1955
(Bb est.)
No rating Your Love Is What I Need — Ronnie Hawkins Hawkins, Ronnie[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Sequel CD 266 (#55)
No rating Your Love Of Enchantment — Ken Carlisle And The Martells / Vocal Acc., The Starfires
Label shot
(from 45)
Carlisle, KenJungle (Texas)  502 1960/Apr. or later
(Bb est.)
Non-pertinent Your Love Was Like The Weather — Jimmy Thomason
Label shot
Thomason, JimmyKing (Ohio) 45-1132 1952/Nov. 1
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Your Love [alt. vers. 1] — Bob Luman Luman, BobImperial (Calif.)  uniss.  
  Bullet Bear Family LP 15268 (#9)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16259 (#28)
Bullet El Toro CD 10011 (#11)
Bullet Rockstar LP 1015 (#18)
No rating Your Love [alt. vers. 2] — Bob Luman        Bullet Bear Family LP 15268 (#13)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16259 (#30)
Bullet El Toro CD 10011 (#13)
Non-pertinent Your Love's Got A Grip On Me — Nick Todd / Orch. Cond. By Jesse Stone
Label shot
(from unknown source)
Todd, NickDot (Calif.) 45-16109 1960/Aug. 1
Bb pop rev.
MB-15045 Bullet Revival LP 4005 (#6)
Non-pertinent Your Love's Grown Cold — Becky Clark
Label shot
Clark, BeckyJC (La.)  1001 1962/June 30
Bb pop rev.
No rating Your Love's Not Good Enough — Berdine Mayes Mayes, BerdineTwin (Fla.) TRG33  
No rating Your Love's Not Good Enough — Bredice Mays Mays, BrediceTwin (loc?) TRG33  
No rating ( Your Love) Tears Me Up — Gregg Connors / Arranged & Conducted By Connie Conway
Label shot
Connors, Gregg3 Trey (Calif.)  3003 1960/Mar.
(Bb est.)
No rating Your Love, Is My Love — Kenny Ambrose
Label shot
Ambrose, KennyWillett (Pa.) 45-109 1959/June or earlier
(Bb est.)
Non-pertinent Your Love, Your Kiss — Bobby McDowell
Label shot
McDowell, BobbySupreme (Tenn.)  101  
No rating Your Love, Your Kisses, And Your Charms — Kelly Hart
Label shot
Hart, KellyOkeh (N.Y.) 4-7109 1959/Jan. 12
Bb pop rev.
ZSP 45262  
No rating Your Lover Boy — Jack Clement
Label shot
(from 45)
Clement, JackSun (Tenn.)  291 1958/May 12
Bb pop rev.

Records 1-55 of 55 

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