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Live Gold Productions LG120012 (CD) (Czechoslovakia, 1992)

Elvis Mania 2

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Gregory, Ivan No rating Elvis Presly [!!] Blues
Label shot
G&G (Calif.)  110  1958/Aug.
BMI clear.
2. Davis, Link Pertinent Trucker From Tennessee
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.) 45-255  1956/Aug. 4
Bb c&w rev.
3. Ray, Anita No rating Elvis Presley Blues Not listed in RCS
4. Paula, Marlene No rating I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis Not listed in RCS
5. Lang, Julie No rating Elvis Not listed in RCS
6. Mad Milo No rating Elvis For Xmas Not listed in RCS
7. Robbins, Bob No rating All American Boy Not listed in RCS
8. Davids, Janie No rating Gonna Get Even (With Elvis Presley's Sergeant)
Label shot
Key (Calif.)  576  Cover shot 1957/May 27
Bb pop rev.
9. Wasden, Jaybee Pertinent Elvis In The Army
Label shot
Trepur (Ga.)  1011-45 1960/Jan. 18
Bb nov. rev.
10. Adams, Billy Pertinent Return Of The All American Boy
Label shot
Nau-Voo (Ohio) 45-805 
(pressed by King)
1959/Mar. 2
Bb pop rev.
11. Tennant, Jimmie No rating Salute
Label shot
Warwick (N.Y.) M-533  1960/Apr.
(Bb est.)
12. Turner, Titus No rating When The Sergeant Comes Marching Home Not listed in RCS
13. Hunt Sisters Pertinent Elvis Is Rocking Again
Label shot
Fortune (Mich.)  210  1960/June 27
Bb c&w rev.
14. Carroll, Cathy Non-pertinent He's Famous Not listed in RCS
15. Page, Ricky Non-pertinent Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight
Label shot
Rendezvous (Calif.) R-139  1960/Dec. 5
Bb pop rev.
16. Harris, Dave No rating Elvis And The Unmentionables [vers. 1] Not listed in RCS
17. Kaye, Mary No rating I Don't Want A Bracelet Or Diamonds, I Just Want Elvis Not listed in RCS
18. Jo [x] No rating Don't Wanna Be Another Good Luck Charm Not listed in RCS
19. Winters, Carole No rating Elvis Not listed in RCS
20. Rogers, Rod No rating I Can't Decide If It's The Beatles, Elvis, Or Rick Not listed in RCS
21. Keegan, Sky No rating Memphis Miracle Not listed in RCS
22. Knight, Baker No rating A Legend On The Stage Not listed in RCS
23. Real Pros No rating In Love With Elvis Not listed in RCS
24. Perry, Martha No rating A Tribute To Elvis Not listed in RCS
25. Harris, Dave No rating Elvis And The Unmentionables [vers. 2] Not listed in RCS
26. Dees, Rick No rating He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts Not listed in RCS
27. Bays, Steven No rating I Saw Elvis In A U.F.O. Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Clif Doyal, Udo Frank

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