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Hero 001 (CD) (1994)

Shaggerman Rock & Roll, Vol. 1

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Source: The Ephemerist

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Bell, Tommy Pertinent Midnight Dreams
Label shot
Zil (Tenn.) 45-9001  1959/July
BMI clear.
2. Dazzlers Pertinent Somethin' Baby
Label shot
Lee (Va.) L-100 
(pressed by RCA)
1958/June 16
Bb pop rev.
3. Val Rays No rating Hopped Up Mustang Not listed in RCS
4. Twisters Non-pertinent Count Down 1-2-3 – (instr.)
Not listed in RCS
5. Fender Four No rating Margaya Not listed in RCS
6. Joy, Benny Pertinent Wild, Wild Lover [vers. 1]
[unissued]     1957
7. Bongo Teens No rating Surfin' Bongos Not listed in RCS
8. Stafford, Terry No rating Suspicion Not listed in RCS
9. Powell, Doug Pertinent Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes
Label shot
Tip Top (Va.)  713  1958/Sept. 1
Bb pop rev.
10. Jones, Little Montie Pertinent Your Just That Kind
Label shot
Jemm (Ark.)  100 
(pressed by Southern)
mx series
11. Corvettes [x] Non-pertinent Shaften – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
12. Blue Echoes Pertinent It's Witchcraft
Label shot
Bon Musique (Mich.) BM-2112-45 1959/Jan.
13. Demotrons No rating Rockaway Special Not listed in RCS
14. Loafers Pertinent Crazy Talk
Label shot
Phonograph (Ill.)  1025  1959/Jan. 26
Bb pop rev.
15. Wray, Link Borderline Comanche – (instr.)
Label shot
Epic (N.Y.) 5-9321  1959/June 15
Bb pop rev.
16. Quinteros, Eddie Pertinent Lindy Lou
Label shot
Brent (N.Y.)  7014 
(pressed by RCA)
1960/Aug. 8
Bb pop rev.
17. Fireflies Borderline Stella Got A Fella
Label shot
Ribbon (N.Y.)  6901  1959/Sept. or earlier
(Bb est.)
18. Parham, Weyman Pertinent Hang Loose
Label shot
Staro (Ga.) ST-001  1958/May 26
Bb c&w rev.
19. Sahm, Doug No rating Slow Down
Harlem (Texas) HM-113  1961-62
20. John & Jackie Pertinent Little Girl
Label shot
Aladdin (Calif.) 45-3425  1958/July 21
Bb pop rev.
21. White, Tony Joe No rating Polk Salad Annie Not listed in RCS
22. Weems, Ted No rating Heartaches Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Derek Hamilton, The Ephemerist

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