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Hallmark 305242 (CD) (1996)

Do The Ooby Dooby

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Wray, Link Pertinent Good Rockin' Tonight
Label shot
Swan (Pa.) S-4201  1965/Feb. 13
Bb pop rev.
2. Finn, Lee Borderline Cat All Night [unissued]      
3. Henchmen Non-pertinent Rockin' Robin Not listed in RCS
4. Caddell, Shirley Pertinent The Big Bounce
Label shot
Lesley (Ky.) AL-1927 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
5. Fleming, George Pertinent The Shake
Label shot
Fleming (Texas)  501 
(pressed by Wakefield)
BMI clear.
6. Ginger & Johnny Pertinent The Paul Jones Rock [vers. 1] [radio performance]      
7. Reilly, Tommy Non-pertinent Rock A Square Dance Not listed in RCS
8. Teen Kings Pertinent Ooby Dooby
Label shot
Je-Wel (N.M.) JE-101  1956/Apr.
BMI clear.
9. Doo, Dickie Non-pertinent Wild Party Not listed in RCS
10. Echo Valley Boys Pertinent Wash [!!] Machine Boogie
Label shot
Island (Ohio) IR:1/2 1957/Sept.
C&WJ rev.
11. Kennedy, Ace Non-pertinent Buck Dancin' Not listed in RCS
12. Gunter, Hardrock Borderline Birmingham Bounce
Island (Ohio) EP7543/4
W.W.V.A. Jamboree Special [mono]
13. Downing, Big Al Borderline Georgia Slop
Label shot
Columbia (N.Y.) 4-43185  1964/Dec. 19
Bb hot rev.
14. Powers, Johnny Pertinent Rock Rock
Label shot
Fox (Mich.) GB-916/7
(pressed by Capitol)
Cap. mx code

Acknowledgments:  American Music, Bear Family catalog, Udo Frank, Conway Kehoe

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