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Buffalo Bop Bb-CD55075 (CD) (Germany, 1998)

Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 4

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Source: buffalo-bop.blogspot

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Jet Tones Pertinent Twangy – (instr.)
Label shot
Plaid (Ohio) PL-102  1959-60
(Bb est.)
2. Shut Downs No rating Straight Away – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
3. Jeujene & The Jaybops No rating Thunderin' Guitar – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
4. Gem, Frankie Non-pertinent Crystal Rock – (instr.)
Label shot
USA (Ill.)  713  1961 or earlier
(Bb est.)
5. Pilt Down Five No rating The Tick
Label shot
Parliment (Pa.)  102   
6. Skiles, Johnny Pertinent Lasseon – (instr.)
Honee B (Calif.)     1961-62
7. Jeujene & The Jaybops No rating Arroongah – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
8. Dominic & The Dominos No rating Dominic's Inferno – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
9. Vincent, Stan No rating The Snark – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
10. Orbit Rockers No rating Rock It – (instr.)
Label shot
Willamette (Ore.) W-107  1960/July
mx series
11. Kenny & The Night Riders No rating Swamp Rat – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
12. Premiers [x] Non-pertinent Frantic – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
13. Renegades V No rating Love And Fury – (instr.)
Label shot
Dubonay (Mich.)  982   
14. Mic's Masters No rating Sand Storm
Label shot
Leaf (loc?) R6346 
(pressed by Wakefield)
mx series
15. Vallet, Gary No rating Guitar Bass Boogie – (instr.)
Label shot
Bison (N.Y.) LO-8W-2153/4
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
16. Onbeats No rating Catastrophe – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
17. Vectors No rating Downhill – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
18. Rockin' R's Pertinent The Beat – (instr.)
Label shot
Tempus (Ill.) TR-7541 
(pressed by RCA)
1959/Mar. 16
Bb pop rev.
19. Swanks Non-pertinent Ghost Train – (instr.)
Label shot
Charm (N.Y.)  6080/1  
20. Pearlescents No rating Ronnies Night House
Label shot
JOC (loc?) J-101x  
21. Silver-Tones No rating High Hat Rock – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
22. Highminded No rating The New "E" – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
23. Friel, Bill Pertinent Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A. – (instr.)
Label shot
Joker (N.Y.)  1009 
(pressed by Rite)
1962/Jan. 27
Bb pop rev.
24. Newman, Carl Borderline Tom-Tom – (instr.)
Label shot
Trio (Ill.)  849  1960/Apr. 25
Bb pop rev.
25. Continental Four No rating Scramble – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
26. Gamblers No rating Moon Dawg – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
27. Chancellors [x] No rating Jam – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
28. Rockin' R's No rating Mustang – (instr.)
Label shot
Tempus (Ill.) TR-1515 
(pressed by RCA)
BMI clear.
29. Dissonaires No rating Blitzkrieg – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
30. Nightcaps No rating Nightcap Rock – (instr.) Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  American Music, Bear Family catalog, Derek Hamilton, Kurt Krauter, Peter Steimmel, Ralf Wittenburg, buffalo-bop.blogspot

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