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Yeaah! 7 (CD) (England, 2000)

Teen Town USA

Cover image
Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Nighthawks Pertinent All'A [!!] Your Love
Label shot
Hamilton (Calif.) 45-50006  1958/Nov. 17
Bb pop rev.
2. Rivers, Cliff Pertinent True Lips
Label shot
Thanks! (N.Y.)  1201  1963/May 25
CB pop rev.
3. Trammell, Bobby Lee Pertinent Been A Walking
Label shot
Vaden (Ark.) 45-304  1960-61
4. Borders, Tony No rating I Won't Believe It Not listed in RCS
5. Dawson, Ronnie Borderline My Big Desire
Label shot
Maverick (Texas)  101  1961/Sept. 18
Bb pop rev.
6. Bell, Eddie Borderline Countin' The Days
Label shot
Coed (N.Y.) CO-512 
(pressed by RCA)
1959/May 18
Bb pop rev.
7. Ramistella, Johnny Pertinent Your First And Last Love
Label shot
Dee Dee (N.Y.)  239  1959/Mar. 23
Bb pop rev.
8. Elbert, Donnie No rating Half As Old Not listed in RCS
9. Hudson, Johnny No rating Hanky Panky Not listed in RCS
10. Kenny & The Cadets No rating Barbie Not listed in RCS
11. Reed, Bobby No rating High School U.S.A.
Label shot
Cyclone (loc?) [2]  501   
12. Woodard, Jerry No rating I Cried [unissued]      
13. Stephens, Buddy No rating I'm In Love With You
Label shot
Yucca (N.M.) 45-112  1959/June 22
Bb pop rev.
14. Comstock, Bobby Pertinent Jealous Fool
Label shot
Triumph (N.Y.) 45-602  1959/Feb. 23
Bb pop rev.
15. Haas, Wayne Pertinent Leave Linda Alone
Label shot
Choice (N.Y.)  5607  Cover shot 1958/Nov.
BMI clear.
16. Mann, Barry No rating Little Miss USA Not listed in RCS
17. Johnson, Jimmy [3] Non-pertinent Lone Ranger Gonna Git Married Not listed in RCS
18. Fisher, Chip No rating No One
Label shot
Addison (N.Y.) 45-15002  1959/Sept. 7
Bb pop rev.
19. Wayne, Terry No rating School Is Out Not listed in RCS
20. Tricks No rating Someone Like You
Label shot
Jane (Texas)  108  1959/Oct.
on label or cover
21. Tu-Tones Pertinent Still In Love With You
Label shot
Lin (Texas)  5021-45
(pressed by RCA)
1959/May 11
Bb pop rev.
22. Proctor, Judy No rating Storm In My Heart Not listed in RCS
23. Borders, Tony No rating Strong Wine Not listed in RCS
24. Lee, Buddy No rating Teen Town U.S.A.
Label shot
Brunswick (N.Y.)  55228  1963
(Bb est.)
25. Wells, Glen No rating The One You Put Down Not listed in RCS
26. Jordan, Jimmy No rating Tick Tock Not listed in RCS
27. Woodford, Terry No rating Where Is My Litle Girl Not listed in RCS
28. Woodard, Jerry No rating Woe Is Me
RCA Victor (N.J.)     1959
29. Monte, Vinnie No rating Hey, Look At The Winter Snow
Label shot
TCF (N.Y.) TCF-7  1964/Mar. 21
Bb pop rev.
30. Landis, Jerry Borderline The Lone Teen Ranger
Label shot
Amy (N.Y.)  875  1962/Dec. 8
Bb nov. rev.

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Rockin' Fifties

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