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Buffalo Bop Bb-CD55099 (CD) (Germany, 2001)

Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 6

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Source: Amazon.com

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Mizzell, Bobby Pertinent Knockout – (instr.)
Label shot
Kim (Ala.) K-307 
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
2. Nobles No rating Black Widow – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
3. Runabouts [x] No rating Lobo Not listed in RCS
4. Pettit, Mike No rating It's A Reamer Not listed in RCS
5. Runabouts [x] No rating After Effects Not listed in RCS
6. Nobles No rating Jaguar – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
7. Rock Kings No rating Runaway – (instr.)
Label shot
Redco (Texas) 45-101 
(Starday PD series)
8. Moore, Bernie Borderline Rock Guitar, Rock – (instr.)
Label shot
Planet X (loc?) X-9622  1958/Jan. or earlier
(Bb est.)
9. Darts Pertinent Rocking – (instr.)
Label shot
BnS (loc?)  001  1960/May
mx series
10. Red Coats No rating Monongahela Not listed in RCS
11. Diminshuns Non-pertinent Firewater – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
12. Percy & The Rockin' Aces Non-pertinent Dizzee – (instr.)
Label shot
Lluvia (La.)  5051  1961/Oct. 23
Bb pop rev.
13. Red Coats No rating Midnight & Paul Revere Not listed in RCS
14. Tree Tops Borderline Tinkel Bones – (instr.) Zero (Calif.)  109  1960/June
(Bb est.)
15. Lofton, Ronny No rating El Diablo Not listed in RCS
16. Vi-Kings Non-pertinent Desert Boots – (instr.)
Label shot
Del-Mann (loc?) JB-544 
(pressed by Capitol)
Cap. mx code
17. Royal Tones No rating Creeping Thunder Not listed in RCS
18. Ronstadt, Pete Borderline Nightbeat – (instr.)
Label shot
Zoom (Ariz.) ZR-002 
(pressed by Wakefield)
1959/May 4
Bb pop rev.
19. Poorboys Pertinent Driftin' – (instr.)
Label shot
Soma (Minn.)  1116x45 Cover shot
(pressed by Kay Bank)
(Bb est.)
20. Nevegan's No rating Russian Roulette Not listed in RCS
21. Scamps No rating Swampin' Not listed in RCS
22. Sperry, Tony No rating The Shock
Label shot
Glenn (Ind.) MV-GL-2550   
23. Imperials No rating Avalanche Not listed in RCS
24. Five Sounds No rating Clumsy Dragon Not listed in RCS
25. Strangers [x] No rating This Brave New World Not listed in RCS
26. Hankins, Hank No rating My Old Kentucky Home Rock – (instr.)
Label shot
Reka (Ark.)  298  1960/Feb. 29
Bb pop rev.
27. Revels [x] No rating Comanche Not listed in RCS
28. Night Owls Non-pertinent Stompin' – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
29. Jimmy & Stan No rating Tahiti Not listed in RCS
30. Nevegan's No rating One Armed Bandit Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Amazon.com, Kurt Krauter

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